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If your family, loved one, who treated you as a shame had a deadly disease, would you cut out your flesh to cure her? Unless one is so devoting, it wouldn’t’ be that easy to cut out a flesh just to cure someone. Nuyer, Anmei’s mother and which is the protagonist in this story is an ashamed character in the whole family, but sacrificing person who cuts out her flesh for her mother even though her family blamed her in Amy Tan’s “The Scar” from The Joy Luck Club.

            Nuyer, Anmei’s mother is a character who gets ashamed and blamed by her family. During the rising action scene where Anmei and her grandmother has a discussion about Anmei’s mother, grandmother pulled Anmei close and warned, “‘Never say her name…to say her name is to spit on your father’s grave’” (Tan 1). How grandmother never forgets to warn Anmei about her mother, shows how Anmei’s family separate Anmei’s mother as a disgraceful person. On the description where grandmother compares saying out Nuyer’s name and spitting on father’s grave, without the part of the mother being the ghost, daughter calling out her mother’s name could not be ever compared to spitting on father’s grave. Therefore, how grandmother compares those two actions is possible for readers to infer how strong the family believes her as a disgrace. Despite how her family treats and separates her, Nuyer is also a sacrificing person who devotes oneself everything: “‘And then I saw her pull up her sleeve and pull out a sharp knife. She put this knife on the softest part of her arm…My mother took her flesh and put it in the soup’” (Tan 5). This climax scene where Anmei’s mother cooked her mother a soup by cutting out her flesh which is the ancient tradition, shows the effort of Nuyer trying to cure her mother one last time. It is fully possible to understand that Nuyer might hate her mother, in case that her mother hated her so severely. However, unlike what readers might think of, the action of Nuyer cutting out her flesh explains how the power of love for the family could force someone to do something unpredictable. Those actions and attitude of Nuyer show how being part of the family could force one to devote all of oneself even though one didn’t receive great dedicate from other. Also, how Nuyer sacrifices explain the importance of one self’s role in the whole family, and the how love plays a role in a family.

Unlike Nuyer, I would not sacrifice dedicate myself to others who hates me badly or thinks me as a disgrace. I also have experienced situations where I had to have good service manners in front of people that I disliked. Honestly, it was an awful, shameful memory for me to remember. I had to act out that I was kind enough to understand someone who hated me. But I wasn’t. Even though if it was a family, if I was Nuyer, I would have ignored. However, the attitude of Nuyer trying one last time to cure her mother is a devoting act as a mother, as a daughter, and as a family member. Also, her act of making a traditional soup with her flesh could also be a good example of mthe other or a daughter to Anmei, who watched her mother taking that particular action.

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  • Alice

    I really like your quote, it really describes the tradition well. The hook is also very eye-catching. Nice gif!:)

  • amily.jang

    I love how you started off with a hook and I love that you have your two quotes and two explanations when it comes to supporting your statement. I also like how you used terms like climax, action and the words that describe the parts of a story. The transition words or phrases are used in diverse ways so I think I will compliment that part. I like how the sentences flow together not like a strict wall between them. So far, I think you have all the requirements on the rubric so well done. I can actually connect to everyone’s posts because people had similar opinions to mine but I can also connect to yours because of the fact that Nuyer will still be a disgrace in her family.

  • claire.shin

    It is very interesting to read your paragraphs because of the way you wrote the quotes with two different ways.

  • emily.kwak

    I like your image. It’s really interesting!

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