Science Journal 2

“Imagine yourself vacuum cleaning the entire house. Changing the wire port is not your only nightmare. You also have to clean the dirty, old, smelly filter. However! By using the SYTec Cleaner One, all your concerns have vanished!”

After the blood splashing debate on whether we should make a punching bag or a ‘cleaning tool’, we’ve finally made our decision. We’ve decided to create a Special Roller Brush, aka, SYTech Cleaner One.

Not only does the Speical Roller Brush helps cleaning easier for people, its unique feature of polymer makes it outstanding.

Attached to the roller part of the SRB(Speical Roller Brush), the polymer is capable of sticking onto every single piece of remains on the platform. The SRB is suitable for cleaning floors, furniture, various platforms, and more.

The SRB would be a perfect cleaning tool for everybody ranging from students to housemaids. Generally speaking, among all the clients, housemaids would be the most capable target audience.

Polymer characteristics that would best fit our model will be the super slime. The super slime’s weaker ability to stick onto materials would be the main reason why it would be the most successful material for the SRB. Boogers and goober, for example, compared to super slime are too sticky for our wanted polymer characteristics. Also, among all the polymers that I’ve tested, the super slime stayed in its form for the longest time, which is also important for maintaining the brush’s structure.


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Science Journal 1

Science Journal 1


Susan (my partner) and I had an experiment on Monday and Wednesday, investigating the physical and chemical properties of the polymers we’ve made. A polymer is a very large chain-like network of monomers (relatively small molecules). It was truly interesting to see how polymerization occurred during our investigation

Out of three polymers that we’ve created, super slime caught my attention the most because it was relatively ‘smooth’. Unlike other polymers (boogers and goobers), super slime was the densest polymer, meaning that there were less teared-off particles on my hand.

Throughout our journey, we’ve also encountered that there was a link between synthetic (made by chemical synthesis, man mad) materials and natural resources. Rubber, for example, was made mostly by sap from natural rubber trees; plastic is made mostly of carbon, which also comes from a natural resource, which is oil. People use rubber and plastic in many different ways. Rubber can by physically transformed into tires and rubber bands and plastic can be used as water bottles and pipes.

Of course, none of this (rubber bands and plastic water bottle) would’ve happen without any chemical reaction to the natural resources. As mentioned earlier, I’ve experienced polymerization during my experiment. Polymerization is a process in which monomers combine chemically to produce a polymer. Sap from rubber trees, for example, is filtered, then mixed with acids in order to produce rubber. In this case, polymerization occurs when filtered sap is mixed with acid. The acid mixes with the chemical combination of the sap, forming long chain of monomers.

Polymer by SY Shield Uhm



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Obsession, Now a Confession

It started with the hope to expel illness,

to protect my family,

to protect myself,

now it became a tradition


Love & Peace

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Who Am I?

As I read I Am the Cheese, I knew that I had to make a movie trailer for my multimedia post because there were epic scenes and dialogs. I Am the Cheese is mainly about the protagonist, Adam, discovering his lost memories with the help of Brint, his so-called ‘guide’. The scenes and dialogues include Adam discovering his true identity, which is also the climax of I Am the Cheese. While I was making my movie trailer, I realized that my video was not entertaining at all. The lack of entertainment made me film outside and inside my house, which worked out smoothly. I also put some effort on the texts to make them synchronize to the music.

“I wonder who the doctor is talking to, this somebody he calls Paul. Who is Paul? I know I am not Paul. There is another name I know about but I can’t think of the name now and anyway… I know, of course, who I am, who I will always be. I am the cheese.” (Cormier, 229). At first, I had no clue why the book was named I Am the Cheese. However, I figured out that the name I Am the Cheese was a part of the lyric of the song: farmer in the dell. “The rat takes the cheese… the cheese stands alone.”. Adam is the cheese. He stands alone. This quote is an emotional quote that made me pity Adam. His identity, home, and family disappeared from his memories.

I was truly inspired by this book. Not by Adam nor the author, but by Adam’s father, David. “He was intrigued by the power of words, not the literary words that filled the books in the library but the sharp, staccato words that went into the writing of news stories. Words that went for the jugular. Active verbs that danced and raced on the page.” (120). My parents spontaneously told me that words had power. A power that could change the world. A power that could change people. It was true. David Farmer, Adam’s father, and a journalist had exposed an evil organization to the government. This was the riskiest move that David made. Even though he was proud to do the right thing, he never knew what could happen to his family in the future. If you want to know what happens next, read the book!


Song: Jorge Mendez “Late Night Stories”

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The French Revolution

A journal by a peasant named Enzo Emperaire

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War That Changed the World

The French Revolution is the most potent revolution because it gave power and right to the peasants all over Europe. During pre-revolutionary France, life was extremely hard for the peasants because they were the only people who had to pay taxes to the government. French peasants were not the only peasants. Austria also had peasants that suffered. As the peasants were unhappy about their lives, they decided to overthrow the government by starting a revolution. The French Revolution not only gave rights to the peasants in France, but it also gave hope of revolution to peasants all over Europe. The government system and the peasants’ right have changed in France. The social structure stayed the same after the revolution.

If the video doesn’t work, click here

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The Truth

Is it worth risking your life, to tell the truth? Alexandra thought it was worth it. Consider is an amazing novel full of Alexandra’s emotions, so I decided to make a storybook. Alexandra was a survivor of the population crisis, where more than two-thirds of the population went through the vertex. Going through the vertex meant no coming back. For my multimedia post, I decided to introduce the climax and Alexandra’s emotions via storybook.

“We are humans from a parallel future in the year 2359. We are here to save you. In six of your calendar months, a comet will destroy your planet. This is your known destruction; there is no way to prevent it.” (Kristy Acevedo,15). Holograms and vertexes appeared all of a sudden, claiming that they are the savior of the human race. At first, the world was in chaos because the holograms and vertexes were indestructible and the government was afraid it might have brought foreign diseases. However, it turned out that no diseases were detected. In fact, what the holograms were claiming was accurate. Scientists identified a kilometer wide comet advancing towards earth.

“We have advanced medical knowledge of the human genome and brain that we no longer have sickness, advanced aging, or disease. When new outbreaks emerge, we can easily cure them.” (244). Not only did they provide new homes for humans, they also have advanced medical knowledge. Floods of people started to leave earth, believing that they can have a better life on the other side of the universe. If I had an incurable disease, I would have gone through the vertexes, hoping for a better life.

[Spoiler Alert!]

Alexandra didn’t have the time to escape earth. There was a huge terror in her father’s store and her father was seriously injured. Alexandra saw the comet hitting earth with her own eyes. She thought her life was over. However, nothing happened. The comet did clash, but nothing happened to them. It was impossible for the comet to miss… Alexandra figured out that the comet was, in fact, a hologram too. They tricked us. Everything made sense now. Scientists had no idea about the kilometer-wide comet because it never existed.

While everyone celebrated, Alexandra didn’t. On one side, she was happy that she didn’t die. But on the other side, there was an uprising flame that covered her mind. She wanted all the people on the other side know what happened on earth. She had to tell them. She wanted to do the right thing. Without hesitation, Alexandra ran through the vertex.

Image source:

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Consider, book by Kristy Acevedo

Written by SY Uhm

Do you think that the aliens will invade our world by directly bombarding our planet? I don’t think so. I think they will use their advanced technology instead of sending their troops to our planet because it will cause damage to their soldiers. Consider is a science fiction novel by Kristy Acevedo, which is about foreign holograms and vertexes sucking people up. Alexa, the main character, lost her best friend, boyfriend, brother, and more than two third of the population due to the foreign vertexes. I think that the migrants had no choice of staying or leaving because the holograms used fear, some migrants wanted to live in an outstanding planet and their lives were in risk on earth.

Without anybody noticing, holograms and vertexes showed up almost everywhere on earth. Holograms had a physical feature of a man and the vertexes looked like a black hole, but blue. “We are humans from a parallel future in the year 2359. We are here to save you. In six of your calendar months, a comet will destroy your planet. This is your known destruction; there is no way to prevent it.” (Kristy Acevedo,15). Nobody knew anything about the comet. Even the astronomers never knew about them… People, such as Alexandra’s father, prepared for their future. Since he was a shop manager, he had an open opportunity of importing food to his basement. Margarita, also known as Rita, had a different idea. Rita’s parents were extremely religious, limiting Rita’s freedom. As soon as Rita got caught wearing a vertex related shirt to her parents, she was sent to the church. Later on, Rita sent Alex a letter saying that she went through the vertex because she thought she would die if she stayed on earth. If I were Rita, I would have done the same thing because there was evidence of the comet striking earth and if I stayed longer, the vertexes would close, not allowing me to survive.

As the holograms answered public’s question, people were both amazed and impressed by their answers. The answer to “What do you do with people who break the law?” (164) “Most people do not break the law because they are happy. if Someone is exhibiting violent or other disrupting behavior that infringes upon the rights of others, we have medical knowledge of the brains thought pathways to reroute the misfiring neurons. It’s called brain regulation mapping and though reconditioning. It’s rarely used. it’s rarely necessary.” (164). According to the holograms, their world seemed like a utopian world. The answer to “Do you have sicknesses? Diseases?” (244). “we have advanced medical knowledge of the human genome and brain that we no longer have sickness, advanced aging, or disease. When new outbreaks emerge, we can easily cure them.” (244). From what we know so far is that their society is a wonderful place, where all illnesses and diseases are curable. Therefore, as a patient with an incurable illness, they would be desperate to go to where the holograms came from.

Alex’s boyfriend, Dominik, had to leave earth because his family ran out of food. Since everybody thought it was the end of the world, numerous shopkeepers left, causing lesser food left for sale. Unfortunately, Dominik’s family was not as fortunate as Alex’s. Every day was struggling to Dominik’s family, possible to the rest of the population. Since there were outnumbered hungry homeless peasants, lots of them walked the streets begging for food. Alex experienced how serious the famine was getting when there was a family with a baby begging for food. Without hesitation, Alex shared some of his father’s emergency food. A few days later, while Alex’s family was out f their house, there was a robbery. The whole basement was wiped out. No food. No drinks. Since there were millions of people that ran out of food, they had no choice but to gamble their lives away by going through the vertexes.

The world was in a complete chaos. There was a visible evidence of a kilometer length comet coming to earth, completely crushing the earth. No one knew if what they heard from the holograms were real. However, there seemed to be more opportunity. As time passes by, the place where the holograms came from seemed like an amazing place where all illness and diseases were curable. Although some there were some people that wanted to stay, they had to leave because of famine. As people went through the vertexes, there were no traces of evidence behind them.

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Man of Steel

Man of Steel (first draft)

Date: August 25th, 1939

SY, Sergei’s perspectives


All my hard work and my sacrifice to make Russia a better country, where famine doesn’t exist is starting to fade away. Josef Stalin, the former General Secretary of the USSR became the current leader of the USSR. Right after Lenin died, he was one of the two candidates that were capable of ruling Russia. At first, I definitely thought that Stalin would become a heroic figure because as far as I know, Stalin is a person composed of Marxism. Also, “Stalin made a tremendous impression upon young, politically inexperienced party members, and in Transcaucasia had the reputation of being second Lenin.” (memory of Simon Vereschake, 6). In the other hand, the second candidate, Leon Trotsky was hated by most of his fellow politicians because of he vain and arrogant. “At Politburo meetings, he often treated his colleagues with contempt, sometimes turning his back on them, sometimes reading a book while they spoke, sometimes storming out of the room in temper,” (Personality clashes, 5). We all knew that Stalin would be our future, even though Lenin added a postscript on January 1923 stating that Stalin is too rude and defect so he should be replaced with by more tolerant, loyal person. And now, as Lenin predicted, Stalin is torturing, manipulating, and killing everyone in our country. In every street, schools, and newspapers, I see propaganda manipulating people. Newspapers referred to him as ‘Man of Steel’, ‘Iron Soldier’, ‘Universal Genius’, ‘Shining Sun of Humanity’, and dozens of other names that described Josef Stalin a significant person of the USSR. The Soviet-Nazi Non-Aggression Treaty that I thought will never was signed by Russia and Germany. This was useless because I know that Hitler will attack Russia someday because Russia’s army generals are almost completely wiped out, causing Russia losing millions of people.

Josef Stalin was inspired by Adolf Hitler, the diabolic creature that killed millions of people. Stalin respected how Hitler protected his power against every opposition by eliminating them. It was two mysteries within The Kirov Murder that scared me. The first mystery was that the killer, Leonid Nikolayev, was spotted by the NKVD and his murder plan was exposed. However, Leonid was released by the NKVD. Secondly, Kirov’s bodyguard went missing on the day of terror and he was found dead in a car accident. At first, I thought Kirov would be Stalin’s first and last murder; however, I found out that by 1939, every admiral, three of five Red Army Marshals, and roughly half the officers of the armed forces had been shot. Because I was severely involved in the Red Army, I lived every day as my last.

I want to flee Russia because even though I was a part of the NKVD, I saw my comrades disappear, which brought immediate fear to me. Also, I feel like there’s nothing I can do to improve Russia, seeing that almost everybody is manipulated by the propaganda and even if I try to make a change, I would probably get killed. I’m pretty sure that Russia would get a critical damage from the Nazis because there’s literally no generals to command his army. I am sick and tired of this decaying country.


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The Boy on the Wooden Box – Leon Leyson

Can an organization manipulate 6 million people?

During the Second World War, Jews were treated like animals (perhaps worse than animals). Nazis locked Jews in concentration camps, used them for hard labor, harassed them when they got tired and killed them when the Nazis were angry. The Boy on the Wooden Box, written by Leon Leyson, tells the story from a perspective of a Jewish boy.

Cicatrix, which means a healed scar, represents Leon because he is a survivor of Holocaust. Leon had gone through both mental and physical pain, but he stayed strong with hope. Leon was beaten up physically “The whips had little ball bearing at the end, intensifying the pain and damage,”(Leyson, 121). The level of pain that he went through was chaotic. “When it came, it felt like someone was cutting me open with a knife.” (121). By saying that it felt like someone was cutting him open with a knife, sends us an important message, which tells us that even though he did not experience someone cutting him open, Leon had felt that pain.

In my poem, I have written multiple phrases that questioned the readers if Jews were the good ones or the bad ones. I wrote this because I wanted to know what people thought about the Jews during the Second World War. I also wanted to tell the readers that Jews were at the point, where they could have thought that they were the bad ones because they were manipulated by the Nazis.

Imagine yourself reaching out for help, using your last strength left in your body to raise your arms. A person approaches; however, he flicks your hand away after acknowledging your identity: a Jew. The background of my poem shows one had, which asks for help; but the shadow, the other hand, refuses to help. This is how the Jews felt during the Second World War, which is depressing.

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