[Goals 2018-2019]

Academic Goal: To work on specific academic vocabularies for each subject. Make a list of new terms and vocabularies for each subject on every new units or term. Also for example, while reading a book, search up words that I cannot quite understand even using the context clues.

Wellness Goal: Set a specific time every week for doing or finishing up my works so that my personal time (Ex. sleeping, eating) doesn’t get interrupted. (Ex. Sleeping, Homework)


Personal Goal: Before I leave Beijing, I will stay in contact and meet up with neighbors, friends, that I won’t be able to meet after I leave with total 10 or more meetings outside of the school. By meeting them outside of school (or academy) for every 1 or 2 weeks, telling them that I would be leaving Beijing before December, and by staying in contact during these days, I would be able to achieve my goal.