Gentrification in Beijing: A New Efficient Method of Development?

From this project, I learned that many people are being affected by gentrification forced by the government, and we shouldn’t ignore the people being affected. I raised awareness about gentrification as many people don’t have a great understanding of gentrification. My values, opinions or belief did not change as a result of this project. I used the interviewing skills I gained during previous trips to interview in the community. Next time I produce a documentary, I want to make my message concise, as this video throws too many information to the viewers to the point it can confuse them. More specifically, if I had the chance to revise or remake this documentary, I would consider to remove the part where I compare Beijing’s gentrification and gentrification in other regions, as that information is not too necessary to deliver my point to the audience.

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Quadrapult Challenge

For the past few weeks, my partner, SG, and I worked on building a catapult that can throw a projectile far and accurate. Our catapult was made out of popsicle sticks, stuck together with hot glue.

What was the most important learning from this project?

  • Planning thoroughly and collaboration skills.

What was the most challenging aspect of this project?

  • The most challenging aspect was that our group had almost no experience in crafts, which made it extremely challenging to plan a catapult that actually works. Also, the building process was challenging. We made multiple mistakes in our process, such as our catapult breaking apart during trials.

What would you do differently next time?

  • While we are working on the project, we should check the rubric multiple times so that we do not miss anything important. Also, we should keep a record of anything that shows the process of our project (Photo, video, plan, etc.).

How did this project help you in your understanding of quadratic functions?

  • I learned how quadratic functions can be applied to many different projects and everyday tasks. Any kind of parabolic shape could be written as a quadratic equation.
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Polymer Journal #4

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Polymer Journal #3

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The Perfect Society???

Everyone is placed in designated zones by the government. Everything is organized perfectly by the government. Would you want to live in a society like that? The government organizing everything will definitely make your life easier, won’t it? ***”Oh really???”*** As the government is totalitarian, they don’t want you to know everything. They want you to believe that this is the best place you can live in. What would happen if you wanted to know what the government doesn’t tell you? You will be silenced..  violently. The theme of the novel Maggot Moon is “Whoever seeks for truth will be silenced.”. There are multiple examples of this phenomenon in the story.

The first example is Hector, the main character Standish’s only and best friend. He went to the other side of the mysterious wall to retrieve the lost football. The government assigns everyone to a specific zone. What would happen if you leave your assigned zone and go somewhere “mysterious”? “He put his finger to his mouth. I could see him clearly due to the moon that spilled its light onto the bare floorboards of our room.” (Gardner, 141) He in this quote is Hector. In a direct sense, this means that Hector’s fingers were chopped off when he went off to retrieve the football in a place the government does not want you to know about.

The second example is Miss Philips. She was involved in a “genuine space mission” by the government. Then, one of the scientists who built the first prototype rocket confided in her that the belt of radiation around the moon would fry her alive. The scientist disappeared. After this event, she was sent to Zone Seven and realized the scientist was right. It was the greatest hoax of mankind. “I asked too many questions, and that’s when they silenced me.” (197) The theme of this novel is mainly built up by this quote. Or in a broader sense, the theme is based entirely on Chapter 71.

The third example, also in Chapter 71, is the Moon Man. The Moon Man starts a conversation dealing with torture from the government. “Mrs. Lush was shot the minute they arrived.” (198) The only reason for this murder was “Punishment for not cooperating.” (199) The Moon Man also explains his very own first-hand experience of the torture.  “They chopped off his little finger after they killed Mrs. Lush. (…) He held up nine fingers.” (199) The government of Motherland used multiple different forms of torture to oppress the citizens’ right to know.

The government of Motherland uses highly lethal methods of torture to keep a lot of information secret from the citizens. They silence citizens who seek for truth using brutal methods. The situation in Motherland sounds similar to what happened in 1980’s Korea. A lot of students were tortured and eventually killed as they were fighting against the totalitarian government and fought for democracy. Anyways, these kinds of torture and infringement of human rights cannot be recreated in the future.

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Polymer Journal #2

Dust often gets stuck on our clothes. To remove them, we often use tape. However, using tape is a waste of plastic. Therefore, the product we will make during our polymer project is a dust remover for clothes. By using super slime and gloop, we can easily remove dust as they are sticky. Also, super slime and gloop can be molded into different shapes so the dust remover can be reused multiple times. If our product is on sale, most people, especially people who wear formal clothes often, will buy our product as dust often gets stuck in formal clothes.

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Polymer Journal #1

Synthetic Materials are materials that are usually man-made. They don’t exist naturally as they are processed and synthesized chemically from natural materials. However, natural materials exist in nature, without any form of chemical processing.

A polymer is a large molecule composed of many repeated subunits. Single atoms or molecules called monomers join chemically to produce a very large chain-like or network molecules, called a polymer.

Nylon and Rubber are two examples of polymers. Nylon is a silky material that can be that can be melt-processed into fibers, films or shapes. Rubber consists of polymers of the organic compound isoprene, with minor impurities of other organic compounds, plus water. Both Nylon and Rubber are used pretty often in our lives. For example, clothes such as stockings we wear are made of Nylon, items such as car tires, erasers or rubber bands are made of rubber.




Natural Rubber

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Sunset on the Great Wall (9)

Look at the Great Wall of China. It is truly long and majestic. It is one of the most famous tourist sites in China. However, there are definitely people who should be acknowledged. All of the blood and sweat of the working class were donated to the construction of this great wall. Thousands died just only to erect this wall. All the people who built this wall shall never be forgotten.

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City in Danger

For this blog post, I tried a new form of multimedia. I compiled multiple photos describing Molching, the main setting in The Book Thief. I used the online software Canva. I decided to use this form of multimedia because I thought photos are one of the best ways to show a place and time.

The photo on the top left and right shows normal Molching. Molching is a very peaceful city. As Molching isn’t a big city, there usually aren’t any large scale activities.

The photo on the bottom left has a lot of armed cars driving into town. “It was a surprisingly clear afternoon and the men were climbing into the truck. Hans Hubermann had just sat down in his appointed seat.” (Zusak, 323) As it says in the quote, the armed men came to take Hans, the main character Liesel’s father, to the army

The photo on the bottom right shows that the city got bombed at the end. “Rudy Steiner slept. Mama and Papa slept. Frau Holtzapfel, Frau Diller. Tommy Müller. All sleeping. All dying.” (335) As it shows in the quote, almost everyone in the city died.

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The Final “Masterpiece” of an Incompetent Dictator

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