Grade 6 Cup Insulator Design Challenge

Cup Insulator Design Challenge

With Keewon an me, we had a Cup Insulator Design Challenge at Science class. We worked as a team to make a insulator for ISB mug. We had to design, and made a insulator with it. First prototype, baseline 84.7C to 61.8C in 10 minutes, 14.9C  and then at second prototype, the temperature changed to 80.2C to 72.3C in 10 minutes, 7.9C, which was about 2times better than prototype 1. It was a good class time to learn about engineering and heat transfer, insulator.



One Day 2017 StellaB

One Day 2017 Stella Bae 67

What we did on One Day was reforming things that people would not use, or rather trash. But, to reduce materials getting trashed, we (Keewon Yewon Rebecca) repainted and reformed materials rather than trashing it. We used, water bottle, phone case, mac book laptop case, eco bag, box ( board ), etc.



First pic. painting mac book laptop case with sponges, and acrylic paint with paper(made before one day)

Second pic. cutting off phone case picture, for camera

Third pic. Picture of before cutting off phone case pictures

Fourth. Done! Better phone case, rather than buying again. (clockwise)


First pic. Final picture of macbook laptop case

Second pic. painting macbook laptop case with acrylic paint and sponges

Third pic. Final picture of dashboard made out of box (cardboard)

Fourth pic. Painting dash board made out of box(cardboard) with sponges

Q)What would you do differently if you were able to do this again?                     A) I would make more variety of recycling materials. With good quality than today. Also, I would fix things that I wasn’t able to fix. Ex) Fill the paint into more detailed.

Q)What do you feel proud of? What did you struggle with?                                      A) I am feeling proud of myself that I finished my plan successfully with best work done. It was better than I have thought of it. Also, I struggled with painting. It was hard to paint with sponges, and my arms were hurting so much…

Q)Is this good quality?How do you know?                                                                       A) I think my work done is good quality. I can know that my work is done in good quality because my work had done with lot of help from my friend. And I researched about it, and put in a lot of effort on it to make it best.

Q)What went well? What have you learned?                                                                A)Finishing my work went well and successfully. From this work, I learned that teamwork makes a good work done. When it was hard to finish, I got a help from my teammates, so I learned that team work is best.