My Garden Bed


Then I pulled the weeds and turned the bed over.



Lit Circle Working Agreements

Here are the agreements my lit circle has made. I agree with them:

1. Be respectful: Disagree in a respectful way: open-minded

2. Give everyone chances to share ideas/talk/ask questions

3. Treat the book nicely

4. Body language: Eye contact, facing the speaker – Stay focused, be on track


WE ARE EVIL! At least that’s what the future thinks.


ONE DAY – Closer Dance

We created a choreography of Closer for OneDay.


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I am from family


A Book You Have To Read!

Percy Jackson is a great book. Percy’s dad is a god but his mom is a mortal. That means he is a half-blood. He goes to a camp to learn how to fight monsters. On the way, Percy’s mom gets captured. He has to go on a quest to save his mom. Will he make it? Read the book to find out.percy jackson cover


Hello world!

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