Science journal #1: Synthetic materials& Natural resources and Polymers

SG Lim

Science Journsl#1

April 19th,2018

Synthetic& Natural resources and Polymer


Synthetic& Natural resources:

In the world, we can divide all the resources into two different kinds. One is synthetic materials, and another one is natural resources. When you hear the first word natural or synthetic resources, you might just think that natural resources are resources from nature, and synthetic materials are things made by a human, which means artificial. In chemistry, it is very similar to what you already know. Natural resources are the resources that made by nature and are crude such as oil, rubber and so on. In contrast,  synthetic materials are the combination of natural resources. To be classified a synthetic, it should get chemically changed by human-lab and forms a new substance with a new characteristic. We get synthetic materials from natural resources:

  1. Polymers

A polymer is a polymer which is a molecule made of high molecular weight made from a large number of single-phase monomers that are connected together by a shared combination of smaller molecular particles. For example, the most commonly used polymers, plastic, is a synthesized product of resin and also a type of polymer made by combining petroleum-based materials. Another synthetic polymer, for instance, is a rubber. Rubber is a type of polymer made by combining materials from petroleum.

  1. Usage of polymers in our society.

In fact, polymers mostly compose our life. Actually, everything around us is polymers except for stones, glass, and metals. And they made out life much more comfortable and convenient. Just like plastics. Now we use plastic everywhere because it’s cheap and can be modified in many different ways. Some scientists even said that “Polymers are the new great discovery that made 20th-century people’s live better quality”.

  1. Making from natural resource to synthetic materials

To make synthetic materials, it should be made from natural resources. For instance, to make plastic, the most commonly used synthetic materials(polymer), we need Petroleum, which is found in the deep inside of the earth, and it is a natural resource.


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A purpose of photography

Eduardo Atkins –Distance


I can see the time this old couple had gone through together by looking at this picture. It seems like they have lived there for a quite long time. When I look at this photograph, I felt several feelings, such as heartlessness of time, the happiness of a couple of old age, and so on. Also, the reason for this title, Distance, is because the photographer wanted to express the “distance” between a modern generation time, and a couple of old age. That’s why the picture is in black and white color. Maybe that couple of old age wants to stay in the past, but time never waits for anyone, so this photography represents distance(Time difference) between them and the real world.

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The innocent victim that lost her dreams and families.


This book, <The Red Scarf Girl> is written by Ji-Li Jiang, and this is based on a real story that Ji-Li Jiang actually experienced. This is the method that I never tried before named “Collage”. This is the method that is putting multiple pictures into one shot. I used website named “Collage Maker” to make a collage. I used this method because I felt that this was the best way to express Ji-Li’s conflict with her society. Due to The Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution, she literally lost everything.  There are some quotes that show Ji-Li Jiang’s feeling during the revolution :

“I thought about my beautiful dreams and wondered if they would drift away just like those lovely soap bubbles.”   (Her dream and family was all destroyed by Cultural Revolution) (Ji-Li Jiang,18)

  “This is the most frightening lesson of the Cultural Revolution: Without a sound legal system, a small group or even a single person can take control of an entire country. This is as true now as it was then. Thirty”

Pictures around Ji-Li Jiang(Author) represents complex things in her mind. The dream she wanted to be(An actress and freedom), a family was destroyed by Red Guards and the Revolution. And the reason why I put this Chinese government picture is that the most significant/ biggest conflict in this book was between her and the revolution(caused by Maozedong)



Image source:

Family | Short Essay for Family value and Importance | Essay for Students

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To conclude, it was not worth to do

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Revolution group- Common craft video

What changed: When revolution ended, Mao’s period was finished and HuaGuoFeng came in power and rolled China. Gang of four was arrested,  and China’s social system became more stable and settled . Many religious/historical properties were destroyed. Since they closed school for long time, it resulted increasing of illiteracy. China was an undeveloped country for a while after Cultural Revolution because nothing worked properly after the revolution.

What stayed the same: China is still based on communism country, and there are people who still believe Mao was a great leader without any fault. Even though The Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution had bad influences on China, China still exist in this world. Actually, there are only few things that stayed same because many things(including 4 olds) were destroyed.

The Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution was so important because it was a regression which delayed China’s development for at least ten years. During cultural revolution in China, they destroyed their traditional customs by themselves. They destroyed splendid 5000 years-long civilisation China’s economy system also had a big regression while other Asian countries were having rapid growth in economy. Later, Chinese can look back their mistake and try not to repeat this terrible mistake. Also for other countries, this revolution can be a good example of how the leader’s wrong decision can influence the whole country. That’s why people must preserve their historical records and learn from their ascents.

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Rising action and Climax of Gathering Blue by Louis Lowry

This is one of the multimedia post method called Infographic. In here, I wrote Rising action, Climax, and little bit of conflict in <Gathering Blue>. The reason why I chose infographic for this book is because I thought this was the best way to show all the factors(Rising action, conflict and climax) easily and comfortably. When I make video, or others, it took time to have look at everything, but for infographic, you can actually see and analyse those factors at the first glance. The challenges I faced while I was making infographic is that what would be the best former to show readers those factors at the first glance. So I chose to write all three points(Rising action, Climax, Conflict).

The name of this book is <Gathering blue> and the author is Louis Lowry. The author usually write dystopia novels and human civilisation is destroyed. She also wrote The Giver, which has similar outlook on the world. From the title and story of gathering blue, I was able to infer two different definition of <Gathering Blue> title. The first definition is the actually color blue. In the world of <Gathering Blue>, the color blue does not exist, so the title is representing Kira as a person who is gathering blue. The second definition of <Gathering Blue>, is finding real peace, democracy for Kira’s community. Now Kira’s community is like dictatorship. It is community Where people are valued for their usefulness, and people who judge this is council of community. Therefore, in story, meaning of non-existence of blue also represent there is no freedom/peace in that community


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Journal 3-Sergei


Character: Sergei

August 25th, 1939


<Character Journal>




What an awkward situation is this. Two days ago, my country, USSR and Germany  signed Nazi-Soviet Pact with Nazi, so the public and government are pleased to have comrade country. The public outside admiring him highly and acknowledging him as a successor of Lenin, and leader of USSR. But, only I am upset and I feel emptiness about complying to Stalin, who killed my leader, Trotsky. I thought Russia without Lenin is just like sweet redbean buns that has no redden inside. Now I’m wondering is it right to obey to Stalin’s commands and put Trotsky out of my mind? I have wondered this for a while and still do not have answer for this.

To refresh last nearly 15 years, it was such an eventful years for Russia and also for myself. From Lenin’s death in 1924, to now Nazi-Soviet Pact that was signed 2 days ago, there were some crisis. When Lenin was just died, the country was about to be disunited. The Right and The Left had conflict and spoke ill of each other. And next conflict was between my leader, my idol, Trotsky versus Stalin. Everyone, including Lenin, thought Stalin doesn’t fit as the leader of Russia because he is too rude. And I also support Trotsky because as a soldier who watched him by his side, I knew better than anyone that he would fit as leader. However, selfish and wicked Stalin murdered him and expelled him from the part secretly.

            Anyway, after that, in 1930, famine occurred. I was not affected by famine because I get supplies by government since I’m soldier. However, I heard that thousands and thousands people in Moscow died due to famine. An d some was captured by soldiers because they tried to kill their children and eat them. Once I went outside to see how serious is this, what I saw was that people fighting to get food and their ribs seemed to penetrate the skin at once. In the back of the village, there was a stack of dead hungry bodies. People kept dying continuously and finally the dead toll reached millions. This was the greatest disaster for the Soviet Union, and I felt this can be the last day of Soviet Union. However, fortunately, famine stopped few years later and productivity recovered as before.

            Actually, many people didn’t like Stalin’s way, and when famine occurred, there were people who stood against government. But now nobody says about that because there was The Great purge in 1935. Stalin used NKVD to capture people spoke ill of him and they were sent to the gulag. And other politicians who stood against Stalin were expelled from the party and some were shot. And Stalin even spread propaganda to fabricate his message. Like this, Stalin purged the party one by one.

I assume vast scale war will happen soon and I know it is my glorious duty to fight for my motherland . However, I have an opposing feeling on comrade Stalin since he assassinated comrade Trotsky. Comrade Trotsky was a great man. He put his all effort to liberate Russia from Tsar’s exploitation. Comrade Trotsky was also a founder of Red Army. If there were no comrade Trotsky, no Russian Civil War. Again, I was never afraid to fight in a battle, but I’m just on opposite side of Stalin. But even if I am hostile to Stalin, I will fight for the Russians in the battlefield if the war happens, because I am a proud Russian soldier. This time, I will fight for myself and my country, not for Stalin because I swore to him that I would fight for my country under all circumstances.

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Gathering Blue-Written post


SG Lim

January 31th, 2018


<Gathering Blue>


Have you ever thought of society where only strong people survive and weak people must die in Field? In <Gathering Blue>, the time is after the nuclear war. They live strictly in strict discipline. And since there was a war right before, only strong people survive and weak people are kicked out of society and sent to field, where beasts live. In this severe society, Kira, the main character of book, is in danger of being kicked out to the field, because she has deformed legs, but she cloud maintain her life due to her dexterity. Kira is the bravest character in this book. She is very creative, positive, has great socializing skills, and very altruistic character.

In the early stage of this book, council of the village was considering whether to kick Kira out or to keep her in the village. That time, Mr. Jamison, who is the member of council, said Kira has gifted talent on embroidery. In fact, she did know nothing about embroidery, but she decided to learn embroidery as soon as possible, because she felt this is only way for her to maintain her life. So she learnt hard from her embroidery teacher, Annabella. Later in the story, she began adventure to find truth about her village, but if she had not tried hard to maintain her life, she would not be able to find out the truth.

In addition, she could maintain her life since she had great socializing skills. She became familiar with her embroidery teacher, Annabelle, and then she told her some truths about the village. That was the start of her long adventure to find out other important truth about the village. And during her adventure, she uses her unique creativity(Telling them a story) and sociability and made lots of friends can help her.

She is a positive and strong child who does not lose hope in any difficult trials. She recalled the story of her mother every time she was in trouble. Her mother told to her, “Take pride in your pain. You are stronger than those who have none.”(Lowry, p.22)  The reason she said this was to give hope to her daughter with a disability. Thanks to her mother’s advice, Kira could overcome her disability and be stronger than any other member of this village.

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Non Fiction second Blog Posts







Miriam’s Song: Kaffier Boy

I chose this type of multimedia posts because I thought it was the most impressive way to show Miriam’s life and the theme of this book, which is racism. Miriam was not treated as human being because she is African. And teachers whipped them and tortured them when they did something wrong. When we watch TV, there are someAdvertisements that suggest donation for African children that are suffered by hunger and discrimination. So I felt that’s very impressive and effective way to let people donate for them. Miriam was always praying god, saying, ”

God, let Mama and Papa always have jobs.

God, let us always have food.

God, keep the horrible police away from our house.

God, let me get a new pair of shoes.

God, let the mistress stop beating me.

She did it everyday night because she thought it can get better if she does it.

There wasn’t any challenges or difficulties making this multimedia posts and everything went smoothly


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Boxer Rebelión

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