giver ending enterpretation

my interpretation of the giver’s ending is that the author was too lazy to finish the book properly. but also, i think that i enjoy the meaning behind the inference that jonas died in the snow, because not many authors kill off their main characters in the end. it is also touching, because i think that it shows that jonas… Read more →

The Meaning Of Home

The Meaning of Home By: Sunny Roh Prologue I was born in the harsh wilderness of the rugged Rocky Mountains, near the Lemhi River Valley, which today is named Salmon River, Idaho. I’d always dreamed of an extravagant future for myself: the wife of the chief, or the Medicine Woman of my tribe, the Lemhi Shoshone. But even in all… Read more →

Our World’s Water Crisis

Can you believe that over 354 million people in our world live without access to clean drinking water, or that girls in areas with a severe lack of water have to walk up to six hours a day to gather water for their families (Addie Morfoot)? No, not many people realize the seriousness of our worldwide water crisis. Because of… Read more →

Unexpected Twists

The sun was beating down relentlessly from a cloudless, bright blue sky, and I was trudging along on the dirty black asphalt, face red, feet tired. My little brother, Hajin, skipped tirelessly ahead as the sun reflected off his glossy, ruler straight hair, a bouncing ball of energy that never ran out of caffeine. I was mentally groaning at myself… Read more →

A Person’s True Identity Is Shown During Times Of Adversity And Change

A Person’s True Identity Is Shown During Times Of Adversity And Change By: Sunny September 14, 2015 I strongly believe that a person’s true identity is shown during times of adversity and change. Firstly, a person who was generally shy and quiet might change into a leader, or into a role that they are more comfortable in. Secondly, when pressure… Read more →

Where I’m From

I am from peanut butter Pasting my tongue to the roof of my mouth Laughing hysterically As I try…. and fail To pry it loose Giggling At my mashed-together words I am from gymnastics Flying and flipping on the trampoline soaring off the vault Feeling the rough surface beneath my bare feet As I skip Agilely across the balance beam… Read more →