This movie poster from Looking for Alaska by John Green shows an internal conflict of the protagonist of the story, Miles. The internal conflict that Miles faces throughout the story plot is his relationship with his new friends (especially Alaska) and his identity of “Pudge” involved in his school life and Alaska’s death. Miles Halter and Pudge is the same human-being but has a totally different meaning to protagonist himself. Through his new interaction with Alaska, Miles changes into Pudge but doesn’t yet know what his identity of Pudge is, and how Pudge influences his friends. As his relationship with Alaska gets deeper, he starts to depend on Alaska more than ever with the identity of Pudge. Cigarettes. Math precalc. His internal conflict of who Pudge actually is to Alaska gets greater, and when his conflict gets to a climax, Alaska Young dies. Alaska’s death is represented as a lily flower (which Alaska used to describe her death and her mom’s death), and Miles regrets himself his identity of Pudge. After her death, and as Miles’s internal conflict gets to a resolution, he understands that Alaska might’ve been a Great-Perhaps to his life, and the role (identity) of Pudge among his friends and Alaska. Smoke and lily flowers were used to show the idea of Alaska acting on Pudge’s internal conflict, and by having different identities, Miles and Pudge flipped, it shows his internal conflict. Therefore, I used quotes, two identities, and representing icons (lily, smoke) to make a poster that explains the internal conflict of Looking for Alaska.



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2 thoughts to “Miles vs Pudge: Looking for Alaska 🚬🌼

  • Michelle

    Hello Stella, I liked how you identified the difference in the identity of Miles and Pudge. You showed the difference in personalities and identity by using colors in your movie poster. I liked how you showed Miles as color and Pudge as black and white. I also have experienced for having a different identity and inquiring myself for my true identity. Why do you think that Miles inquired his identity of being Miles or Pudge?

  • Amily

    Hi, I liked how you compared and contrasted different sides of the protagonist. Your design is beautifully created especially miles vs pudge part design was eye-catching. I think in the real world there are a lot of people who face the same thing as Miles. Understanding yourself and defining yourself are the hardest parts of your life. I have one question for you, which side of Miles do you think is nicer and which side of Miles do you think is kind of inconsiderate?

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