(1) Plastic Bag Clutch
(1.1) Back of the Bag
(2) Practice piece for Sewing


“Precious Plastics” Enrichment Trimester Overall Reflection 🛠:

For Trimester 1 Precious Plastics, I was able to make reuse plastic materials like a plastic bag (clutch?), keyrings, etc. The biggest success in this enrichment was making a plastic bag which turned out the best (1). For this piece, by fusing the plastics into a big sheet of thick layered plastic, I was able to make a bag design. After fusing it, I cutted out the bag into a design that I’ve drawn, and using a sewing machine, I attached the edges to make an actual clutch bag. The biggest obstacle was that it was difficult to sew using the sewing machine (2) because my plastic piece was too thick for the needle to go through. However by hand sewing it, I was able to finish it successfully. Since I had less time to finish all of the projects, later on, I would like to divide up the time equally for each of the projects.

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