Capstone Project Documentary

I have learned lots of different facts about China and its air pollution. It was really interesting and i have learned about PM2.5 and Pm10. After this project i found out a lot about the pollution and how does AQI is measured.

I have been using less cars and been walking more. I think this have gave me more opportunities to think about our environment.

Now when theres a bad weather day i think about how much electricity do i use and think about how much coal we are burning just to light up your house.

There was a problem when i have been interviewing people. The problem was that I don’t know Chinese so my interaction were pretty limited but luckily my partner was Nicky and he helped me find an interview.

If i had a chance to redo this project i would have tried to make some more filming and asked Nicky to do more voiceover.

The grade 8 capstone project is really interesting if you try it will be really interesting.

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The Catapult That Will Blow Away Your Mind

Me and my partner Austin have been challenged to make a catapult that was able to fire a ping pong ball consistently at a target. In the begging we made a catapult but it was to easy. So we decided to not only make a catapult but to make a balista which would work the same as a catapult or even better.

Below you can see our first basic design and on the other side you can see our first prototype of a balista. Sadly I forgot to take a picture of our final design before we disassembled it.

I learned that to make a good catapult you should first plan and then construct your catapult. Like with our second design we rushed. It was bad so the next lesson we decided to build our final design but this time we had a plan and some experience.

The most challenging aspect of this project was to make the mechanic to shoot the ping pong ball. This sling should have been strong to shoot the ball further.

Next time i should have built a normal catapult because one problem we faced was that we lost the sling for our catapult and that made our catapult not working.

This project showed a real representation of a parabola and how it looked. This project was really interesting and I had lots of fun building my catapult.

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Lies Become Truth If People Believe In It

“Such a cruel nation is the monstrous Motherland. I’m amazed no one has risen to throttle the b*tch” (Sally Garden, Page 220)

In maggot moon the society has been broken and there is two sides the people how don’t follow the motherland and theres the motherland that lies to people about the launch of a rocket to the moon and forces people to support the motherland.

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Polymer Journal #4

Me and my team have created a polymer to clean tables, computers, monitors and ect. The polymer had been reached our expectations and we are glad that that happened. The polymer had soft touch and wasn’t to sticky. The polymer didn’t leave a water mark so that was a big plus.


First get 2 cups and fill 1/4 with water. In one cup add borax about 1/8 of the cup. In the other cup add glue about 1/4 of the cup.

Second get a bowl/big cup and mix the two cups that we made the previous step. Mix it well.

Third you should get a slime with some water. Pour the water away and take the slime into your hands. Fidget with the slime for 10 – 20 min. It should be soft and ready to clean.

Please keep the slime in a jar or a container which is air tight so it doesn’t dry out.

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Polymer Journal #3

Our group decided to make a slime that will help people clean keyboards tables and more.

We want our slime to have these Physical Properties :

  • It should be sticky
  • Not to wet
  • It shouldn’t fall apart

Our Plan to Develop our Prototype

First we will Analyse our test of all the four slimes we made and we will take only the best features of slimes that will best fit our slime.

Second we will look online to see how other people made their cleaning slime and we will compare it to the recipe we made.

Third we will make our slime and test how good does it clean our keyboards or the table. If it is really bad at cleaning we will improve and make another one and test that one.

At the end we will film and experiment how good it is.

(This is how the slime should look like at the end)

Our Recipe

  • Combine Borax and 1 cup of water in one bowl. Stir well to allow the Borax to fully dissolve.
  • Mix 118 ml. bottle of glue, ½ cup of water and 8 drops of food colouring in the second bowl.
  • Pour the Borax and water mixture into the glue/food colouring bowl.
  • Knead the mixture with your hands. Since the food colouring could discolour your hands you may want to consider using plastic gloves for this step. Mix and knead with your hands until the mixture clumps together. Pour any remaining liquid down the drain. Keep kneading dough until it is no longer wet and gooey or sticks to your hands.


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Polymer Journal #1

(this is a diagram of the molecules inside a polymer)

What is a Polymer?

A polymer is a thing that has long molecules and when it is mixed with a different substance it makes a grid where water molecules get trapped and make a slime. There are synthetic and natural polymers.

Some synthetic polymers are nylon, polyethylene, polyester, Teflon, and epoxy.

Some natural polymers are silk, wool, DNA, cellulose and proteins.

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Polymer Journal #2

No one loves to clean. Especially if you have to clean your computer keyboard or places that you cant reach. So we as a team decided to make a slime that is perfect for picking up dust of table top or getting dirt of a keyboard.

The slime should be sticky and not to wet because if its wet it’ll leave a mark on the table or ruin your keyboard. It will be represented in a variety of colours.

Thats how it should look like.

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Mutianyu Wall

This picture represents the Mutianyu Wall. It looks really big and the mountains give it a majestic look especially in black and white. The right side of the wall looking down on to the long path going down the mountain and up on the other side makes the wall look long and durable. It looks old because there is no people and when its in black and white it looks even more old so this picture looks good.

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