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Revolutionary Voices Journal

We learned about the Chinese Cultural Revolution in our Humanities class. As we learned about this fascinating point of time, we were asked to create a character, and write a revolutionary voices journal. I wrote about Wang Xiao Yu, and how she changed her opinion on Mao and of the Cultural Revolution. Through this project and lessons in class, I was able to learn about how the revolution affected people, how it shaped their lives, but also how it shaped the lives of people in China today.


Chinese Cultural Revolution in Simple English

Having taken notes meticulously, and studied the fascinating Chinese Revolution, Sarah, Joy and I put our heads together to create our Chinese Cultural Revolution in Simple English Common Craft video. Every turning point, methodically planned, each word checked, each picture the perfect fit, we created our video over the course of one week. Sarah, Joy and I learned about the Chinese Cultural Revolution, and to help others understand better, we decided to create this video. We are very proud of our work, and hope that you enjoy it!