Life Under the Great Tyrant’s Rule

I was born during the Chinese Civil war and lived through the Chinese Proletarian Cultural Revolution. My life was filled with sorrow and sadness. I was only 30 when the revolution started, impacting my family more than I ever could have imagined. As a wife, mother, professor, all I wanted to do was live a normal, uneventful life. But, this… Read more →

A Revolution Lead by a GOD

Why did the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution start? It started because of many different reasons, but one of the most important reason was that Chairman Mao wanted to have power. He wanted to be the sole leader of China. He used the trust the people put in him to eliminate his competition. So basically the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution started… Read more →


  If you were starving in a prison camp would you keep on going, or would you give up? Lilla from Lilla’s Feast had to make this decision. Lilla, a strong woman, had an exciting and eventful life filled with ups and down. Throughout the 102 years of her life, she experienced love, heartbreaks, and Japanese prison camps. Lilla experienced firsthand-Japan… Read more →

Dear Khalil, In Heaven

Starr is the main character from the book The Hate U Give. I chose to do a letter from Starr to Khalil because he is the one who dies by a police shooting. Khalil dyeing affects Starr greatly because she was the one who was with him when he died. Suddenly she was a witness that would have to testify… Read more →

Substance Abuse and Body Shape

The dangers of using substances to alter body shapes are; heart problems, overheat human body, heavy sweating, shortness of breath, risk of stoke, chest pain, dangerously heigh blood pressure, confusion, depression, suicidal thoughts, sometimes sudden deaths. A healthier alternative is to do exercise to get thinner or stronger. You can also edit your diet so that you eat healthier which… Read more →

Controlling Our Own Death-Euthanasia

Life or Death        Sophie Zhang-Murphy Spring time in May, flowers blooming, children playing. A black cloud appeared. The doctors said, “It’s only a flu, she’ll get over it.” But still they put her in a bland hospital room. From under gray covers she could see outside, the blue sky—birds, butterflies, bees—and the flowers. A storm cloud lurked… Read more →