Sunrise, originally supposed to mark the fresh start of a new day, the sweetish breeze just lightly combing the grass. Standing on the great wall, the greatest work of the ancient Chinese, looking down at the whole empire. Now, with huge skyscrapers and vehicles, shooting black smoke into the air, the once beautiful land no more. Everything covered with a grey film, taking away the colors, bit by bit.

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Breaking the Code

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Everyone is Equal but Some More Equal than Others

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Common Craft French Revolution in Plain English

the French Revolution is one of the most important and influential revolutions throughout history. The French Revolution itself was something inspired my the US, The inequality between the three estates sparked the revolution. However, instead of abolishing the absolute monarchy, they had a new absolute monarch.

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Movie trailer for paper towns

This is a movie trailer I made for Paper Towns, although there are official trailers and the movie is already out, I tried to use this trailer to further emphasize the rising action of the novel. In almost all movie trailers, their goal is to put in many exiting scenes which doesn’t necessarily have to follow the story line and make sense. I created one that is designed to do both, engage the viewers and make sense. To do this, I first had to watch the movie over and over again to know every single detail in the movie so I can later decide which scenes will I use. Instead of trying to follow the movie’s plot, since I am creating this for the book, so I have to match scenes with parts from the book. Then after all the scenes are chosen, matching the music and sound with the visuals was a great challenge as only some of the narration are useful for my trailer and I have to cut the audio and put them back together without sounding to awkward. I used a few key phrases for the trailer. The strings- the only things tying Margo back in Orlando and not escaping. Adventure- Margo’s natural personality, also a huge part of the novel. Revenge- Margo’s last plans before her escape, cutting the strings tying her back.

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Paper People

“You’Ll Go to tHe pApeR tOwnS anD yOu’lL nEver coMe bAck”(149, Green) — written on a wall with Margo’s signature blue spray-paint and the random capitalization of words. These were Margo’s last words before moving on to her life in the paper town.


It all started when they were 9, when Quentin and Margo found a dead man under the tree. While Quinten’s first instinct was to run back home, Margo conducted a thorough investigation where she mentioned to Quinten when she climbed up to his window later that evening. Ever since then, Quinten fell in love with Margo. Margo, having a completely different personality, slowly drifted away from Quinten. However, everything changed right before their high school graduation. Margo, the first time in 9 years, appeared at Quinten’s window again. That night, Margo lead him through her well-planned revenge for everyone who wronged her and danced with him. Margo said her life here wasn’t real, and they were living in a paper town. The second day, Margo disappeared with a poster on her window that Quinten has never seen before. In the next few weeks, more and more trails and clues left by Margo were found, all of them pointed to one final destination, the paper town of Agloe in New York. According to Margo’s clues, they had just under 24 hours to make it to Agloe before Margo moves to her next destination. When they finally arrived, Quinten finally understood the real Margo and they promised to stay in touch.


Throughout this book, the concept of false perception surrounds all the characters. Things such as everyone’s views towards “Bloody Ben” as a person who experience bloody urine due to chronic masturbation which is a rumor while the truth is some sort of kidney infection. When Lacey truly got to know Ben, she finally realized he wasn’t how everyone described him as but a kind person who will do anything to save his friends. As when Margo tried to make fun of Lacey and Ben being together, “Actually, yes,” Lacey says. “And actually he’s great” (283, Green)


Margo, being one of the most mysterious character in the novel was seen wrong by many people including Quinten. Before their adventurous night, Quinten portrayed Margo as a perfect creature created by god, beautiful and adventurous. But as he continues his search for Margo, he slowly understood that Margo is actually a sad and lonely person, surrounded by uncountable admirers but has real close, trusted friends. As he sees more of the real Margo, he stopped thinking of her disappearance as an exciting Margo-mystery, and begins trying to understand her pain. This helped Quentin to become more compassionate to other people and becomes a kinder and more generous person.


False perceptions are almost unavoidable in our life, whether it is about yourself or other people, we just have to be our real selves, be proud and ignore all the rumors. We don’t have to create false perceptions of ourselves just to show other people we are great, we should be proud of who we are.

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Life of the founder of Apple

Steve Jobs, one of the most successful technology geniuses the world has ever seen. His life rising and falling, inspiring thousands of people and benefitting our world. Born as an orphan, raised by adopted parents, but this didn’t hurt him during life, it motivated him to do better. Achieving high school sophomore level only at 4th grade, doing pranks in high school while receiving top grade, a true genius. Founded Apple in his garage while being a collage drop-out, designing computers that revolutionized our world. became the CEO of Pixar after being fired from his own company and made a success of it. Turning the tides at Apple’s worst times and returned to being Apple’s CEO. Without him, our world will never be like the one we live in today.



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Path to become the Steve Jobs in your fields

“Think Different” (Jobs) one of Steve Jobs’ most famous quotes, and this is the key to his success.

In the biography of Steve Jobs, it talked about his life from the adoption of this technology genius to his tragic death, and his adventurous life. Raised by adoptive parents, He turned his grief into motivation to make his adoptive parents proud. Achieving high school sophomore level IQ only at 4th grade, doing nothing but pranks in high school years, from ticking “bombs” to locker traps, but he still remained top student in his class. Making devices that can trick the AT&T system and call for free, a true genius indeed. He founded Apple in his garage along with his prank buddy Steve Wozniak. After being fired from his own company, he bought and became the CEO of Pixar and made a success of it, producing the famous Toy Story. Returning to apple later and helped turn the tide at the worst times. Revolutionizing our views towards what a “computer” is. From a device known as an iPod that can store thousands of music while being smaller than the size of a gum box, to the well-known iPhones, and to the tablets which opened up a whole new field of computing. This, was Steve Jobs.

Thinking differently was one of his key to success. While most technology designers at his time had a philosophy of making their devices as complex as possible, having as many functions as they can possibly fit into the machine, he did the exact opposite. Inspired by architect Joseph Eichler whose philosophy was to make “Simple, clean, single-story open-plan houses, with exposed wood beams and large, top to bottom glass panels.” (13 Isaacson) Steve jobs started to them explore with electronics following his philosophy, trying to build computers with the least materials, each time giving himself less materials to finally designing our ultra-thin computers and other devices. Creating smart phones was also a brilliant idea he had, instead of having the phones for calling and bulky computers for calculations, he combined both into one, creating an in-pocket computer that evolved into virtually everything we use today.

This not only limits to building electronics but a lesson in life, to think differently and be innovative. Another example can be the famous civil rights supporter Martin Luther King Jr. without his “thinking differently” and sharing his thoughts, the equal rights between the races might never be established. In fact, every single invention and original work in the world is the result of thinking differently, and this certainly did make our world a better place.

Now, being innovative and creative is supported all over the world, from schools to the outside world. Helping each and every one of our next generations become Steve Jobs in their field of expertise.

Another theme of the book will be to never give up. This message was clearly sent to the readers when Jobs got fired from his own company. A defeat like this will put many people to their knees but not Jobs, he made a fortune of his own when he quickly started his time in Pixar and made that a success to. Just like an old Chinese saying, there are no unconquerable mountains if you are willing to climb.

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Sane or Insane

The father of all modern vampire novels, Dracula has a deep and complex theme. The theme was mainly about sanity and insanity, comparing the living and the Un-Dead.

Jonathan Harker, a lawyer, travels to Dracula’s Castle in Transylvania to finish off a business with Count Dracula. The locals warned him about the count, uttering strange words that later translates into “vampire.” Harker finds Dracula to be a well-educated gentleman. However, Harker realized that he became a prisoner in the castle. The more Harker explores the castle, the more uneasy he becomes. He realizes that Dracula has supernatural powers including controlling wolves and immortality. Finally, Harker escaped by climbing down the castle walls through his widow. Harker reappears in the city of Buda-Pest suffering brain fever for a short period of time.

Meanwhile, in England, Lucy pale and bears two tiny red marks at her throat, which Dr. Seward cannot understand. Unable to conclude his diagnostics, he asked his old mentor, Professor Van Helsing for assistance. After Van Helsing’s examination, he orders Lucy’s rooms to be covered with garlic (a charm against vampires). For a while, this seems to heal Lucy’s begins to recover, but her mother accidentally removed the garlic from the room, leaving Lucy vulnerable again. One night, when the men let down their guard, a wolf breaks in and killed her.

After Lucy’s “death”, Van Helsing and the others went to her tomb. Van Helsing tried to convince the others that Lucy became “Un-Dead” (Vampire). The others did not believe him until they saw Lucy preying on a child, which convinces them to destroy her. While the undead Lucy sleeps, Holmwood plunges a stake through her heart. The men then cut off her head and stuff her mouth with garlic and truly killed her.

Mina and Jonathan return to England and joined the others. Van Helsing tracked down the boxes of dirt that the count uses as a shelter during the night. He found and sterilized 49 out of 50 boxes, but then one of Dr. Seward’s patients, Renfield, lets Dracula into the asylum where the others were staying, and Dracula bit Mina.

As Mina slowly changes into a vampire, Dracula to fled to his native Transylvania. The men followed and tracked him down. Van Helsing takes Mina and killed the three female vampires who seduced Jonathan when he was kept prisoner. The others caught up with Dracula just as he is about to reach his castle, and destroyed him like they did with Lucy.

The living in this novel were all portrayed as very traditional individuals however can be changed and become insane. For instance, one of the most interesting characters were Lucy who died an early death. She possessed both Sanity and Insanity at periods of times when she was transforming into a vampire “Come to me Arthur. Leave these others and come to me. My arms are hungry for you. Come, and we can rest together. Come, my husband, come!” (Chapter 16, Stoker) At their time, women were very traditional and were never that aggressive showing insanity slowly taking over as she turns into a vampire, also “Lucy’s eyes in form and color, but Lucy’s eyes unclean and full of hell fire, instead of the pure, gentle orbs we knew.(Chapter 16, Stoker) shows how a sane human rages and turns insane as the vampire. While the insanity can easily infect the sane, those who remains human must fight to keep their sanity.

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Who Will You Be?

The perfect blend of horror and adventure, Dracula by Bram Stoker was said to be the father of all vampire novels, one of the first book that got everyone interested into Vampire stories. in this novel. The plot was basically about A man named Jonathan Harker – a solicitor, who was sent to Transylvania finish off some business with Count Dracula who was later revealed as a vampire and keeping Jonathan a prisoner in his castle until Jonathan escaped through the window and with his friends, began the hunt for Dracula. So one thing really unique is how this story was told, unlike any ordinary novel, this story was told from the point of view of many people, it was a compilation of diaries from the people who were hunting down Dracula with Jonathan and they were put together my Mina Harker (Jonathan’s wife) to form this story. I created a “What Character Will You Be” quiz and through the quiz, it shows the few main character’s traits and their actions and speech.

-Created using Playbuzz


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