My nightmare world

My nightmare world, this is my nightmare world, this world is based on a nightmare I had when I was very young, it was about me getting lost at a train station, now I know that doesn’t sound too bad, but I was very young, and I lost my mon at the station and could not find her, so that was very scary. Since this nightmare wasn’t too scary I decide to make a twist on this and make the setting more creepy and bloody, so it looks more like a nightmare than just a plain old train station. I personally think that I was pretty successful because I made my not so scary nightmare to be a creepy train station that made it more of a nightmare, however next time if I were to do this I would have made a space in the middle front of the stage that had some kind of light. This light would be the light of the dark world. I learned a lot more about backstage during this process. Since I was never really on backstage, I got to experience a different view of making a set for the actors.

One other artwork

Personally, I think that this design is very creative. This piece that she created was very different from the other works, this work was very simple but also meaningful. The artwork was a maze and spiderwebs as well as 2 doors. The story was about how there was a maze and there were 2 doors you can choose from. I think that the maze walls were really amazing and I found it a great part of her artwork, I also really liked the spiderwebs made from the hot glue gun leftovers, I thought that it was very creative. One thing I think that she could have done better is maybe the doors, I think that she could have made the doors a little more detailed but I still think that the doors are really good. Overall I think that the artwork is very good.


Dangers of using substances to alter the body shape? What are healthy alternatives?


There are a few kinds of drugs that are supposedly going to help you lose weight, however, these drugs are all not safe for the human body. These drugs include Fen Phen, DNP, Ephedrine, Clenbutero and last but no least Meridia. These drugs are incredibly dangerous, and should not be used unless told by a doctor. To show you how dangerous I will tell you some side effects. These side effects include Shortness of breath, heart attacks, strokes, chest pain, Depression, suicidal thoughts and the most dangers of them all death. There are healthier alternatives instead of taking these drugs that may lead to death. Such as, changing a lifestyle instead of dieting and then suddenly eating so much and gaining all that weight back. Going to the gym or maybe even exercising more often, would help.

Peace Dragons

After hearing what Linda said I think that the world is not all about yourself.  It is about other people. you have to be strong and don’t take mean comments but take the good ones that you can learn from that give you support. Linda was a really good example of what the world should be like. I think that way because when she saw the young boy with the gun and bombs she thought of her sons. When she saw the kid she thought as a three kid parent what was making him do this. When the gun shot into her she lay to the ground and heard a last breath of a 13 year old girl. She is a great example for the world because when she was in the attack she thought of her kids. She was not scared.  Even tho at first she thought it was a monster. in the end she noticed that it was a young boy. This is why she made a group called the peace dragon . She wanted peace. She did not want war but peace.

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US Election


. I don’t really like Trumps idea of banding Muslim because if he can stop Muslims from coming in then basically he could stop everyone who is not American to come into America so then if you think of it that way it is kind of scary. Hilary I think will win because she is very strong and she is very convincing. I think that she will be a new start od American history.  Also Clinton has nearly 100 percent name recognition as well as a built-in base of support among working-class women. Republicans will need to catch up, and they face a potentially brutal primary season in which they will be pushed to the right on issues like immigration and education, which could drive independents into Mrs. Clinton’s arms in a general election.

Say hello to Julia, a smart little Muppet who happens to be autisti

In the new series of sesame street there is a girl called Julia. She is autistic. In one seen of the movies Julia and Elmo were sewing and then Abby walks to Elmo and Elmo says say hi to my friend Julia but then Julia decided to not say hi and then Abby said: “Your friend doesn’t like me.” Julia is not on TV yet. When Julia is on she can talk but she can not look in other peoples eyes for to long. And when she gets exited she flaps her arm. They make the hole story a little bit not fun to watch


To me I think that the new character is kind of not really good because to me I think that stories for kid should be happy. not like when some kid gets left out and thinks that the new kid dose not like him. This connects to a book that I read called Wonder. it is connected because when the main character Aggie goes to a new school he gets left out a lot. Plus, he has facial condition. I fell like it would not be a good idea to maybe change Julia’s personality so that it would be a lot more fun


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Scientists find bones of animal that was an early relative of humans



In September 2013 two men decided to head inside a cave of south America. There were people who had already gone into the cave but only discovered a chamber, the two men found something that was really interesting. They found bones that were very similar to humans but they were actually instinct animals plus their brains are a little smaller that lived about 2.5 million yeas ago. Scientists were trying really hard to find out what the animals were and what to name them. So in the end the scientists named them “Naledi.” The animals are called Naledi because is an African word that means “star.” The word was picked because of the name of the caves. “Homo” is the Latin word for “man.”



This article relates to a time that I went to a planet/galaxy museum. In that museum there was bones that were really cool they had little detailed bones that usually you could not see. And that I found out a lot of thing that I did not know and also found instinct animals. This also relates to me because my grandfather was and still is a scientist he study’s on birds and found out a lot about them over the time that I had with my grandfather. I learned that I should go and try new thing discover them, don’t wait till other people do it go find out what is still in this world that none knows about.



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Pakistani teacher gets prize for giving poor kids lessons under the skies


In Islamabad there is someone called Ayub. He is important because he helped more then a hundred kids that needed a place to be educated. In the article it tells us that in 1985 Ayub saw a boy, the boy was 12 years old and worked in a restaurant as someone who cleans the tables, and when he saw him it made him think of his brother, so then he decided that he would teach him. and that’s how he thought of being a teacher. He also thought to be a because of his father, his father told him before he died to make sure that his brothers and sisters would be educated. He’s teaching started out at the restaurant that they were working in but then the owner of the shop felt like it was to loud so then they got kicked out. The school moved a lot of times then finally they found somewhere that was good, it was a filed that was not to far from the shop and city.

This article relates to my story because in the story that I wrote there is a family that could not afford to got to a school or anything and that the little girl how was about 11 to 12 years old had to work at a bakery in Rome and she lived in Vatican City. I fell like it relates because when you think about it, when a little girl could not afford to go to school could just come over to the school that Ayub opened hen she would be able to be educated and have good studies. To me, it relates to me because a lot of times when I go to other country’s I see a lot of people that are just sitting in the ground wishing they had a school, food or even a house that could let them live in and making sure that they could hide from the rain and thunder. This to me is really important to me because it is really scary when we actually think about.

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Syrians fleeing war among few who find a new home in Chicago

In 2011 war broke out in Syria. One of the third largest cities in that country, Homs, fell into war.  It is still going on till today. Fatima and Fadi Adris were a family, living peacefully in their homes. Then one day bombs came dropping from the sky and destroyed their house. So they had to go to the capital city of Syria, Damascus, but within five-months war broke out in that city as well. Over 250,000 people had died in the Syria war. Millions more escaped to other countries. These people are called refugees.


This article relates to the book that I read, 90 Miles to Havana.  In that book the people of Cuba were in war and there were many, many refugees. These refugees were not just adults.  There were also many children that had lost there home and lost their family’s. In the book there was a line that said: “we are going to America.”  From this sentence I can tell that they would much rather stay and find their families.  Whether you were in Cuba or Syria, then or now, life as a refugee would be harsh.



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Deadly lung disease TB resists drugs in India — and may spread overseas

In 09 04 2015. Nisha a nineteen-year-old girl that lives in Mumbai India. She is important because she has a disease called Tuberculosis it is also known as TB. This disease that she has is sometimes curable and sometimes not. The Doctors at India are trying to help her in all kinds of way.  Right now they are trying to help Nisha into curing her, but they tried to give her the medical way but then they notice that it would not work so they decided to use a kind of drug that can mostly cure her.

I think that this is important because the doctors can’t seam to find a way to cure her yet and I believe her family is very worried that she can’t be cured. This is in the news because I think that they are trying to let people know how important to other family cause they child or parents might just have TB. I personally think that Nisha and her family should not give up because no matter what you do or where you are there is always hope to something. I hope that Nisha would get better and  that they would find a cure for her kind of disease, no matter who it is.