Grade 5- Learning

DUMA Analysis

Xan is a boy who live in Africa and, there was a cheetah family. The cheetah’s mother got killed by the group of lions. So Xan gets to get the cheetah. But Xan’s dad dies. His mother and him moves to the city. Xan got stressed and used his dad’s motorcycle to go to the south to free Duma. In… Read more →

Monkey King Reflection

Q: Now that you have completed your Monkey King performance, reflect on your process and journey.  Think about what was easy and what was hard, what you liked and what was a challenge for you, is this something you would continue with in the future, what will drama class in middle school be like.  Remember to use complete sentences and write… Read more →

Cooking Reflection(Banana Bread)

Cooking Reflection(Banana Bread)

1.  How does cooking help with the learning of fractions?  Be specific with examples. A:It helps me to get a correct amount of ingredients to cook foods. For example, when I had to get 1 1/2 of sugar. 2.  If you were to prepare for a Friday Brunch, what would you cook and why? A: I would make a small… Read more →

Math Unit 8 Reflection

1  Describe several situations in which knowing how to solve percent-of problems wound be helpful. A: We use percent when we check tests or check the percent of raining. 2.  Explain why you think it is important to know how to find equivalent fractions with common denominators. A: It is  important because you get questions wrong when you don’t change… Read more →