American Revolutionary Voices Journal

Throughout this intensive writing process, I’ve included complex ideas and intricate details with the perspective of the colonist during the American Revolution. I have chosen 3 different main turning points and wrote a journal around one specific events for each turning points and write an opinion and specific historical information that supports the idea. I have also included pictures to make the writing more interesting and easy to understand.

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The American Revolution in Simple English

After intense research and learning about the American Revolution, our project was to make a Common Craft Video style with using Stop Motion Pro app on iPad and film a video according to our revolution. We had printed pictures for chosen turning points and filmed a stop motion video according to the scenes of the events. When we were done with the filming our final step was to record our scripts that could give the audience clear and specific dates and informations for the American Revolution and made the piece authentic and published on IsbTube.


Common Craft Video:

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Theme Explanation of the Book “Charles and Emma”

Imagine all the people going against with your remarkable mind-blowing idea that could change the whole concept and the perspective of seeing living creatures for next decades of generations. Charles Darwin was a typical scientist and who liked to travel around the world to collect ancient specimens for his own collection. Charles collections of specimens were impressive and have had collected rare specimens that could satisfy his on expectations of being an expert. And even thousands of specimens were sent back to Cambridge professor, John Stevens Henslow, and some of his collections made him famous in natural history before he even went back to England. This was when Charles sized a chance of publishing his first geological specimen notebook to the British Association for the Advancement of Science in Cambridge. His life as a scientist and the path of future was bright until when he got married to Emma Wedgwood. The family of Wedgwood was a Royale Society in which they also had interests in natural history and they were also British nobles that possessed lots of properties and money.

When Charles Darwin and Emma Wedgwood got engaged there was no big deal between them, they had a healthy family with a total of 10 children and it was not a problem until when Charles Darwin started to work on a theory that would rock the religious and social world. Charles and Emma had a close and devoted relationship between them but Emma was religious and was against everything that is not factually correct according to her religion. Charles Darwin was an expert on Natural History but he is also a geologist and biologist. Back then, there was no such thing as Biology because of the time period he had lived in and most people were religious which means they had their own God or a worshiper they believed they created all the lives. Charles Darwin published a book in 1859 called “The Origin of Species” and according to the book it explains about his idea about how different species are not made by magic and actually it’s a science behind it. The idea of Biology was a shocking idea and even the X club with nine other experts supported the idea but it was never a thing because of the people who were religious. Emma was also religious and was strongly against his idea and this is when their marriage was poignant and wanted to break up. It was hard for Charles to decided if he continues to support his scientific claim or to choose his wife. The theme of the book is how the new scientific idea of Biology was against the time period where most of the people were religious and distrusted the scientific explanation of the origin of the species including the origin of the human. Biology was truly a magnificent work but it was not accepted until the mindset of the religious people changed and was universally accepted the concept of the origin of every species.

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New Smart Goals 2018

Personal Goals:

My personal goal is to eat healthy and try not to use too much electronic devices. Eating healthy food is good for my own personal health and I use too much electronics and I should try to make it Electronic-Free at my house except when i’m doing my homework. When I succeeded this goal I would have more time on reading books and I could be healthy by eating healthy food. I would measure it by how many books I have read during the Electronic-Free time and and how healthy I feel from eating healthy foods.

Academic Goals:

My Smart goals is to be active and to be somewhat contributing my thoughts more in class. I think i’m not really contributing too much in class and not feeling comfortable with my knowledge and what i’m sharing with the class so I would really like to improve on that. And, I will measure if I rather succeed the goal or not by asking my friends or teachers if I ask more questions or being active on classes.


I was consistently very sick for last month and I would like to stay healthy and be strong to protect my body from harmful viruses and making me sick not able to go to school which is boring and kind a sad. I would measure it by checking up with myself if i’m feeling healthy or good to play sports and not get sick.

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Dangers of Using Diet Pills

The top five efficient and dangerous diet pills for you!

(Avoid this medication)

5. Fen-Phen

Heart disease/ Heart failure


1939 banned by FDA

Heavy sweating/overheat body

3. Ephedrine

Suppressing appetite

Risk of stroke, Heart attack

2. Clenbuterol

chest pain, hyperthyroidism

1. Meridia

appetite suppressant

confusion, depression, suicidal thoughts


The healthy way of diet is by using natural exercises with no side effects. The best way to have diet is to exercise continuously and  by controlling diet foods such as natural substance from the environment. Natural substance from the environment could be vegetables.


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The Great Gatsby Book Cover

Spoiler Alert!!!! 

This is a book cover representing the resolution of The Great Gatsby. The quote at the very top was actually written by the author himself F.Scott Fitzgerald to sum up the theme of his story in a short sentence. What this quote actually means is to show how close the relationship for doing something special or to at least show the friendship before someone is dead. The background represents the green light from the book where it represents as Gatsby reaching to his goal which he didn’t because he got shot while trying to reach to the green light and got killed by Myrtle’s husband George at his own swimming pool. The words at the bottom represent the main words that can sum up the story. Well, Gatsby was surely a wealthy person because he used his Rolls Royce as a public bus for picking up his guests for his party “On weekend his Rolls-Royce became an omnibus, bearing parties to and from the city between nine in the morning and long past midnight” and which also leads to the other point of parting. Parting was also important because this could show that he has lots of close friends to party with which is not true and, the guests who were at the party never knew or saw Gatsby. The last part LOVE is also important because all this comes to showing off to Daisy with wealth and partying to show he has friends that come to his party. Gatsby was trying to impress Daisy to get her back from Tom Buchanan which he was cheating on Myrtle. At last, Tom and Daisy leave the bay and Daisy denies talking with Gatsby and even his cousin Nick.

10 MINDBLOWING things that make a Rolls Royce cost 10 crores or more


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My SMART Goal for this unit for to improve my freestyle stroke and have more endurance while swimming. This goal was a little bit challenging for me because we had limited time to accomplish this goal and able to tell the difference between the first film and the last film. By having good coaches and my skills I was able to finish my goal in a limited time. At the first film my pull and exit of my arms were not close to my body so it was getting lots of resistance from the water, but now I can have a proper pull and exit that doesn’t get much as I did in the past.



The AFTER picture shows that my exit arm is close to the body and this shows that I have improved in my stroke.

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Boxer Rebellion Map

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My Music

This music was produced by me and my friend Lapo. Our goal was to finish our song in limited time with limited soundtracks we had on our app that we were using for this project which was GarageBand.

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Letter to Spaz Last Book In The Universe

Dear Spaz


Hey, it’s been about three years that I’ve been secretly adopted to Lanaya’s mother and also being separated with you. Since I have grown up and well educated in the Eden, I obviously can talk more than “Chox” and I can also write. Do you still remember the day how we met the first time when I was in the street somewhere in the Urb where you came and had to rip Ryter which you didn’t want it to do but you had to? I was crying when I saw at the first time because, I thought all the bangers were cruel, scary, and bad. So basically I thought you were going to rip me off and take everything that I got in my pocket, which was my tiny piece of choxbar that I founded and picked it up near the market. But I was surprised that you didn’t rip me off and instead, you gave nice and clean choxbar with an actual package with it. When I got the choxbar from you I was suspicious at the first time so I had to do my procedure which is basically eating the choxbar and test out that this choxbar is poisoned or whatever you did to that choxbar.Maybe you didn’t put anything in it but, I’m just being too curious about it. I mean, it was my first time getting any edibles from anyone and I wasn’t expecting bangers to give me any edibles since edibles in the Urb is precious and even it depends on your life. Lots of people in Urb die out of famine and this is true, and we also so had lots of people dying from several different reasons. But, now I don’t have to deal with this sort of problems because I’m in the Eden.  Eden is the place where proov people live, they never run out of food nor water. It wasn’t really my first time at Eden, when you and Ryter were walking at the pipes I secretly followed you guys from behind and in my opinion, this could be the worst choice that I made in my life. I didn’t know what would happen to me after following you guys to Eden to find Bean. I was just following you because I thought I could get choxbars every time. But after following with you guys over the pipe wasn’t a good choice because we met Monkey Boys which I didn’t know at that moment but it was another gang with their leader in coma situation because of misuse of mind probes. This was our first obstacle we had to go through with and after escaping from the Monkey Boys we had lots of more obstacles to go through it.


I’m pretty sure that you don’t really know much about the place Eden right? Well, Eden is very different from the Urb and also somehow it has similarities. Well, the major differences are the edibles, in Eden, we have a huge amount of food and choxbars for us to eat and live an actual life and in fact, they never run out. But, in Urb you guys don’t have a huge amount of food source to let everyone have an equal amount of food, what you have for edibles are only choxbars. The second difference is the housing. In Eden everyone has a proper house, not like Urb where some people live in a house but most of the people live in the old apartment which is called “Stack-Box”. Some of the similarities are Eden and Urb they both have a ruler that rules the society. Maybe you didn’t know this but also Eden has sort of social class where some people are stronger and have more power into the society.


Since I have grown up and I am very curious about how things actually went and how it ended, so, I have some questions and I want you to answer in full honesty and no lies at all. One of my questions are about Ryter, how did Ryter got killed when going back to Urb? Ryter and I had a special relationship just like you and I do and I would be pleased to know what exactly happened to Ryter. Before this event, we had lots of incident with Vida Bleek and also The Latch Queen such as the big fight with Vida Bleek and The Latch Queen, found out that mind probes are from Eden, and other incidents we were all there. After all these situations you had one big final incident where Ryter was killed on the way back to Urb. How did you felt at the first time when you saw Ryter dead? I never had someone close to me and got killed right in front of me, I would never imagine that happening. When Ryter was dead it’s like the part where everything got stopped and all most the climax of the story. So what I want to know here is why Ryter got killed and is his death worth it? My final question is how am I adopted to Lanaya’s mother, since I am not a proov human, it means I don’t have any power or even superpower.



From: Little Face

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