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Grade 8 Chinese Cultural Revolution in Plain English

In the past few weeks, my teammates and I have been studying on the Chinese Cultural revolution to understand the history of the place we live in. This rebellion has run its course over 10 years and is definitely worth the time used researching it. After studying, our project is to make a Common Craft Video about Chinese Cultural Revolution. A Common Craft Video is a visual explanation that’s simple and should be under 6 minutes. There were many problems with time management. However, we have pick ourselves up and finish recording, cutting, and editing. At the end, we learn lot of thing about China and learned how to work through stressful situations and collaborate with each other.



Blog#4 Book “March”

“Blacks were freed from slavery a century before the Civil Rights Movement, and had theoretically been granted equal rights in all aspects of life for many years – but the theoretical aspect and the real-world aspect were vastly different. By the time John Lewis becomes active in the Civil Rights Movement of the 1950s and 1960s, many black people are tired of living in fear and are ready to fight for the real-world application of equal rights. One of the main aspects of equality is based on the idea of segregation and integration.”

“Lewis is thrilled when he learns that the Supreme Court has thrown out the accepted practice of “separate but equal.” Until then, school districts and businesses could provide a separate facility for blacks. School districts are the most common place this is seen during this time”

I believe this book shows a very accurate depiction of what happened in that time period. The subject is meaningful and historically accurate, doing a wonderful job of using vivid imagery to paint a picture showing what it was like to be a black man at that time. The story of John Lewis is a extraordinary story that is truly a good read.

blog #3

The book was called Skeleton creek which is written by Patrick Carman. I used a really dark background because the whole story is talking about some strange things are happening in Skeleton Creek, so I funded an abandoned hospital picture for my background picture. The story is talk about Ryan and Sarah are trying to get to the heart of it, after an eerie accident happened, Ryan housebound and forbidden to see Sarah, and that’s what story going on. At the end of story, Ryan can’t write this story any more cause he doesn’t scare any more.

Boxer Rebellion: Legation Quarter Walking Tour

Chapter 20 Screenplay: The Last Book in the Universe

Hyperlinks: How to write a screenplay:

Cities and inequality:  Are slums like the Urb’s stackboxes?


Chapter 20 The Last Book in the Universe

Screenplay by William Shen


Bean is four years old and she is looking gently at Spaz, hoping he will “take her to Eden” by telling her a story. (DIRECTOR’S AND ACTOR’S PHYSICAL ACTION NOTES)

(pleading to Spaz) (HOW SPEAKING)
Walk me to Eden, please, please, please? (WHAT THE CHARACTER SAYS)

Spaz takes Bean’s hand and walks out of the house, behind the building, until he finds a patch of sun among the broken down buildings.


(looks down lovingly to Bean)
Do you feel that?  That is Eden shining on us.

Spaz smiles and waits for Bean’s response.  Bean keeps her eyes closed, not wanting to see the surroundings and spoiling her image of Eden in her mind.

(with her eyes still closed)
I won’t tell Charly or Kay about this

The bad thing is, from then on Bean thought I could do just about anything. Spaz taken her to Eden and so Spaz could make it stop raining or make her better when she got sick.

(looking at Spaz with her shining eyes)
All you have to do is close your eyes, make it happen, please


Spaz looks up at the doorframe and sees bullet marks.  He looks sad knowing he is back in the reality of the latch. An eye fills the peephole and Charly unlocks and opens up.

(sounding surprised)

A moment later Kay, Spaz’s Foster mom, comes running in.

(eyes fill with tears, hugs her own arms)
Who are these people?

These are my Friends.

Little Face hides behind Spaz, acting shy. Ryter gives a little bow.

(bending forward over his walking stick)
Pleased to meet you, madam.

Then Lanaya comes out from behind to door

(scared and surprise, almost falls down)
Oh! Oh!

Spaz don’t know if Charly has ever seen a proov up close before.

(holding out a small bag)
I brought you some edibles.

Kay takes the bag like it might explode

I’ve come to see Bean, where is she?

Our daughter is sick, very sick!

(softly, barely be heard)
She’s been asking for you, I told her you couldn’t come. I told her it was against the rules.

Spaz cross the outer room and find the entrance to Bean’s cubicle. Stand in front of Bean room. Open the door, there are lumps on her neck from swollen glands.

Spaz!!! I knew you’d come! I knew it!

Spaz kneeling beside the mat and pressing my wet face against her face

(very soft and feel guilty)
Oh, Bean, I’m sorry.

Don’t be sorry, my dad said you couldn’t come, but you know what? He sent you anyhow.
Later, Kay tells Spaz the healer stopped coming ten days ago

There’s nothing more I can do. No one can stop the blood sickness. Bean takes her remedy, but it doesn’t help.

Ryter has settled his old bones on the floor and he looks so peaceful it makes Spaz feel better.

The disease used to be called leukemia, and I think they had real cures for it, in the backtimes.

What kind of cures?

(shakes his head)
Sorry, son. I’ve no idea. The knowledge was lost long ago

Then why’d you mention it?! It’s just backtimer bull, That’s all it is!

 Spaz not really mad at the old man, Spaz mad at the blood sickness. Spaz mad because nothing they can do except wait for the worst to happen.

(look at spaz)
May I see her?

They go back into Bean’s cubicle

This screenplay is the chapter 20 of The Last Book in the Universe, by Rodman Philbrick. This is about Spaz go find his sister Bean, and knew that she is sick, really sick. And he is really mad at the old man who give an idea but is not really work on Bean. The reason why I choose this chapter to write is because this chapter let me know that Spaz was really love his sister, he can do everything to her, even get mad to his friends. So it let me thought that if my sister really sick, what can I do?  Screenplays really help us to understand the relationship between the characters and feelings, rising action and plot, changes in setting, and theme.




Shall I compare you to your first personality?

You are more bloodthirsty and more ruthless

Jason pulled out your nails and broke your knee

Tore you from your gentleness


But I still love you more than kids in school

Your hector eye makes you look like a killer

Your half-faced mask and white hair looks so cool

Much Creepier, scarier, and sinister


If critics say Anime is nothing,

why does my heart beat in your tale?

In Tokyo, I see it’s happening,

your eyes burning and your face is so pale


To save me from the life I hardly bear

To lead me every time I barely dare


This magazine is from the book Coraline by Neil Gaiman. The reason why that I choose this picture for my work is that this shows Coraline open the secret door in to another parallel, horrific world. Why she was try to open that door is because she was really boring, his dad was really busy so he doesn’t have time to play with her, the only thing that always be with her is one cat and a doll. Also on the back of the well, we can see there has Be careful what you wish for! on it, this is an other reason that I choose this picture. When Coraline open this door, there was a totally different world, other mom and other dad be with her all the time, but is really dangerous because that her other mom try to change her eyes to button.




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