Polymer Project – Journal #4

Our video:

Prototype #1


  • Malleable
  • Freezable
  • Soft
  • Fun to play with


  • Slimy
  • Too small amount

Prototype #2


  • Big enough amount
  • Soft
  • Playable
  • Malleable
  • Freezable
  • Not slimy
  • Perfect!


  • No noticeable cons.

Recommendation for future improvements:

I think that we would make it so that we don’t have to put the slime into a bag because if it wasn’t in a bag, it would be more fun to play with. Also, I think we should come up with a polymer that can be played with, constant in temperature, but also be freezer friendly. Right now, you can only put Man’s Not Hot cooling pack in the fridge, and fridges can get packed sometimes, so if we made it usable for both environments, then it would be more, effective. I think that other than that, our polymer is pretty good.


Our last prototype was the most effective.


Our last prototype was the most effective because it was a large amount, malleable, soft, freezable, not slimy, and fun to play with. So it filled all of our criteria!

To create Man’s Not Hot cooling pack: 

60 ml of PVA

20 mL of Borax

Stir until sides are sticky

(If you want color in it, add food coloring)


Through the design process, my partner Emily, and I were able to create the (revolutionary) Man’s Not Hot cooling pack. We were able to develop who we wanted as our audience and what we wanted our polymer to do. We planned what we wanted to do, and how to make it. Then we created our polymer and improved the recipe along the way. We were able to define what and how our polymer was making an impact, as a new kind of fever pack. Then in the end, after we had created everything, we were able to look back upon our hard work and see our progress. I think that our polymer (if good enough) could create a real-world impact, and could be shared all over the world! Well, that’s being very confident about it, but I think that Emily and I were able to create a pretty good polymer, and did well developing, creating, and “selling” it.

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