Project Enable Reflection

Project Enable is a project in which FA 8 was tasked with identifying a genetic disorder, coming up with an innovation to help enable the patients suffering from this disease, and create our innovation. The genetic disorder I chose was MLD, Metachromatic Leukodystrophy, which resulted in a lack of motor skills and control. I created a device that would help stabilize a patient’s hand and allow them to live more independently by allowing them to feed themselves. Throughout this process, my largest challenge was coming up with useful, realistic device to prototype and test. I overcame this by receiving inspiration from my background in cameras and the technology in camera stabilization. I chose to focus on creativity and innovation as my L21 focus areas; this is displayed in my unique choice of materials as well as how I assembled the parts. In conclusion, Project Enable was a meaningful experience that allowed me to creatively design and fabricate a working model that would benefit patients suffering from MLD.

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Death By Bubble Wrap

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The Dangers of Using Dieting Substances

Most know that substances are terrible, they cause an unknown amount of side effects; however, many are still unaware of the dangerous side effects of dieting substances. In recent years, dieting drugs and substances have achieved a whole new level of popularity. With the rise of social media, substances gain an unprecedented amount of traction, they often attempt to lure adolescents to young adults because of their high level of self-consciousness. But they don’t state the horrific side effects of the substances, ranging from cardiovascular issues to confusion, to depression, and in some cases, sudden death. It’s imperative that dieting substances get as much attention as more traditional substances, as they’re often just as, if not more dangerous. It’s critical that self-aware teens use more effective, healthier alternatives such as exercising and a healthy diet.

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Ignite Week “Make it” Reflection.

For this ignite week, I created a video showing what went into making a moment. For the video, one thing I felt was successful was the quality of the video, I felt that the quality of the shots, as well as the editing, were done to a very high standard. My biggest challenge was finding creative and non-repetitive shots, to frame my subject in a way that was new and interesting my audience. My L21 focus for this ignite week was creativity and innovation, I felt that by, shooting an idea that was completely out of the box, and going about it in such an original way, I have grown in this area. This experience was eyeopening to me, although I’ve done work with cinematography before, I’ve never worked on such a unique and personal project. The outside-the-box thinking that I’ve developed is a skill I’m sure to use in the future.

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Fall Mentoring Trip Reflection

During the fall of 2017, all of FA went to Shi Men Shan, a park located a few hours outside of Beijing. We had activities such as raft building and Via Feratta. During the trip, I took part in activities courageously and I showed integrity by helping out teammates and friends. 

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The Giver Ending Response

Upon finishing Lois Lowrey’s book, The Giver, I found myself puzzled by the author’s skillfully crafted ending. In the ending of the book, it seems that everything is alright. Everything is perfect. When in reality nothing went right. Although there are countless insightful perspectives and theories as to what ending truly means, today I’ll be sharing my interpretation of the ending. When a person is close to death or about to die; the body releases hormones to stimulate the body in a similar fashion to dreaming. This natural response also explains many people who have experienced visions during a near death experience. In the ending of the book The Giver, Jonas finds a sled, then slides down the snowy hill. Is it a coincidence that the first memory is almost unsettlingly similar to the first memory that’s given to him by the giver? Perhaps the only reason why Jonas is experiencing the sensation of sledding down a snowy hill; is because the body is sending out hormones to simulate the sensation of dreaming. To sugar coat his way out of this world. What if all of our bodies have a natural system set into place to preserve whatever sanity we have left?

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