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Over the course of this class, I would say that I would most like to focus on the area of focused. Although I might excel in other areas, sometimes i have trouble focusing. But I can work on it.

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The Capstone project has been one of the beneficial projects of my life. It has helped me grow as not only a learner but a world thinker. For this project I chose this the issue of “Clean water and sanitation”. At first, as Ms. Annie might have expressed, I didn’t know that this issue would be this critical in in such a position to damage the individual’s lives. But as I went through the process of researching and analyzing. I think that over the course of this project, this video as well as my essay might have raised awareness about this topic. Ms. Annie informed me that she never knew it was this big of an issue. It’s these kinds of small efforts that add up and make a change. Over the course of this project, I had to draw upon many of my skills. First, when we interacted with the community, it was a big strain to my ability because I couldn’t speak Chinese that well, and second, it was challenging to interact with people I have never met before. If I were to do this project again, I would definitely make sure to see if the video clips have a big relevance to the topic. Overall this project was an amazing journey and it was really amazing to see my development. You could say this was the “Capstone” to our middle school life. 🙂

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(Here is a Hyperlink to my Catapult mathematical analysis)

To finish Module 4, we were asked to input our knowledge of parabolas into real world situations, in this context building and analyzing the flight path of catapults. It was intended to help us be able to generate parabolas and their functions by scanning their flight path and their parabolic functions. To me I think this was really effective as, some students learn by inputting what we learned into real life situations. Over the course of this project I learned several things. Mostly, I learned that organization is the key. I first did this sheet above as a scatter of graphs and equations and their different parts, but I redid the entire task and organized them into their own sections. I also labeled the parts of the graph more clearly, and in the end, the final product was much more clean and tidy, and it was easier for the reader to understand.

One challenging aspect of this project was that we had our ups and downs during our teamwork. We had several disagreements, but in the end as we apologized to each other, we had successful teamwork and collaboratively produced a product we were both satisfied with. Next time, I would identify more success criteria as well as have a more in depth design sketch, so we can stick to our design more. In the end, This project definitely helped me quadratics, as I said earlier it is much easier to learn this as we input it inot the real world and deepen our knowledge on the topic.

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The Definition of Beauty… Can it be altered?

What would it be like to live in a society of perfectly attractive people. Would the definition of beauty still exist among them? Would the unique become the beautiful? Those are exactly the ideas that Scott Westerfeild tried to portray when he crafted this masterpiece of a dystopian novel. Tally Youngblood, the main character, truly embodies the spirit of a well crafted and developed character. She starts off as a part of a group, poisoned by the standards set in stone. “Make me pretty” (Westerfeild, 406) But as she adventures, she discovers that beauty loses its meaning when everyone is equal in aesthetics. The very roots of the standards of beauty are overturned, and she is quick to understand that beauty can not be pre-determined. “In the end we all are humans” (Westerfeild, 269) It truely portrays the concept that beauty is not determined by aesthetics. All in all, this suports my initial theme that I determined, that was “Beauty Controls Scoiety” And it does. As for a book cover, I felt like it was best to utilize this software called canva, because both the format and the template were the most efficient to get across the theme I was trying to convey. In the end, I wanted to create a piece that would get the viewer thinking, and this book truly is a book that will get you thinking. In the end, Perfection and complete beauty is unachievable, and the perception of beauty is reversed when a new light appears….

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Prototype #3, called Snow Phish Final Form, was the most effective for meeting our goal because it perfectly met our design goals. Unlike our previous designs, this polymer could almost perfectly dry into the desired shape, and maintain constant durability without reducing the comfort. Also, it could harden in a much faster time than we measured previously, as it went from taking 12 hours to dry to now just 1 hour and a half, which is very convenient for the user.

Some limitations we had in our product design was that once it dried, it would change a little bit from what it was originally molded to, but it did not drastically change. If we were to redo this, I would place the polymer into a mold as it dried so it would maintain its shape and remain the shape that was originally designed. One of the things I learned in this design process was that teamwork is the key to everything. Mia and I had some disputes whether our ideas differed or we argued what material we used last time. But as we started to work together collaboratively we were able to create an end product that we were satisfied in. All in all, I think that we did an extremely good job of creating a project which we both felt we had contributed to, worked hard, and gained something valuable from.


As for the process and ingredients that were used, here is the procedure we followed to achieve the amazing polymer.


  1. First, add 40ml of white glue into a cup
  2. Second, add 30ml of PVA glue into the cup and stir until consistency becomes smooth
  3. Add 20 grams of cornstarch and stir until powder is mixed into the solution
  4. Take the mixture out onto a plate and mold with your hands into a bowl.
  5. Pour 15ml of borax and massage the polymer.
  6. Add food coloring of choice
  7. Mold onto pencil and adjust to grip
  8. Leave to dry for 2 hours



In general I feel like this process of making this polymer was very entertaining, as it included many different aspects of science. Not only did we have to analyze and interpret data from another source, but we got to get some hands on action and create the data, and use the ISB design process to tweak our design and meet our requirements. Last but not least we got to create a video that would try and sell the product. All in all, I believe this was truly a test and strain of having trust in partners and developing teamwork


Here is the final link to our polymer video

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Our group’s collective design goal for this polymer was to make polymer pencil grip that can maintain its shape but can also be adjusted for an individual’s hand.


The Physical Properties that should be included in our polymer should be


  • It should be moldable
  • It should be able to maintain its shape without support
  • It should be able to be non-stick
  • It should be hard and dense


Our Procedure and design steps are easy for achieving our design goal.


First, experiment with different ingredients and how they affect the polymer, and then identify how much of them is needed to meet our needs for the physical properties that are needed.


Second, test the polymer by setting it to dry and conduct many tests of utilizing the polymer.


Third, determine the amounts of the ingredients and change them in consideration of the physical properties that still need to be met.


Last, make the second prototype and test its effectiveness. Repeat all steps until desired texture and physical properties are met.


For our current polymer, we are mixing PVA glue with white glue, adding corn starch, and then adding borax. This is an very effective polymer currently that does the job and meets all the requirements and goals.

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Sources Used and References

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The Beauty of China

The sun lies high in the green mountains of mainland china,

Their majestic yet raw beauty captivates all.

Along the mountain rests a divine dragon,

It’s twists and turns stretch for what seems like eternity,

The wind blows softly against the leaves,

Flower buds swaying, as if waving to the trees.

The beauty of China, captivates all.

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