White Stool with Storage Area

I created a white stool with a storage area underneath. I succeeded in cutting everything exact so everything fits together perfectly. However, I didn’t know how to drill holes so the holes were not very exact. But I was also able to problem solve many things. At first, I decided to make a chair, but then the I realized that the screws were not going to hold the back, so I changed my idea to a stool. I drilled one of my holes to close to the edge, so the wood would most likely split when I put the screw in, so I decided to drill the hole from the other side to meet with the original hole. In the Future, I will have to overcome many problems and challenges, so I must have the skill to problem solve. This L21 skill is the most important in my opinion because this skill will be used anywhere, anytime, and with anything.

Grade 8 Mentoring Trip ShiMenShan

On September 13 and September 14, my classmates and I went on a great mentoring trip to ShiMenShan. The purpose was to connect with nature, conquer our fears, and work on core values. Throughout the trip, I noticed that my collaboration skills were quite strong. While building a bamboo raft with my group, I collaborated well with them. We were extremely efficient, we got the raft ready in time, and we built it with great quality. However, I wasn’t the “leader” of my group. I think that I could have helped guide my group more throughout the process. In the near future, I will work on my leadership skills and help others as much as I can. Overall, the trip and made me a stronger person, I conquered my fear on the wall, and learned many useful skills. It was a great experience!

Giver Discussion #4

Giver Discussion #4

What is a painful thing that you experienced?

My cat died 2 months ago. In the morning after I woke up, she wasn’t moving. I toke her to the doctor to check why she wasn’t moving. After 15 minutes I received the shocking news that she has passed away. She was 12 years old and she died peacefully. I was very sad but I knew couldn’t change things. I didn’t go to school for 2 days and missed out on some important subjects.

I wouldn’t take away the experience, because I could learn from the experience and the next time it happens, I would be able to control the situation.

One Day Project

The one day project was a great experience for me. But there was one problem that kept happening as I started over and over again. I was making a crochet blanket and the blanket kept on going inwards. So I decided to ask one of the teachers. My teacher told me that I have missed a few stitches so I started over and I followed the teachers instructions. I finished my project at the last minute of the day and it was a big success.