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Photos of Life – My One Day Project

My OneDay project was to take pictures of different kinds of life. We went to the village behind BSB to take pictures of village life. We were able to take pictures of people, dogs, buildings, ice, trees and other things that we could find there. We had a lot of fun taking pictures of the dogs, we probably have 5 billion pictures of them. (A few of the dogs even posed!) 

Then we went to the Wen Yu River to take pictures of river life. We were able to take pictures of the fishermen there, fish, plants, the river, the road, crops, and the sky. As we were walking along the road, we found some dolls sitting behind a trash can. We took a couple pictures of those too, they were pretty creepy. 

Then we were asked to take pictures of Middle School life. I went around taking pictures of people in their OneDay groups, and in my own. These are a few pictures that I was able to get. 

I was able to learn how to make pictures with different looks, how lighting affects the picture, and that even the smallest things can be the coolest picture! I would recommend doing this as a OneDay project who likes photography, or who wants to get better at taking pictures. All you have to do is try!

One Day Project




My groups plan and goal was to make a cake for Sodexo in 3-4 hours. We planned to make a tiered cake. A bigger base and smaller top, then we would cover that in buttercream frosting and drizzle that with chocolate and then cover the top of the cake with strawberries and blueberries. But, that didn’t turn out as we planned. As we were frosting the base cake and the top cake, there wasn’t enough of buttercream frosting to cover both cakes so we had to make more, then we frosted the bottom cake, froze it and started working on the top tier, but that’s where we went wrong. When we stacked the cakes, they didn’t completely align and it was tilting, no matter what we tried to fix it. Then we froze that to. After that we took out the bottom layer and then decorated that and decide to make the one cakes into two. Then we finished decorating the bigger cake, and then took out the smaller cake and decorated that. Then we went to the Sodexo office to give the cake to Sodexo, but then we changed plans and gave the cake to the security guards. And they loved the cake. Then we went up to our humanities teacher, Mrs. Forslund and gave her the smaller cake. She liked it to. Overall our cake in the beginning might have been a totally flop, but actually turned out just fine.



ONE DAY 2017 – Cake for Sodexo; Our goal was to make a cake for Sodexo in 3-4 hours and if there was enough time, make cookies for the guards. My partners were Aderyn Dettmen and Clara Kim. We learned that we should probably have deadlines of when we should get certain things done, we also learned that when stacking the cakes, you ALWAYS have to align the cakes so that it won’t slant. Our cakes in the beginning were working out, then they went a little erratic and in the end they turned out. Instead of making one big cake, we made two cakes from one. The decorations worked out more than we thought it would, and we were able to give the cake to guards and show our appreciation, which was our overall goal. I think that we would have changed the amount of powdered sugar that we had and maybe double the amount of buttercream frosting and add more if that wasn’t enough. We might have changed the way we decorated the cake and most importantly manage our time better.