Science Engineering Project: Define and Inquire

When students are studying physics the first time, they might have the problem with understanding energy transfer. However, since energy transfer takes a big part of physics, so I want to design a device that can help them to understand the idea of energy transfer much easier

For my science engineering project, I’m planning to create a “Rube Goldberg Machine.” This design not only explains how energy is transferred(Potential energy to gravitational energy and mechanical energy) but it also enables the student to understand a basic theme of energy transfer since Rube Goldberg Machine is very familiar to them and its mechanic is simple as well.

Pros: Lower failure possibility

Simple to design



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The worst catapult design in the world by SG&Soohwan



Us, the whole Algebra 1 classes, worked on this catapult project for more than a month. The purpose of this project was to create our own catapult and write a quadratic equation and create a graph based on our catapult records.


What was the most important learning from this project? Collaboration and conducting our own project

What was the most challenging aspect of this project? The most challenging was that we had to do it by ourselves and your partner, so it was kind of hard

What would you do differently next time? I would design more looking-good catapult since visually appealing is one of the criteria

How did this project help you in your understanding of quadratic functions?

When we were graphing, we used 3 different methods. Stand form, vertex form and factored form. And we were required to analyze those forms and write how they work. For example, in y=a(x-n)2 square +m, (n,m) is the vertex. Like this, we could better understand about quadratic functions.

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Science #4

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< “You don’t forget the face of the person who was your last hope.”>

SG Lim
May 7th,2018
Book: The Hunger Games

< “You don’t forget the face of the person who was your last hope.”> -(85, Suzanne)


The website I used for my multimedia post: Piktochart

wrote a song lyrics that can represent Katniss’s feelings and for everyone who participated in The Hunger Games. They were forced to participated(They wrote their names as a volunteer to feed their families), so they must be getting mad at the government and they also do not want to kill each other, but they have to because if not, they would get killed by others. Therefore, I wrote lyric saying it is time for an uprising to stand against the government

The reason why I wrote this song is that I got a big impression by the movie <Les Miserable>. Do you remember the scene when people sang a song for their freedom? I wanted to homage(Second definition) that scene with Katniss’s feeling. So if you already watched <Les Miserable>,  by imagining Katniss and other participants singing this song, you would be able to be immersed in the book.

I used two quotes as the lyric of this song. The two are “You don’t forget the face of the person who was your last hope.”(85, Suzanne), and “I’m not pretty I’m not beautiful I’m just as radiant as the Sun”(121, Suzanne). I used those because these two quotes well fit the mood of the song lyrics I wrote and It represents inner feelings of Katniss really well.



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Science journal#3

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Science journal#2 – Polymer designing

Science journal#2
April 20th,2018
SG Lim
Design goal: Prevent object from breaking
Fixing broken furniture
Moldable, not sticky, quick drying, tensile
Air dry clay& Gloop

Sometimes, furniture is easy to be broken, or be stretched by children. But most people just ignore damaged furniture because it is expensive to fix furniture, or some just feel lazy. For these lazy people, we came out with the idea that by using air dry clay and super slime, make moldable, not sticky, quick drying, tensile slime that can be used to fix broken furniture. If this product is actually on sale, the family with several young children would buy this product since children in very young age are very active and are so curious that try whatever they want to do. To handle with the priceless price of fixing furniture, the families would pay a high cost for fixing those for several times.
We are using Gloop rather than using other base polymers because Gloop best fit our product’s purpose. Gloop is a base polymer with the characteristic of not very slimy(means does not easily stick to hand) and can is moldable so we can form variety shape.


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Science journal #1: Synthetic materials& Natural resources and Polymers

SG Lim

Science Journsl#1

April 19th,2018

Synthetic& Natural resources and Polymer


Synthetic& Natural resources:

In the world, we can divide all the resources into two different kinds. One is synthetic materials, and another one is natural resources. When you hear the first word natural or synthetic resources, you might just think that natural resources are resources from nature, and synthetic materials are things made by a human, which means artificial. In chemistry, it is very similar to what you already know. Natural resources are the resources that made by nature and are crude such as oil, rubber and so on. In contrast,  synthetic materials are the combination of natural resources. To be classified a synthetic, it should get chemically changed by human-lab and forms a new substance with a new characteristic. We get synthetic materials from natural resources:

  1. Polymers

A polymer is a polymer which is a molecule made of high molecular weight made from a large number of single-phase monomers that are connected together by a shared combination of smaller molecular particles. For example, the most commonly used polymers, plastic, is a synthesized product of resin and also a type of polymer made by combining petroleum-based materials. Another synthetic polymer, for instance, is a rubber. Rubber is a type of polymer made by combining materials from petroleum.

  1. Usage of polymers in our society.

In fact, polymers mostly compose our life. Actually, everything around us is polymers except for stones, glass, and metals. And they made out life much more comfortable and convenient. Just like plastics. Now we use plastic everywhere because it’s cheap and can be modified in many different ways. Some scientists even said that “Polymers are the new great discovery that made 20th-century people’s live better quality”.

  1. Making from natural resource to synthetic materials

To make synthetic materials, it should be made from natural resources. For instance, to make plastic, the most commonly used synthetic materials(polymer), we need Petroleum, which is found in the deep inside of the earth, and it is a natural resource.


“Polymer.” Wikipedia, Wikimedia Foundation, 14 Apr. 2018,

“GCSE Bitesize: Synthetic and Natural Materials.” BBC, BBC,


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A purpose of photography

Eduardo Atkins –Distance


I can see the time this old couple had gone through together by looking at this picture. It seems like they have lived there for a quite long time. When I look at this photograph, I felt several feelings, such as heartlessness of time, the happiness of a couple of old age, and so on. Also, the reason for this title, Distance, is because the photographer wanted to express the “distance” between a modern generation time, and a couple of old age. That’s why the picture is in black and white color. Maybe that couple of old age wants to stay in the past, but time never waits for anyone, so this photography represents distance(Time difference) between them and the real world.

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The innocent victim that lost her dreams and families.


This book, <The Red Scarf Girl> is written by Ji-Li Jiang, and this is based on a real story that Ji-Li Jiang actually experienced. This is the method that I never tried before named “Collage”. This is the method that is putting multiple pictures into one shot. I used website named “Collage Maker” to make a collage. I used this method because I felt that this was the best way to express Ji-Li’s conflict with her society. Due to The Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution, she literally lost everything.  There are some quotes that show Ji-Li Jiang’s feeling during the revolution :

“I thought about my beautiful dreams and wondered if they would drift away just like those lovely soap bubbles.”   (Her dream and family was all destroyed by Cultural Revolution) (Ji-Li Jiang,18)

  “This is the most frightening lesson of the Cultural Revolution: Without a sound legal system, a small group or even a single person can take control of an entire country. This is as true now as it was then. Thirty”

Pictures around Ji-Li Jiang(Author) represents complex things in her mind. The dream she wanted to be(An actress and freedom), a family was destroyed by Red Guards and the Revolution. And the reason why I put this Chinese government picture is that the most significant/ biggest conflict in this book was between her and the revolution(caused by Maozedong)



Image source:

Family | Short Essay for Family value and Importance | Essay for Students

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To conclude, it was not worth to do

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