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The Beauty of China

The sun lies high in the green mountains of mainland china,

Their majestic yet raw beauty captivates all.

Along the mountain rests a divine dragon,

It’s twists and turns stretch for what seems like eternity,

The wind blows softly against the leaves,

Flower buds swaying, as if waving to the trees.

The beauty of China, captivates all.

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All About Me

There are so many traits of a person that make up the entirety of their identity. Their preference in food, literature, entertainment or even the choice of their significant other. These are the exact traits that make Kevin Spencer “Simple” person. Kevin Spencer is the main protagonist in the novel “Family Ties” by Gary Paulsen. In this case the definition of simple is, well simple. It means “Plain, basic and uncomplicated” This aspect of characterization was perfectly conveyed throughout this book. “I love the basic things in life. A good book, baseball, and of course, the smell of my girlfriend’s freshly shampooed hair.” (Paulsen, 124) This directly supports this characteristic of Kevin Spencer. He does not like to face the complexities of reality. “It’s gonna be alright” (Paulsen, 154) Even in a situation where his cousin is holding his baby cousin above a flame, he remains calm and keeps reading his book. Kevin is a simplistic, idealistic character that fuels the morals conveyed in this realistic fiction novel.

Justification for choice of media:

At the beginning of the year, we were asked to do a project called “All about me” We had to identify a short description of ourselves, our favorite books, activities as well as objects. I thought this was the PERFECT way to identify a key aspect of characterization in the novel. Here is my poster that I created at the start of the year for comparison. For this multimedia, I used canva, as it is a very useful tool to create visually pleasing posters. Most of the images I used were Canva stock images, however here are the citations for my images.




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The Darkness Within The Light

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A Really Bad French Joke

Hi guys this was supposed to be part of our video as a small joke in the end but we couldn’t upload it because of the time limit. But here it is so enjoy!

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The French Revolution In Plain “ANGLAIS”

A world-changing event in modern European history, the French Revolution began in 1789 and ended in the late 1790s. During the time, the frenchmen reshaped their government and abolished many ancient ideas such as an absolute monarchy. I became controversial when the counter-revolutionaries killed off Robespierre and another absolute monarchy was formed. Even thought this revolution is known as one of the greatest bloodbaths in history, it still changed modern society and the world, proving that change will and can happen if civilians unite. LibertéÉgalité, Fraternité!

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The Angel Within

One of the key elements in the climax of the book “To Kill a Mockingbird” by Harper Lee is an assumption without facts is like a building without a frame. This masterpiece of American history takes you on a breathtaking journey throughout the aspects of African American life in the 20th century.


An assumption without facts is like a building without a frame. This key element is clearly portrayed in the climax of this book. “Boo Radley was the wild card, engulfed in madness and a yearning for blood.” (lee, 192) Spread through the whispers and rumors of the town, Boo Radley living in the center of the village has been known to be a vicious mad man, known to stab his maid in the leg with a pair of scissors. Trusting and channeling the rumors she had heard, Scout, the main character, had it wired in her head to input Boo Radley as the danger, the enemy. “Never did I expect to see the face of estranged Boo Radley” (lee, 327) When the characters, including the main protagonist are placed in deep danger, never did they expect to see this mysterious figure to come to the rescue. Since the characters had it placed into their heads that Boo Radley was the enemy, they were taken back immensely when they saw who they once thought was a madman.


Another piece of text where this theme was identified was in the book The Last Olympian by Rick Riordan. In the previous books in the series, the main antagonist, Luke Castellan is portrayed as a friend of Percy’s and he is one of the more dominant leaders of the camp. However, in the books trailing behind, he is slowly depicted as the villain, and later on as the embodiment of the primordial time god Kronos. “The mustard yellow eyes filled with hate is what scared me most” (Riordan, 236) Annabeth, one of Luke’s old friends, could not believe in the state that Luke had come to. In the Last Olympian, Luke stabs himself with a dagger, given to him by Percy. “As he dropped to the ground, his familiar playful smile was stained with regret” (Riordan, 312) In the climax of the book, the key element is extremely similar. The main character was fighting with an aim of destroying the main characters, however, never did they expect to see the antagonist to sacrifice themselves to save them. As you can see, these key elements are extremely similar, and it is clear to seer the key element portrayed in both the books. Always, rumors will take the worst of all people, and people make assumptions without exploring the actual facts and dimensions of the person. Society has come to a stage where people like to judge others around them, whether in a positive or negative way, it really becomes a negative effect that detracts from the new social interactions people can possibly craft.


As clearly developed in the paragraphs above, it is truly clear to see that in the climax of both the books, the key element of uneducated assumptions is portrayed. A building is truly useless without it’s frame.

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The Darkness and the Light

Kindness and cruelty, love and hatred, humor and pathos. Those are the very foundations of human behavior. The very string that holds human interaction together. In the novel “To Kill a Mockingbird” by Harper Lee, the theme is the idea that good and evil coincide in the very nature of human instinct. This book lays a journey of a young Alabama girl, who embarks on a journey of experience. No matter how corrupt and evil you are, you will always have the tiniest bit of innocence and kindness within you, and vice versa. I felt that the book meticulously conveyed this theme. “”Anyway, Jem hollered and I didn’t hear him anymore an’ the next thing- Mr. Ewell was tryin’ to squeeze me to death, I reckon… then somebody yanked Mr. Ewell down.” (Lee, 361) In this part of the book, everyone suspected immediately that Jem had gone into action to take Mr. Ewell. However, nobody expected to see the estranged Boo Radley, with a knife in his hands. This quote is important because it underlines my point that no matter how evil you are, there is still a little bit good. Boo Radley was known to be an evil man that liked to stab other children with a pair of scissors. Being such an evil child, it was hard to believe that he had befriended the two children, and when they were in danger, he did everything to stop it. “Boo’s glint in his eyes was gone in seconds” (Lee, 329) This quote was also important, as it also underlined the theme. Boo was an evil child. But he had changed for a second. Good and Evil coincide within human nature. For this poster, I used the website Canva, as this poster was intended to show that everyone has different sides. I chose to make a poster because I hoped that it would be easy for the reader to understand the idea trying to be conveyed with visual feedback. One complication I had was Canva was not supported in many browsers, so I had to use a browser that was extremely hard to work with. However, with endurance and passion, I was able to complete my poster.



Tool used: CANVA


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Murder, Guns and Mind Maps


There are so many main ideas that are identified in the book “Kennedy assassinated” by Wilborn Hampton. Even for a chapter, there are many but in this mind map, I demonstrated use of quotes, connections and identifications of main ides to demonstrate what was going through my mind when I read this book.

In chapter 2, the main idea was Expect the unexpected, and I used the quote to really emphasize the main idea, since it was a really good sentence to support it.

In chapter 3, the main idea was The media can be very destructive. this quote was really interesting, because when president Kennedy was shot and rushed to the hospital, the reporters were blocking the way of the cart from getting through. The reporters were thinking about the president and caring for them, but in the end, their actions were destructive.

In chapter 10, the main idea was anger without knowledge is despicable. The quote to support this was “When Ruby, a strong supporter of the president, shot Oswald, all the knowledge that was known about Kennedy’s murder died with him” (Hampton, 21) Ruby, was angry that Oswald shot the president. What he did not know was that the actions to avenge the president was controversial, in the end removing all information about the murder. I felt that the connection I made was extremely insightful because it really was a similar situation.

There were so many cool main ideas and opinions I had about this book. I felt that it was an extremely interesting piece of non-fiction text that was available.Chart

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Substance Drug Abuse

All substances that alter body shape can have negative side effects if abused. They all can have many life threatening side effects that can endanger the lives of the user and many people around him. One of the healthy alternatives for these performance enhancing drugs is actually getting up and doing the exercise, so we can build our body naturally.

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