"I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious" - Albert Einstein

Reflect and Share #4

This is the consequence of our project. When I finished this project, I was so proud of myself. Contrast with the curriculum of Korea, There is no process like engineering that I can learn more active and accept the scientific theory in my whole body. So, At first, it was awkward. But as time went on, I was attracted to this class.

The theory that heat energy converts to kinetic energy isn’t profound knowledge. The problem is that it isn’t easy to realize that principle. At first, we had a plan to use 6 wooden blades and 3 candles to make it spun. Following the first blueprint we did it but we knew our fault shortly. After that, we tried to do various ways to find the proper solution such as changing blades material using a paper box and cooking foil, switching size and numbers of candles, adding blades numbers from 6 to 8, adjusting angles of blades and changing powerful convection current deliver as a Bunsen burner. Despite our efforts, we failed all of them. We felt discouraged and just wasted the time. We discuss each other to overcome this situation. We decided to back to the basics and start work again with a renewed mind. We checked our procedure, method, material, and tools repeatedly. Finally, we found our problem. We should have made a device much more elaborate. For example, using wooden blades is a good idea but we should have considered many things like numbers, size, weight, and angle spontaneously. Additionally, we used two Bunsen burner. Finally, we succeeded in our project. We did it! As a result, we succeeded in the scientific theory of converting convection heat into kinetic energy. However, this device is not practical, assuming that it is commercially available. It is because the device must use a burner, which is difficult to use in everyday life. This is what we left with regret. It is to turn the propeller using heat which can be safely used in everywhere.

Through this experimental project, I learned meaningful lessons.

Don’t hesitate, Just do it

My stance was very passive because I was not only a new student transferred from Korea but my English skill wasn’t fluent. So I just help my partner request until changing my mind. When our team faced on the first fail I thought even though I was not used to this kind of educational environment I had to adapt myself to new circumstances rapidly. After then, I tried to suggest my idea to solve the problem more and more.

There is a solution to every difficulty.

I felt the importance of solving the problem method. I used a logic tree whenever I faced on a difficult situation. I recorded all process, method, material, tools, and result. Even if we experienced much failure than expect we didn’t give up our exploration.

I hope this project will be my motivation to adopt at ISB life. And I sincerely thank for the teachers’ support, classmates’ advice and my partner, Jennifer.



Create and Improve #3

Me and my cooperator, Jennifer were working on an engineering project. I was inserted after an engineering plan. So, The first thing I have to do is interpreting the whole process of our project according to scientific principles.  Our engineering project is to make a device that can convert convective heat energy to kinetic energy.

First of all, We made a decision to make a center area part. To put a bearing inside the wooden cylinder, We made a hole in the center of the wooden cylinder.

I paid attention when I drilled a hole. It’s because the wooden cylinder was broken easily If I grab a drill in the wrong position or the direction of power. During this time, I felt my heart pounding with fear since I had never used this implement in previous days and I thought that the drill can lead to serious accidents. Soon after I had fun with this. However, It was quite difficult for me to drill a hole which is a bearing- size. So I tried to change the various shape of the drill and holding posture for a more precise hole. After two failures, we succeeded in drilling.

We moved on measuring section. The circumference of the wooden cylinder was 18cm and we designed 6 blades. I cut a thick rubber band whose length was 3cm instead of a straight edge because its side was round.

After marking the measurement, We were ready to meet our 6 blades. Thanks to Mr. Stenning, We can experience the laser cut and get the exquisite blades. The laser cut was also the machine that I had never seen it before.

With these blades, we attach them to the center part by using hot glues. And we put a bearing into the wooden cylinder’s hole. And then, put the wood stick which I ground with the sandpaper in order to fit in the hole.

And we got decoration pieces that are 2stars, a young moon, a circle which would be the secondary undersurface and two big round undersurfaces through the laser cut.

All the materials were ready.  We assembled parts into a complete whole

Despite our efforts, propeller spun a little or didn’t work by the heat of candles.

So, Jennifer and I discussed why It had not worked. There is a list that we talked about the problem of our prototype at that time and the way of coping with each problem.

  1. The heat of the candles is feeble.  —> We need much bigger and taller candles that have extra heat.

We did an experiment that we used 7 candles that have strong heat. ( We had used 3 candles before) But it was not working.

2. The propeller is too heavy to spin. —> The materials of the propeller should be lighter.

We made two more propellers. One is made of boxes. another is made of cooking foils. However, It was also not working.

3. It is difficult to realize this principle with candles –> we design a new prototype that converts kinetic energy into electric energy.

The propeller was spun by the fan wind, but the speed of spinning wasn’t fast enough to convert kinetic energy into electric energy with a generator.  So, A light emitting diode which was connected to the generator didn’t light up.

And we gathered plenty of feedback from our classmates and science teachers. Accepting their informative advice, we changed our materials a lot.

  1. The angles of blades are mixed up and gentle. —> We unify the angles of blades in 30 degrees. 
  2. The number of blades needed. —> We made more blades. (6pieces –>8pieces)     
  3.  The shape of our propeller is short and stubby. —> By using laser cut, we made new blades that are longer and sharper than before.     


4. The power of heat is frail —> We put to use  Bunsen burners thanks to Mr. Toigo.

One Bunsen burner still had weak firepower and later used two. With a lot of attempts, exertions and times, we finally succeeded to spin the propeller with convert convective heat energy.  Based on our experience, we can say this ‘Failure is the mother of success’, spoken by Edison.

But we were not finished. Using Bunsen burners were not scheduled-event. So, we have to change our design a little bit.  We utilized the copper plate to make the propeller’s height higher than before since burners of height are pretty tall.

Finally, we made a basic prototype. It is time to improve our visual design. At the end of the discussion, we decided to put two stars in each hole in the second circle. Before placing all of the decorations, we colored stars in yellow. 

So our long journey is over. I think that this project has a lot of experiences that I can not do in my daily life. And we were able to successfully finish this project because we always respected each other’s opinion and our classmates and teachers gave us a lot of attention.


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