Summative Improvisation Proces Journal Entery

Q: What were some of the significant activities in improvisation and what did you learn from them? (you choose the ones that actually taught you something)

A: Some specific activities we did in class were space jump, one sentence prompts and one where we tried to imagine we were in a completely different world. These were some of the main activities that really taught me a lot about improvisation.

Q: What did you do that was NEW to you or CHALLENGED you in some way? (if it was new, please make sure to say what you got from this -OR- make sure to say how or why it challenged you)

A: Something that was new to me was when we had to imagine that we were in a totally different world, where scenarios were given and we had to imagine that it was happening in reality. I personally think this activity helped me to be able to broaden my imagination as well as being more aware of the space.  The thing I found most challenging in a way was trying to stay in “character”. I think this way because as we are freely moving around the space there are also other people within the space, so trying to not get distracted by what others were doing was a little challenging.

Q: What did you do that SUPPORTED your current knowledge or CONFIRMED/REINFORCED something you already knew? (make the connection for me. How did it support or confirm?)

A: I think the activity where we first had to make one non-moving scene, then add one before and one after, and lastly create a small scene supported some of my knowledge on improvisation. I think this way because when I was in middle school, we played a game called “when I walk into the mansion, I see …” this game was where we had around 10 seconds to create s a picture. In order to do this activity, we needed to improvise a picture. The game we played in class helped me to further understand and improve my improv. It helped me confirm that when doing improv, it is all based on your imagination. There is never a written script for you to improv off of. Its all based on you.

Q: CONNECT the improv unit to your current theatre/acting practice or something outside of theatre. (what connections can you make and what is the result of that connection in your learning?)

A: Currently I do Thespians, and in thespians, we are currently also doing improv. I think that all the activities we did in class really will help me with the Improv. In thespians, we also did some of the activities previously done in class. I think by doing them in class and out of class really helped to help me to further understand the concepts of Improvisation.

Science and Engineering #3

The Image above is of all the materials we initially needed. We laid them all out so we knew what we needed to use and what we had. The white paper next to the materials is the model for the final product and how we can make the final product.

The image here is our first step. We attached the two coke bottles side by side and added the popsicle sticks. For the popsicle sticks we first cut off about one inch of the stick (this will be used for later) after cutting it, we glued the remainder of the popsicle stick together (flat sides together). Once the popsicle sticks were glued together, we hot glued the rounded side of the stick in the crack between the two coke bottles (at either end side of the bottle works). Now going back to the cut-off ends of the popsicle stick we glued the similarly to the longer sticks, however, we glued them on the end side of the popsicle stick that was not glued to the coke bottles.

The images here are of 2 batteries. For our battery we had many ups and downs, this would be one of the hardest problems we faced. The first battery was what we saw out main video source use. It was a 9-volt battery, within the battery itself there was a lot of power (a little too much). Since it had a lot of power our motor, as well as our switch, kept overheating. Overheating may lead to the battery/ the motor exploding. So we had to change our battery. We went from a 9-volt battery to a double A battery. We put 2 of the batteries together, however that was also overheating. We only put one of the batteries in, but that also overheated. So at the very end, we were going to use one of this little plate (above in the image). We thought that it might work, howeve,r it was too little power. At this point, we had no idea on what battery to use we decided to just use one of the AA batteries. We tried it without the switch this time and it did not overheat. So, in the end, we used one AA battery and no switch. Video below is of the battery working.

The videos below are some videos of our process of making.

Our final product was a toy boat. This boat is user-friendly. We wanted this boat to be a fun way to play with your friends. Though this boat could have been more aesthetically pleasing. Overall I think this boat was a success. (below are some more video of the final product)

Theater – Acting Process Journal #1

What did we/you do in class?

In class, we start by warming up, after warming up we play some games depending on the topic of that day. For example, recently we were introduced to improvisation, so after warming up we played a bunch of different kinds of improv games.

How did you respond to what you did in class? or, what did you notice about what you did?

I noticed that when we start the warm-up, I am usually tired, but when we get to the games for improv I am less tried.

What is something that you learned about theatre that is NEW to you?

Something new would be some of the games/ activities we did, such as; when we had 2 chairs and one person was given a starting line as well as when we had an “argument” about anything.

What is something that either supports or reinforces what you already knew about theatre?

The warm-ups we do in class reinforces the warm-ups we used to do in middle school. Also by learning more on improv, it helps boost the knowledge we used to know about that topic.

How can you connect what we/you did in class to other areas of your life – theatre-related or otherwise?

If we take improv as an example, we can use this skill in real life, as everything you say is almost all improvisation in your mind, but you just don’t realize it. By applying it more and using it more often it can help us improve that part of our minds.

Effective Ensemble Member Qualities

  1. (A) risk-taker
  2. Positive and energetic
  3. Aware and In Control
  4. Focused
  5. Active Listeners
  6. Cooperative & Collaborative
  7. Efficient 
  8. Leaders & Followers
  9. Positively Critical and able to act on criticism.
  1. Which of these qualities do you feel is the most important? (and why)

I personally think that being cooperative and collaborative is very important because having both of these qualities can make group work very easy. If you are cooperative you are able to listen to other, take their options into consideration and work with them well. Being collaborative also means that you don’t disrespect other and you make sure everyone is included into whatever you are doing.

2.  Which one of these qualities do you feel you need to work on this semester? AND WHY (don’t forget the WHY part)

I think that I need to work on being able to positively criticise other people as well as being able to act on criticism. I think I am able to act on criticism more than being able to positively criticise others. I usually don’t like being mean to others, therefore I usually don’t give criticism to other people, and I think I could improve on that.


Define and Inquire on Engineering Project

For this project, we need to design a functional toy that uses different energy transfers.

For this project, I was thinking of designing a toy car that uses potential energy.  This is the link:

Some Pros about this toy car is that it is very simple and the toy car is reusable, some cons of this design are that the toy car is not the best looking also that it has already been invented in many different ways. However, if I were to design it I would maybe add a few more functions the toy car as well as design it to look more like a kid-friendly toy. If I wanted additional function one idea would be if it was a truck, the back of the truck could automatically lift up and down by a remote of some sort.

Another idea is making a toy car for your animals. Meaning making sitting on the car for pets.

Some other ideas I had were to make a music box

Those are some links that help explain how to make a music box, however making a music box may need tools that are inaccessible right now, therefore making it not the best idea.



My nightmare world

My nightmare world, this is my nightmare world, this world is based on a nightmare I had when I was very young, it was about me getting lost at a train station, now I know that doesn’t sound too bad, but I was very young, and I lost my mon at the station and could not find her, so that was very scary. Since this nightmare wasn’t too scary I decide to make a twist on this and make the setting more creepy and bloody, so it looks more like a nightmare than just a plain old train station. I personally think that I was pretty successful because I made my not so scary nightmare to be a creepy train station that made it more of a nightmare, however next time if I were to do this I would have made a space in the middle front of the stage that had some kind of light. This light would be the light of the dark world. I learned a lot more about backstage during this process. Since I was never really on backstage, I got to experience a different view of making a set for the actors.

One other artwork

Personally, I think that this design is very creative. This piece that she created was very different from the other works, this work was very simple but also meaningful. The artwork was a maze and spiderwebs as well as 2 doors. The story was about how there was a maze and there were 2 doors you can choose from. I think that the maze walls were really amazing and I found it a great part of her artwork, I also really liked the spiderwebs made from the hot glue gun leftovers, I thought that it was very creative. One thing I think that she could have done better is maybe the doors, I think that she could have made the doors a little more detailed but I still think that the doors are really good. Overall I think that the artwork is very good.


Dangers of using substances to alter the body shape? What are healthy alternatives?


There are a few kinds of drugs that are supposedly going to help you lose weight, however, these drugs are all not safe for the human body. These drugs include Fen Phen, DNP, Ephedrine, Clenbutero and last but no least Meridia. These drugs are incredibly dangerous, and should not be used unless told by a doctor. To show you how dangerous I will tell you some side effects. These side effects include Shortness of breath, heart attacks, strokes, chest pain, Depression, suicidal thoughts and the most dangers of them all death. There are healthier alternatives instead of taking these drugs that may lead to death. Such as, changing a lifestyle instead of dieting and then suddenly eating so much and gaining all that weight back. Going to the gym or maybe even exercising more often, would help.

Peace Dragons

After hearing what Linda said I think that the world is not all about yourself.  It is about other people. you have to be strong and don’t take mean comments but take the good ones that you can learn from that give you support. Linda was a really good example of what the world should be like. I think that way because when she saw the young boy with the gun and bombs she thought of her sons. When she saw the kid she thought as a three kid parent what was making him do this. When the gun shot into her she lay to the ground and heard a last breath of a 13 year old girl. She is a great example for the world because when she was in the attack she thought of her kids. She was not scared.  Even tho at first she thought it was a monster. in the end she noticed that it was a young boy. This is why she made a group called the peace dragon . She wanted peace. She did not want war but peace.

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