Polymer Project Journal #1

Capstone Project — Our Daily Plastic Waste

Image Source: Slavin, Chandler. “How to Change Plastic’s ‘Waste’ Reputation.” Packaging Digest, Packaging Digest, 31 Aug. 2017, www.packagingdigest.com/sustainable-packaging/how-to-change-plastics-waste-reputation-2017-08-31.

Plastic is a huge issue in present day China. Plastic products are used daily in China. For example, many Chinese people goes to the market with plastic bags taken from the market to carry their food. Most of the plastic bags does not get to be reused but is often thrown away in the trash can. The plastic bottles that holds our drinks can be recycled, but countless Chinese people does not know that it could be recycled and instead just depose them as well.


Therefore, how can we reduce the large amount of plastic usage in China?


I am afraid that there will not be any ways that we can reduce the plastic usage in China, or that there are no ways to reduce the plastic usage in China. China’s huge amount of population leads to the the lack of education that teaches people about the environment and how we need to protect it. Most Chinese people does not acknowledge the fact that plastic damages our society and environment just as much as air pollution does. We need others to gain understanding so they would be motivated into reducing plastic waste.


I hope I can gain the understanding of where plastic waste comes from, how plastic waste damages the environment, how can we reduce plastic waste, how to change our daily life style so we use less plastic. These are important in our daily life because even if plastic is useful, it could also damage our environment. I would also hope to gain the acknowledgment or the support from the society and that they will as well work as a part to reduce the plastic waste.


Plastic waste comes from our everyday life, there are many minor things changes we can make to reduce our plastic usage and waste. If we can start only from using less plastic bags, recycle plastic bottles, or spread the facts among friends, family, and the society, we can reduce the plastic waste and we can have a better environment.


I would like to receive feedback on how I can improve my research question to cover more vital branches related to plastic usage and plastic waste.

By the Window I saw…

I was sixteen that eventful summer of 1789. I believed in our King, I believed in monarchy. I was member of my second estate family. In my house lives Alexander – me, my mother, and my father. Over the sixteen years that I’ve lived, I tried my best to follow what my mind tells me to do. I don’t let anything restrict me, and I don’t let my parents control me. Though sometimes my mind leaps forwards too much without anyone’s instructions. I know it doesn’t need my strength to hold it back, so I let it go and I know I’ll be free as well.

After the the revolution, various changes happened in France. The form of government changed from the monarchy before the revolution to the national assembly then to the directory. The flag of France also transformed as well. It went from the Pavillon Royal de la France before the revolution to the blue, white, and red, the Tricolore. This was because during the Storming of the Bastille, the men wore red and blue clothing which was the colors of Paris. These were then used as the symbol of a new France. The calendar of France also changed after the revolution as well. Before the Revolution, France used the Gregorian Calendar from the Church. This was a part of the old regime since it was from the Church. Later on, it was changed into the Revolutionary Calendar to abolish the traces of the old regime that the people wants to get rid of.

Even though many changes happened throughout the French Revolution, many vital parts of France were kept the same as well. These are the continuity of the French Revolution. Religion was a portion that remained the same. The Roman Catholicism remained as a common religion in France. It has always been a popular religion though it still remained after the revolution just suppressed more. France also continued as an enemy of the Great Britain throughout the course of the revolution and later on as well. After the Revolution, France was kept about the same size during and at the end of the revolution. This presents the fact that France did not lose a lot of land during its battles with Austria and Prussia.

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La Révolution Française En Anglais

King Louis XVI did not know that his decision of supporting the American revolution would affect his country at all. France was strangled by hunger. At least the peasants in the third estate were. Food prices went up, natural disasters only affected the peasants in the third estate. The inequality grew and the peasants planned a sudden eruption. The French Revolution is a outburst of the angry peasants due to the inequality. The revolution changed many people’s lives and the inequality slowly disappeared.


Open Your Eyes and Take a Look at Earth

Image Source:
Fleischman, Paul, et al. “Eyes Wide Open.” By Paul Fleischman, www.goodreads.com/book/show/20708791-eyes-wide-open.

As a participant in our society, our job is to protect the environment and understand what is really happening to the world. If we understand the history of the developments, we can then solve the issues that are caused by them occurring every minute. The community needs everyone to take a part and for everyone to do that, we need the information and what lead us to the issues we now face in our community. In the book Eyes Wide Open, Paul Fleischman’s point of view and bias is that the past leaps in technology and the world leads to many long-term issues in the future.


The point of view and bias of the author is that the world has taken many leaps in technology in the past hundred years. Paul Fleischman claims that “It’s always been this way… They’re all so common that we hardly notice them, but they’re barely older than your baby brother. Over the past two hundred years… making leaps in agriculture, medicine, and a hundred other fields that have given us the world of wonders we inhabit. No human [has] ever lived as we do” (Fleischman 5). These changes in the world happens so fast that we sometimes don’t even realize until we look back at the past. For instance, we can’t imagine life without plastic. Though plastic is a huge leap that we made and put on the new scene. When the Titanic sank in 1912, the passenger’s suitcases was leather, their combs ivory, the toothbrushes made with bone handles and animal bristles. This shows that over the past a hundred year, the world has developed itself with many different inventions and new chemicals discovered. Paul Fleischman takes the role on explaining and going behind the world wide environmental news. He points out those changes that occurred and states that they are unnoticeable and these leaps will bring many side effects to the world.


Coming among these leaps that we have made, is the many new harms to the environment which we now face. The point of view and bias of the author in the text is also that the current situation of the world leads to huge unintended long-term problems. “The amazing new world we’ve created has created new residues. These have led to big unintended problems…” (Fleischman 5). The author is presenting what he thinks about the effects on the world that we have created. He thinks that the new world is causing big problems to the environment unintentionally. The leaps that we made in the society from small pieces in our everyday life to worldwide humanity is changing the environment in a negative way. This shows how Paul Fleischman wrote the book and took examples from our daily environmental headlines to going deeper than just the text. He has done so to prove his point of view in the perspective of an ordinary human on earth. Pulling out past news on environment and giving cases that supports his ideas on how the long-term problems are progressing. This presents how Paul Fleischman has a point of view and bias that the current world leads to huge unintentional long-term problems. The author proves that with his text and convinces the readers on the existence of the long-term effects behind the environmental headlines. Fleischman presents all the back story and the statistics so we understand the information, therefore we can solve the problems from the roots.


Throughout the book, Paul Fleischman presents his opinion on the environmental headlines and gives statistics in how the events affects us and the world. As humans, our only objective is to gain resources and fill our times with events. To fulfill that, we made many developments in an extremely short amount of time and those leaps we created brought along numerous cases which we now need to solve. The author of Eyes Wide Open believes the same as well. Fleishman reasons that the issues we now face are caused by the historical leaps we made in technology and many insignificant developments though to make our lives better, we need to overcome these barriers and resume our progress.

Feelings and Mood of a Nightmarish Dream

I used a text message format to show how setting affects the mood of the story Dream a Little Dream by Kerstin Gier. I chose two parts in the book that used a lot of description words and sensory words to sculpt out a scene in the readers heads. I used the text message format as if the character texted a friend or told someone about the things she has been through with first person view and to use mood vocabularies to express her feelings at the time and how the author used words and language to paint out a picture in the readers’ minds. The person with the grey text box is the main character, Liv, who had went through the events that she was describing. The person responding is created by me in which is a friend of Liv’s who responded to Liv’s feelings and said the moods that she felt with a third-person view.

Substance Abuse, Body Image and Making Healthy Choices

Dangers of using substances to alter body shape:

-heart problems

-overheat body, sweating

-eye problems

-chest pain

-dangerously high blood pressure

-mental issues (confusion, depression, suicidal thoughts)

-possibly sudden death


Healthier alternatives


-healthy diet and food

-play sports

Your Filtering Minds Helps No One but Yourself

Image Source: http://www.nickelinthemachine.com/2010/02/the-execution-of-lord-haw-haw-at-wandsworth-prison-in-1946/

<iframe src=”https://isbtube.isb.bj.edu.cn/media/embed?key=fce93b18b911e160b53dbe568d53e308&width=720&height=405&autoplay=false&autolightsoff=false&loop=false&chapters=false&related=false&responsive=false” width=”720″ height=”405″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen=”allowfullscreen” allowtransparency=”true” scrolling=”no”></iframe>


Did you look through your cart today?

Your shopping cart in TaoBao?

Did you filter out our newsflash on the daily news?

You probably didn’t even pay attention to us.

I can restate them if you want me to.


First there came no water,

Second we heard the torn cries of our children.

Shattered pieces of hearts.

The hopeless looks on our family and other families’ faces says that

This is a crisis, an issue that we can’t solve.

A drought. A deadly one.

We have no water,

No food.

And that was it, all we live on.

Like how a leaf depends on its tree, and a tree depends on its stem.

Here in Africa, this is an emergency.

The tree is going to die soon.


And this crisis, this drought unfolds itself right in front of us.

A place that you won’t be able to see.

Because its initiated by “weather patterns”, by human activity.

With us people facing starvation, and

If immediate water, healthcare, shelter, and nutritious food is not provided,

Not only provided but so that we can kick hunger right out of our everyday life

As how you drive right past one of your lined up cart lists,

If we could be an item in your purse that you would look through,

We would be your makeup looking up to you,

With our craving looks, for you to pick us up,

We are not pretending.


But do something.

We can see you pretending like you are.

Don’t fool us like how one of your queens used to fool you–

“Let them eat cake”

A lie laid down carefully with their hands right in front of you.

She shut her door on you, you fools.

You couldn’t see the truth as if you were Einstein himself covering his own eyes.


Unless someone approach the problem with a solution,

The hunger won’t go away.

So do something and we are asking you to highlight us on your newspapers.

Take your responsibility because “with great power comes with great responsibility” is not something Spiderman made up to make himself look cool.

Name us with a challenge and spread the ugly truth.

And that you would have to burn your filter–

Stop paying your items lined up in your cart,

Don’t filter us through, we are clinging on.

So that you would help us, not yourself.

A Tour to the Boxers Rebellion

My initial thought of the Boxer Rebellion is that the Boxers are right to protect their country because of the foreign countries were entering China in a sudden.


I’m curious about the opinions of the people from the foreign countries to the Boxer Rebellion and how they thought of their own country.

Opinions to Life Can Change in an Instant–Sure Signs of Crazy
















For the book Sure Signs of Crazy by Karen Harrington, I chose to present the main character of the book, Sarah Nelson’s dynamic character. I chose to present this topic by writing three diary entries from the character’s point of view, first person view and use different quotes from the book to show how the character changes throughout the story. I chose to write diary entries because in the book Sure Signs of Crazy, the main character Sarah Nelson also kept diaries as something special to her which symbolizes many characterizations that Karen Harrington assigned her in the book. In the first two entries, I wrote different entries in different diaries just like how Sarah did her Fake Diary and a Real Diary separately. I changed the format at the end to signify how Sarah changed at the end of the book.