My imagination was the strongest when Mr. Redman described the scenery to us and the basic outline of the story has been displayed. This makes my imagination stronger because I did not have to focus on creating and imagining my own scene.

My imagination was the weakest when Mr.Redman only described a part of the scene and we had to elaborate on the rest and make our own imaginations. This makes my imagination weaker because I had to come up with my own scene and had to decided between multiple choices. Since I am a bit indecisive, this was hard for me for having to decide on my own scenery.

I faced some challenges when I was trying to focus on my imagination. At first it was fine but as time passes by, I found it harder to focus on imagining on my scenery.

My Short Monologue

Confidence? I’m scared from the minute I wake up every morning. I get up an hour before you just to check if you’re still there. If I have to go for an interview, my heart pounds so much you can see it coming through my blouse. If you want the God’s honest truth, I don’t even want to be an actress. I don’t know what I want to be. I just wanted to come out here and see you. I just wanted somebody in the family to hold me because it was me, Libby, and not somebody who wasn’t there.



9 Effective Ensemble Member Qualities

1. Risk Taker

2. Positive and Energetic

3. Aware and in Control



6. Cooperative and Collaborative


8. Leaders (AND Followers)

9. Positively Critical and Able to Act on that Criticism


Which of the ensemble member qualities do you feel you would like to work on this semester and why?

This semester, I feel that I should work on ensemble member quality number 1 and 2. I chose ensemble member quality number one, being a risk taker, because sometimes I take my concerns too seriously and I ignore the passion that I have inside of me which was willing to try. I need to improve that because when I have too many concerns and don’t take risks, I miss out on the things that I truly want to do and ends up regretting about my decision. If I could improve on this ensemble member quality, then I would be able to truthfully enjoy the time I spend during acting class and not leave any regrets.

I chose ensemble member quality number two, be positive and energetic because sometimes I would let my negative emotions of the day into my acting classes and I would not be as energetic when we are doing exercises and activities. I would like to improve that by bringing in a positive and energetic attitude every class so I would be effective and would not influence my other classmates. I think this quality is important to being a ensemble member who can be mature enough to manage her own emotions and not affect members in the ensemble.


Acting: Day 1

What did we do in class? (Do your best to remember)

On the first day of acting we did some warm up exercises, did an improv game, and did some team games that could find our unison as an ensemble.

How did you feel about what we did in class? What did you enjoy or what was interesting? (be honest!)

I feel that what we have done in class was interesting and it opened up ourselves on the first day. I enjoyed the team games and the improv game because it was interesting to do those exercises with a new class and new people.

What are you looking forward to in the class (good, bad or otherwise)? And you nervous or excited or ‘just trying to make it through’?

I’m looking forward to creating ensemble pieces within the class. I’m also really excited to doing more interesting exercises with the class.

Behind the Curtain

Throughout my Capstone Project, I’ve learned many about my social issue, plastic waste in China. I learned about the causes of China’s plastic waste and the solutions towards it. Along I also learned many statistics and data on my issue. My skills towards researching and surveying was drawn upon during the Capstone Project. I had to interact with the ISB community during the surveying process where I went around the school and asked others to take my survey.  The Capstone Project is a chance for you to learn about issues in China. During this project, you will learn many skills that will help you throughout your school life. Make sure you finish your research and citations on time!

Polymer Project Journal #4

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Polymer Project Journal #3

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Polymer Project Journal #2

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Polymer Project Journal #1

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Capstone Project — Our Daily Plastic Waste

Image Source: Slavin, Chandler. “How to Change Plastic’s ‘Waste’ Reputation.” Packaging Digest, Packaging Digest, 31 Aug. 2017,

Plastic is a huge issue in present day China. Plastic products are used daily in China. For example, many Chinese people goes to the market with plastic bags taken from the market to carry their food. Most of the plastic bags does not get to be reused but is often thrown away in the trash can. The plastic bottles that holds our drinks can be recycled, but countless Chinese people does not know that it could be recycled and instead just depose them as well.


Therefore, how can we reduce the large amount of plastic usage in China?


I am afraid that there will not be any ways that we can reduce the plastic usage in China, or that there are no ways to reduce the plastic usage in China. China’s huge amount of population leads to the the lack of education that teaches people about the environment and how we need to protect it. Most Chinese people does not acknowledge the fact that plastic damages our society and environment just as much as air pollution does. We need others to gain understanding so they would be motivated into reducing plastic waste.


I hope I can gain the understanding of where plastic waste comes from, how plastic waste damages the environment, how can we reduce plastic waste, how to change our daily life style so we use less plastic. These are important in our daily life because even if plastic is useful, it could also damage our environment. I would also hope to gain the acknowledgment or the support from the society and that they will as well work as a part to reduce the plastic waste.


Plastic waste comes from our everyday life, there are many minor things changes we can make to reduce our plastic usage and waste. If we can start only from using less plastic bags, recycle plastic bottles, or spread the facts among friends, family, and the society, we can reduce the plastic waste and we can have a better environment.


I would like to receive feedback on how I can improve my research question to cover more vital branches related to plastic usage and plastic waste.