Precious Plastics🛠: Trimester Overall Reflection

    “Precious Plastics” Enrichment Trimester Overall Reflection 🛠: For Trimester 1 Precious Plastics, I was able to make reuse plastic materials like a plastic bag (clutch?), keyrings, etc. The biggest success in this enrichment was making a plastic bag which turned out the best (1). For this piece, by fusing the plastics into a […]

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Grade 6 Cup Insulator Design Challenge

Cup Insulator Design Challenge With Keewon an me, we had a Cup Insulator Design Challenge at Science class. We worked as a team to make a insulator for ISB mug. We had to design, and made a insulator with it. First prototype, baseline 84.7C to 61.8C in 10 minutes, 14.9C ¬†and then at second prototype, […]

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One Day 2017 StellaB

One Day 2017 Stella Bae 67 What we did on One Day was reforming things that people would not use, or rather trash. But, to reduce materials getting trashed, we (Keewon Yewon Rebecca) repainted and reformed materials rather than trashing it. We used, water bottle, phone case, mac book laptop case, eco bag, box ( […]

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