“Eyes- the Dullness of the Yellow Highlights the White Shades. Therefore Pushes the Eyes out to Feel as Thought They Are Always Watching | Tumbrl in 2018 | Pinterest | Art, Illustration and Illustration Art.” Pinterest, 15 Oct. 2018, www.pinterest.com/pin/715439090775824626.


This poem has included a SDG topic about equal rights for women, gender equality. Ideas like the velvet rose-red ribbon or makeup show the “extras” that society requires for women to do. Also by having a woman ignored by the crowd and falling into a great ignorance of deep hole, I showed the ignorance of society for gender equality. Even though other woman goes to save her, the society still ignores the shadow behind their lives. To reduce these gender inequality problems, no matter what the gender one is, we should all speak up, having the opinions said out loud. Also, there are many campaigns being held to support equal rights for women that one could participate in if intrested. Rather than having an awarness for gender equality, participating and speaking out loud, actually possessing the equal rights for women in society would make a greater change in reducing the victims of society’s shadow, and supporting our world to have an equal right among every gender.


Women of Scar


Eyes wide open like curious wild owls under the moonlight

Hands blocking its lips from her whispering to one beside.

And there, standing alone, she’s striving to death by their brutal flaming views.

Unspeakable sexual harassment. Rumors. Gossips.

The beauty of makeup they’ve asked for, melted down her cheeks leaving a scar like dreadful print.

The beauty of velvet rose-red ribbon they’ve asked for straggled the woman.

Sharp darkness faded over her as if it’s the start of the darkest night ever – the Inferno, hell.

Slowly, the woman got shoved – fell into a deep, unknown hole.


“Save me! Help me out!” – Sharp, pale moans echoed inside the hole.

The crowd rather ignored her wailing.

Soon, the crowd started to shove things inside the hole.

Women. Dirt. Dust. Spit. Violent Views. Sigh. Nightmare. Beast. Rotting odor.

Their atrocities never ended, the woman desperately blocked her ears tight.

Just a tearful scream drowning, restrained by the crowd’s ignorance.


But one nameless woman notices a light.

Light from nowhere, yet bright.


Then in a short time, the horde noticed that the man is different.

A Cheap, old man started to point him to the hole.

Before they could even shove her, the woman jumped into the hole.

Crowds looking at it oddly, shocked, started to make up filthy falsehoods.

Then, as if to prove wrong, she came up,

The woman full of bloodstained beast-like scars.

But even after her sacrifice, every night the hole was full of cries,

even though the crowd’s interest flew off,

the deep scar on the woman’s body never disappeared.

The name that society gave to women till their death was:

“The woman of the scar buried by beast-like society.”