Blogpost #1: Define and Inquire

This is an engineering task building a tool or a toy that uses the change between energies that can make life easier.

I’m thinking of doing a phone charger that generates power manually.

This product will be using kinetic energy and turning it into electric energy.

Pros: You wouldn’t have to worry about your battery bank or phone getting out of battery.

Cons: It is manual and it might not charge up as fast as electric power dose.


This is a multimedia blog post about the characterization in the novel The Lost Hero. This newspaper shows how the main character Jason changed during the book.

Substance abuse, Body image and making healthy choice

Causes of taking drugs:

Heart problems


Sudden death





For weight loss

Side effects: heart problems



Body builds

Side effects: High problems,



Weight loss and make heart beat fast, trick your body to think that ur full

Side effects: Stroke, heart attack, irregular heartbeat



Performance drug

Side effects: High, stress on heart



Side effects: Confusion, depression, sudden death

Letter to the future polar bears

Open this letter when it’s 2,100

By: Shirley

Dear future Polar bears,

I apologize.

For the earth being so uncomfortable for you,

Is earth now like a piece of bread in the toaster?

The air filled with a moldy smell,

Can you feel the dusty sand floating around you?

Are boundless deserts the only thing you see?

You probably know it as the great arctic oceans.

But it was once called the North Pole.

It was once where your ancestors lived,

A massive land of ice,

Gorgeous and mysterious.

You shouldn’t have to evolve with fins to survive in the oceans.

We did this because we didn’t even think of the future or other animals.

We thought that earth could give us all that we desire.

When I was a child,

I thought it’s not my problem of wasting, because everyone else is also wasting.

But I was wrong.

Forgive me,

I didn’t now that my actions will make other species extinct.

But, we can fix this, it is still not too late.

We can stop wasting,

we can stop consuming more than needed,

we can stop cutting down forest.

We can save the earth before its too late.

I am proud of the imagery that I used at the beginning of the poem.

The Boxer Rebellion

My initial thoughts on the Boxer Rebellion are that the boxers are correct to protect their country from imperialism, but they shouldn’t kill the ambassadors from other countries.

I am curious about why the emperor didn’t want to trade, China had lots of thing that other countries wanted, China can get wealthier by trading. If they just banned opium and traded, there wouldn’t been a war, and China wouldn’t lose against most of the imperialism.

October’s Post

The postcard above shows the theme and how it affects the the main character, Standish, in “Maggot Moon“. Imagination is also a motif in the book, I think the author is trying to say that imagination is important to have as a child or a teenager.

Magazine cover

The magazine cover above shows the characterization of Lysander from Midsummer Night’s Dream by William Shakespeare. Lysander is a very romantic character, in Egeus’ lines, he said Lysander comes to his house at midnight just to see Hermia.

Motif in Moby-dick

Normally whiteness represents pleasure and pure, but in this book it represents unnatural and threatening. In the book Moby-Dick whiteness represents something the exact opposite of pureness and pleasure. The word whiteness, in the story Moby-Dick, is a motif that kept on repeating as a symbol of fear.

Moby-Dick, the whale that is known by how many ships it wrecked, in the story stands as the white whale. Moby-Dick doesn’t appear often, but every time it appears a disaster happens. The protagonist Ishmael is a whale hunter on a ship called “Whaler Pequod”, the captain of the ship, Ahab, wants to hunt down Moby-Dick. Ahab was one of the guys who survived under Moby-Dick’s attack, but he paid a leg for surviving. He is crazy wanting to revenge on Moby-dick. Ishmael felt that “It was the whiteness of the whale that above all things appalled me” (Melville 353). Through the whole story Ishmael had lost a few friends that died from hunting whales. In his time there were only sharp metal stick-like materials used to stab and kill the whale. And the whale hunters risk themselves, they drop down smaller boats from the ship to hunt the whale. Imagine that you were on one of those small boats, if the whale was strong enough to strike back, your boat will definitely flip over, and you will be in the ocean with the whales with no power to fight back. Even if you’re on the ship it will not be perfectly safe. Whales like Moby-dick might attack your ship and bump out a big whole under your ship which may lead to ship wreck. Through the book, Ishmael herd lots of “legends” about Moby-dick causing ship wrecks, which made him fear whiteness even more.

Ishmael not only feared whiteness, he also thought that it was mysterious. Stories of the Moby-dick, that represented whiteness, wrecking ships were passed around with fear. You can’t even imagine how dangerous it is to hunt whales on boats that are only 1/10 of the size of the whale. And when captain Ahab thinks whiteness symbolizes evil, Ishmael think it symbolizes unnatural and threatening. Overall, different people and religions believed different things about whiteness, but Ishmael, different than others, believed that whiteness represented mysterious and threatening.

Image Citation: http://16411-presscdn-0-65.pagely.netdna-cdn.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/In-the-Heart-of-the-Sea-Moby-Dick-Movie-Poster.jpg

Rules of the game characterization

In the story “Rules of the Game”, Waverly learned how to play chess and to be self-confident.

In paragraph 34 it says “We not concerning this girl. This girl not have concerning for us”(Tan 30). This is an indirect characterization by speech and from this you can see how her mom thinks about her. Waverly’s mother is harsh and reprimanding Waverly. This demonstrates the fact that Waverly’s mom thinks that Waverly should listen to her and not be too independent. Waverly is also stubborn. “After two hours, I stood up on creaking legs and slowly walked home” (56). Waverly ran away from her mother, and her stubbornness keeps her outside the house for several hours. She has had another conflict with her mother, and to avoid punishment, she doesn’t give up and stays out in the cold. This is indirect characterization through actions. She was young compared to other people who learned chess. The following quote shows that she is young: “I was seven according to the American formula and eight by the Chinese calendar. I said I was born on March 17, 1951″(47).

Waverly is young described in the text, but she is also stubborn when she’s in a conflict. Her mom is very harsh on her, but supports her learning chess. Like Waverly, I am also very stubborn. When I argue with my mom I also want to stay alone for hours.

Image Citation: Svklimkin. “Chess Pawn.” Wikimedia Commons, Svklimkin, 29 Nov. 2016, commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Chess_pawn.jpg



The found poem above was taken from page three the story “The Bass, The River, and Sheila Mant” by W. D. Wetherell’s. It shows conflict between what the protagonist, narrator, desires and what he is passionate about. The protagonist is passionate about the bass on his rod, because he can feel it’s strength and noticed that it is a very big bass. But if he chooses the bass the girl he liked will probably think that he’s poor and likes to fish. So he’s choosing between the bass which is what he’s passionate about and the girl he liked, Sheila Mant. In the climax of story the protagonist chooses to cut loose the bass and go for the girl, but the girl didn’t like him no matter how hard he tried. This conflict forced the narrator to make a decision between what he is passionate about and what he desires. This poem is focusing on the struggle in the narrator’s heart.

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