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The Future World
Posted on June 5th, 2018 at 9:32 am by and tagged

Our population have been exploding since industrial revolution, and our population now are continuing to grow. If current trends continues, we are going to peak 11 billion around 2100. As population grows we also wasted a lot of our earth’s resource. The resources of the world is slowly being used and we need to find a sustainable solution to feed our growing population. One of the sustainable solution we can create to feed our growing population is to eat sustainable plants, for example sunflower seed. Eating sunflower seeds is sustainable because a single sunflower can produce a large amount of seeds and it’s seed shell could be used as composed, which would not create waste. During this project me and my group first comes out with the idea of serving sunflower seeds to everybody. Then we were suggested that we could design a cup to up-cycle the seeds to avoid people throwing it in the trash can. The reason that we did that is because we could cause pollution by transforming the 

garbage in the trashcan to landfill and also dumping organic waste in landfill is a waste of resources. From the transformation of our idea to the final ones I learned that to solve the problem of feeding our growing population we need to not only focus on looking at whether we eat sustainable or not but also how much waste do we cause by consuming this type of food. For me the invention of agriculture was not both good or bad to us, it’s double sided. There’s a bad side and a good side at the same time. Agriculture helps to create our technology that we have now but on the bad side it could lead us to our own extinction if we keep ignore the problem that comes with agriculture. Before this project I think this project is about the future and now I think that this project is about how we are going to feed our self in the future, how can we eat more sustainable and create less waste? My thinking changed during this project by that in the beginning I think that this project is about how will the future change to a better world but now I think that even though future might change to a better world but it depends on what actions we choose take now. In other word, what action we take now impact us in how the future of our world develop. In the end, I learned a lot during the project and our exhibition at the end was successful.




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We can use the principles of entrepreneurship to meet a local or global need by focusing on one or more sustainable development goals. An successful social entrepreneurs can make enough profit to support their business and can make a difference in the mean time. The problems we are trying to solve are helping endangered animals by trying to support them with money in order for the organizations who help them to have more money to support them. How we met this goal is by trying to sell needle felts and crochet. We first come up with our idea of making needle felts, then about some days later we somehow thought about endangered animals and then decided to help them. We made some market research about the demand for needle felting and found that it wasn’t crazily high but it was high enough. We also found that the cost of the materials to make needle felt is not very high but the benefits(money we can earn) is quite high. Then we started finding organization in order to donate our profit. Then we realized that there is no organization that help both land and water endangered animals during the searching process. So we finally decided to choose the organization CMA(Clear Water Marine Aquarium) which help water animals. After discussing in our group, we made the decision to donate half of our money to CMA and donate another half to smile week. Smile week is also an organization  who helps babies and children with Cleft Palate instead of animals. After all the researches and hard works, We started selling needle felts the first day. When we realized we have a lot of felt left over form needle felts, we decided to make crochet to reduce the waste created. We put the felts we left over into the crochet to make something like a squeeze ball, then we sell it on the second day and third day, together with the needle felts. The Sustainable Development Goals(SDGs) we focused on for this unit is Life Below Water. After three days we managed to sell most of our product out even though the demand were not really high. In the end we earned a total profit 1260 RMB and I was pretty proud of myself being able to earn this much in only three days and only sells during lunch.

An awesome DIY skincare disaster
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This time in One Day, me, Stephanie and Akari chooses to create DIY skincare for the whole day. We created bath bomb, lip balm and soap. During creating the products we had some challenges but at last we overcome it, and I am so proud of what we created.

The challenges that we have is that the soap can’t really melt and instead it would just burn.  Also we don’t have all the materials that we need to make the bath bomb because we can’t find it at Jenny and BHG. We overcome those challenges by for the soap we added water while we were melting it so it would be more moisturized and easier to melt and at last it melted/dissolved. For the lack of materials we borrowed some material that we need from other groups in order to create the product.

After today I learned that for everything we do, we should do it with patient and be ready to fix it over and over again. Also I learned for every  failure there would be a way to fix it/make it better. Also for the materials or anythings that we would need to prepare, we need to prepare it earlier, because there is a chance that we can’t find it at shop and need to buy it somewhere else like online.

What would I do differently than this time if I could do it again  is that I would buy the materials earlier and try more type of soap to see if it would melt or not.

After this time I think that DIY product and Store Bought product all have their own advantages and disadvantages. For DIY product you could make it using the materials you want and add the scent you like and after making it, when you find out that it worked out you would feel very proud/makes you feel good. For the Store Bought product it would look much better than DIY products(This might not be true if you are a pro at making those things.) and it might be cheaper and also it’s more easier to get.

The final product of the lip balm and soap that we make:

Closer look at the final product of one of the soap that we make:

The final product of the bath bomb that we make:

Process of making the lip balm:



In conclusion I learned a lot and have so many fun in One Day.



Important Decision That Affect Our Future
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One Day 2017
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One Day 2017

I wasn’t here on one day but If I was here I would work with Olivia and Stephanie on the Using recycle things to make object such as towers.


What did you create?

As I said I wasn’t here on one day but my teammates created a pencil container and a plant pot and a thing with no name.



What were your successes?

I wasn’t here on one day so I am not really sure of our success, but I think our success is being able to finish making those things, because we just started collecting recycling stuff the day before one day since we changed our plan.




What were your challenges?

I was not sure what’s they think are our challenges but I think our challenges is being able to think of a project that could work.

What was your impact and/or will you continue with anything from ONEday in the future?

Our impact is letting other people know how important is recycling and that how many things recycling stuff can make so please do not throw them away to make garbage & pollution( if you burn it).I will continue to make pencil container and plant pot using plastic bottles from one day in the future.

PE sugar free week
Posted on December 7th, 2016 at 2:00 pm by and tagged

Sugar free week:

img_6389img_6392img_6399 img_6397img_6417

After sugar free week:




This week we did something that I think is really challenging. It’s called sugar free week, what we do is that you need to eat nothing with sugar in it for a week, but you could eat fruit and fruit juice if you make it with nothing except fruit. I think I have failed , because in the first tow days I don’t know if the lunch at cafeteria has been added sugar or not, I tried to eat the lunch I think that it has no sugar in it. I thought it doesn’t have sugar in the pizza, but truth prove me wrong… we could’t eat pizza, I know that because then I find a chart that tells us what we should/shouldn’t eat in sugar free week.

I used to drink icetea at lunch but now I would pick milk, yogurt, fresh juice or watermelon at lunch time instead of icetea. I would tell my family to eat less sugar and make a healthier food choice. I would try to let them add less sugar in the food they make. I think the thing we need to change at school is tell us how many sugar is in the food that we sale.

I have learned a lot in this unit, and it’s very useful to me because I know more about the bad thing of eating too much sugar and also it’s helps me to make more healthier food choice in the future.




Impact Project Reflection
Posted on June 6th, 2016 at 1:11 am by and

Me, Olivia , Stephanie we did the project on environment,  We do this is because we want to impact the environment, we knew that we couldn’t impact the whole world but we want to impact a small compound .

our action plan is to plant the seed that we brought from the flower shop at Olivia’s home front yard, and take care of the trees that we could take care.

The proof of Impact for our project is that the environment is getting worsted every year and their are less and less compound that has good afforestation , we want to Impact a small compound.

The sustainability for our project is that to look that the tree we take care of was being better or worst, looking at that if the plant we plant live.

In Conclusion I think we did a pretty great job on this unit, because we did success, the plant we plant survived and the trees we take care was better than before.

Reading Journal April 22
Posted on April 22nd, 2016 at 3:29 am by and

TITLE: upside down in the middle of nowhere

Summary: Armani dads jumped down to get Georgia and her puppy. After staying on on the roof for a long time, they met a white man that rescue them, he give them yummy pie and clean water to drink, he take them to a land and then goes away, Armani mom went to find rescue and no one knows where she were.

Connection: Armani mom is like my mom cause if my mom couldn’t find my dad she will also goes to find rescue and leave me alone in the middle of nowhere.

Character Armani dad: He was a good dad a brave man a good wife he disappeared by jumping down the roof to save Georgia and Armani puppy.


Reading Journal April 15 2016
Posted on April 15th, 2016 at 3:17 am by and

Book Title: Upside down in the middle if nowhere

Summary: Armani is turning to ten, but when three days before her birthday her brother tells her that their neighborhood tell her that she should tell her farther that they should go to another country, cause it’s gonna have a big storm, however Armani decided to not tell her farther to have her party, that changes Armani whole life or change her family life, on the night of Armani birthday a big storm came , and it kill her Memaw, her favorite grandmother, Armani was afraid.

Connection: My life was luckier then Armani, cause I have never been though a big storm, and watching loves one die.

Extension( Character: Memaw) : Memaw was Armani favorite grandmother, she loves Armani very much, but she was killed by a big storm that tears her country apart.

Student Led Conference Reflection
Posted on April 13th, 2016 at 12:57 am by and

At my student led conference, my parent got out a lot of information, I showed and told  them about the learning 21, mathematic, reading, writing, science, social study.

I also shows them the piktochart, which I write about what I does well or improved and the things I need to improved on innovation and creativity, leadership and responsibility, communication and collaboration, global thinking inquiry, critical thinking and problem solving.

I think the SLC really goes well, My gaol for the next two month is to improve my mathematic and listen more carefully.


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