Withered Roses

June 7, 2018

During the capstone project, I manage to get a much more in depth of my research topic, gender inequality in China. I learned that information doesn’t come from one source, there are multiple ways to get the desired information. In the process of my research, I changed my perspective from a bystander who doesn’t care to being involved and concerned.

The capstone project is a bit challenging but very educational and fun so it’s definitely one of the highlight of grade 8. For grade 8’s next year doing this project my biggest advice would be manage your time wisely because this project does have many little programs in it and making sure everything is polished requires more time than you think they do.

Catapult launching

May 30, 2018

For the parabola math module we did a series of activities which got us more interested into this knowledge point as well as having a bit more understanding of how parabolas are seen in real life and could be used for solving daily problems.

As you can see in the screenshot above, we’ve created a catapult on ourselves. We made a specific plan for the structure and crafted the catapult which we believe will shoot the ping pong ball with a accurate parabola that will fit the standards of the task we got. The catapult is made of wood, rubber band and hot glue. After we fixed our catapult to achieve the ideal effect we filmed a few trials of the catapult shooting a ping pong ball. Later on, as a team and as a individual person we analyzed the video using logger pro to transform the ping pong ball’s trial into a parabola on paper. For the last step we used the parabola’s data to come up with a time vs. distance and time vs. height equations.

In this activities we learned:

-How parabolas are seen in real life

-How parabolas can be used for problem solving

-The making of a small catapult

-How to work well in a group


Polymer Journal #4

May 21, 2018

Polymer Journal #2

May 8, 2018

polymer journal #3

May 8, 2018

women shouldn’t

March 30, 2018

Photo citation:https://visualrhetoricatlakeforest.wordpress.com/2015/03/17/modern-womens-rights/

For this project I would focus on the topic of human rights. More specifically, on gender equality. I believe both sexes, man and woman should be treated equally in the society on all aspects. This problem has been exposed to the public for a long time yet there are still many signs that it hasn’t been solved. Gender equality led to many other problem such as uneven ratio of man to woman. Gender equality is a problem deserves global attention and is one of the top crisis to solve.

Research questions

-What are some things woman can do to break gender stereotypes?

-What is stopping us from achieving gender equality?

-What are some things in our daily lives that are examples of gender inequality?

-How much time would it take?

-How much woman suffer from gender inequality?

-What are the top countries that have this problem?

-What is our next step?


Although I am mostly confident on selecting gender equality as my project, I still have some worries. From what I have seen, China has became more and more acceptable for the idea of gender equality, at least for the younger generations. For some elders it is hard to adapt to this idea since they grew up in an environment which adores boys way more than girls. As for other countries, I believe their situation would be somewhere similar to China’s. I could only wish that there are more of those who are willing to accept the idea.

I hope to gain more knowledge about gender equality as i work through the project because for now I only have a vague understanding of China’s view, in terms for other countries I need to research to find their sides to the problem. Further more, it would be my pleasure to raise more awareness even if it’s just within my community.

The ultimate message I want to pass on to my peers is that gender inequality is within our daily lives, this problem can have a negative effect on a person, a country and even the world. Don’t let some stereotype


Both men and woman are expected to stay in an invisible box that are full with typical things their gender should do daily. If one dares to


China’s tribute

March 20, 2018


I am Mao Zedong – the man who led China out of its looping misery, the most influential leader of China, and the nightmare for some people. I started the cultural revolution which changed billions of lives.

It had come to me today that the “great” revolution that lasted for ten years had come to its end, now that Mao is dead. Ten years, from a naïve girl to a mature woman, I’ve experience so much. I thought this was it, this revolution was what I needed to propel forward in life, even thought so for the country. I’ve traded my youth for tortures to myself, torture of having no freedom…


Despite of the changes from the cultural revolution, I believe most things stayed the same after ten years. Mao was still the leader after the revolution,

Dark and white chocolate

March 6, 2018


Chocolate hasn’t been the world’s favorite sweet all the time, “Chocolate has been used as a comfort, a treat, a cure, a form of money, and even a sacred symbol for thousands of years.” (Frydenborg, 1). Chocolate, a non-fiction book written by Kay Frydenborg is an interesting read about the sweet science and the dark secrets of the popular sweet – chocolate. This book reveals its complex and even somehow dark past. The motif and the central idea of this book is that there are always more underneath something you call ordinary, and that we shouldn’t take everything for granted.

“Candy, food, or medicine? Weapon, money, or treat?”(Frydenborg, 2) The author then answered the question herself with the next few paragraphs and the answer being, all of them. Chocolate can be nerve calming, it can also pick up conflicts. From street protests by children to tension between races due to the usage of slavery during the making of chocolate. Further more, there were wars starting just to fight over chocolate’s key ingredient- coco beans during its lack. With red eyes and strong desires, all sorts of people reached for a piece of this addictive sweat for a simple reason, everyone else wanted a piece of it. Therefore, whoever holds it also holds power. This idea was propelling the chocolate industry and making the sweat even more well-known.

“sweet science and the dark secrets” (Frydengog, 125) This wasn’t what this book was all about, I believe it is also saying something about humanity. Next time you tear open a chocolate wrapping, just take a second to appreciate its easy access, because it wasn’t always like this. This book talks about both the dark past of chocolate and its bright future. When you think about it enough, both are sweet within. Just like dark and white chocolate.


Image credit:

“Melted Chocolate Dripping.” Dreamstime, www.dreamstime.com/photos-images/melted-chocolate-dripping.html.


Lost children

December 11, 2017

This thinglink is made based on the book The Riverman by Aaron Starmer. In the book, the setting is a great influence on the mood, the picture above shows two settings that were brought up the most. The setting in the book is always gloomy and sad of some sort, it also gives the reader a misty, mysterious feel. These settings really fits with what the author is trying to pass through, they also combines with the text really well. For this thinglink, I chose two key settings and added a fog png effect to show the mood.


Photo credit:

“Go White Water Crafting.” Pinterest, www.pinterest.com/mellingtonbrown/tumblr/?lp=true.

“Rock Stair.” Pinterest, www.pinterest.com/pin/491947959266594004/?lp=true.

There are a lot of drugs now days in the market and society that could damage you, mentally and physically and sometimes could even cause death, especially those ones that have “diet pills” signs on them. Those drugs are easy to get, and does indeed help you lose weight at the start, and that’s why they are so dangerous and scary. A lot of teens that are not satisfied with their body image often tries to find outside forces to help them achieve their perfect vision of them-selves. And with that in mind, they would abuse the drug and use it incorrectly, which, like I said in the start, could cause depression, anorexia, and other severe sicknesses. And all of this is because their longing towards beauty and perfection. You can be beautiful in any way, but perfection does not exist.