Blogpost #1: Define and Inquire

What is this engineering task?

For this engineering task, we are supposed to make a machine that converts renewable energy into electrical energy; however, the machine has to be original, visually pleasing and useful in our daily lives. These factors limit the options of machines we could build.

What are you thinking about doing? (this can be multiple ideas)

I have been thinking about a variety of options for the project. Some of the options I currently have in my mind is: solar power clock, solar powered boat, solar powered car and other solar powered machines.


3 Steps to make a clock into solar powered clock

This link shows instructions to convert a normal clock to a solar powered clock.


Other projects I have done using motors, circuits, etc… in Future’s Academy.

I could use my skills from FA to build the machine and try to challenge myself to try building a solar powered device that would function properly.

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