Independent Reading Exposition

Connect the text with another text.

Write a text-to-text response in which you connect a key element from the exposition (setting OR characterization OR conflict) to the same in element in another text. A text here is loosely defined as not only another book, but also a short story, a TV show, a film, a poem, a song. Your first paragraph should be about the key element in the book you are currently reading. Include MLA formatted quotes as evidence in that first paragraph. Your second paragraph should be a much longer paragraph, in which you elaborate on the same key element in the other text. Include specific examples from the other text as well.  Here and here are some examples.



“God explains why things happen, science explains how things happen”

The novel called “Double Identity” by Margaret Peterson Haddix, showed us the way twelve-year-old kid overcome and stay strong after their parent told her that she is clone.

I decided to connect the story with another novel called “Among the Hidden” which is also about a shadow kid.


Bethany was living a perfect life until her parents took her to small town where she is informed that she will stay with someone her parents call “Aunt Myrlie”, but Bethany knew that “Aunt Myrlie” wasn’t her aunt because her dad once told that her aunt is dead. They drove long way to Bethany’s new home. She had a lot of questions on her mind, but neither of them will tell her why they’re going or why her mother has been crying for months. She was just sitting on back sit of the car watching her mother sobbing and her burdened father. After she arrived at her new home, she tries calling her parents’ cell phones to tell them to come back and get her. However, all she gets are “this number is out of service” message. A day later, her father calls to tell her that she is safer where she is right now. She heard Myrlie tell her father that Bethany must learn about Elizabeth. She had no idea who Elizabeth was. The climax of this book is when Myrlie, Bethany and Joss, Myrlie’s daughter get a package from Bethany’s dad. The package has $10,000 and birth certificates. Soon, Bethany’s mom calls Bethany and tell she is a clone.

The conflict of this book is Man vs Society and Man vs Self because Bethany is concerned that she is a clone, people will never except her for who she is. And once it is revealed that she is a clone, no one will leave her alone. Also Bethany’s parents were on the run from the public because they didn’t want to be caught, found out or revealed for cloning Elizabeth. And for Man vs Self, she was try to find out who she really is. Bethany or Elizabeth? This thought lingers in her mind throughout the book. And at the end she explain how she is not happy that Elizabeth died but she is alive. She also explains how she considers herself for having two birthdays. Her birthday and Elizabeth’s. And there was a little bit of Man vs Man. Although Bethany and Myrlie get along fairly well, Bethany is constantly trying to persuade Myrlie into telling her who Elizabeth is at  the beginning of the story, but Myrlie won’t let her know because she promise with Bethany’s parents not to tell her who she is. This causes some tension between the two.


Among the Hidden is about a society that allows only two children per family. Luke, the main character, he is one of the shadow children, a third child forbidden by the population police. He lived his entire life in hiding without been to school and never gone to friend’s house. In fact, he has never had a friend. Luke’s family replaced the wooed next to his family’s farm and Luke is no longer even allowed to go outside. Then, one day Luke sees a girl’s face in the window of a house where knows two other children already live. Finally, he’s met a shadow child like himself and Luke and Jen became friends. The climax of this book, “Among the Hidden” is when Luke found out that Jen is dead. Jen was willing to risk everything to come out of the shadow. However, Jen killed by a gunshot from the population police. And that Jen’s father was part of the Population Police. There was a systematic searching of Luke’s house and several days later, Luke quickly made his fake ID card. Now, he  got to get school for the first time. He does not have to hide anymore and he begin his life.

The conflict in this book is Man vs Man and Man vs Society because Luke is the third child of his family, and by law, each family is supposed to have only two children. So Luke need to hide and live his entire life. As Luke grows up, he has to have different identity, so the conflict is between Luke and his parents because he doesn’t want his life to be a lie and his parents try to protect him from the other people


The similarity between these two books are that the books are based on twelve-year-old kid who need to hide from people because of the government. Bethany need to hide because she was clone of Elizabeth and Luke need to hide from Population Police because Luke is the third child of his family and each family is supposed to have only two children per one family. Both of the conflict of these two books are Man vs Society and Man vs Man because the first book, “Double Identity” , Bethany need to constantly trying to persuade Myrlie into telling her who Elizabeth is, but Myrlie won’t let her know because she was told not to tell her who she is. This causes some tension between the two. And for the second book, “Among the Hidden”, the conflict is between Luke and his parents because he doesn’t want his life and his parents tried to protect him from the other people.

The quote of the first book is “God explains why things happen, science explains how things happen”. The book showed us how scare to clone someone.



The Monkey’s Paw

The Monkey’s Paw



‘Hold it up and wish aloud


Arabian Nights


Wish for something reasonable


Began to wish, tried to wish for


all father and mother want.


To be happy…’



My found poem was created with the words of William W.Jacobs in the story “The Monkey’s Paw”. I choose to focus on climax because climax is where the story face the problems or conflict begin to be resolved. I made this poem using the part when Herbert and his parent, Mr. White and Mrs. White wish for something that would make them happy, rich and famous.


I decided to make my poem with using scissor and glue because I wanted to show the details of the background and the monkey’s paw by using different colors and different shapes.

The reason for the dark blue, purple and little bit of black on the background is because I wanted to describe the setting of this novel. The setting showed us cold and wet night, outside of the small living room, Laburnum Villa. I thought dark color would be match well with the setting of this novel rather than lighter colors like yellow and orange. So, I used lots of dark colors to describes the cold and wet night.

For monkey’s paw, I tried to show the details by using the color brown, orange and red.

I drew some lines and used lighter colors to make it looks like the real paw of the monkey. And I colored the words with orange to make it more clear and I also colored lightly in yellow around the words.


‘ Think of your family first rather than yourself ’


Above is the theme statement I came up with for my novel. My found poem tells the importations of family. For example, it says “All father and mother want”. The characters in this novel always think of their family first. When Mrs. White found out that Herbert is dead, she wished for him to be alive again rather than wishing what she wanted. It shows how their family think of their family first…

The Monkey’s Paw

30 Words Poem

                                                             Me By Aileen

I, emotional, shy and creative,

13 years old student who is really passions about

drawing and playing the piano.

strive all the time to give rise to my future.

Emotional (adj), meaning connected with or showing feelings. I choose emotional to describe myself because I feel things more deeply and have mixed feelings all the time.

Future (n), meaning that will happen after the present time.

I like to think about my future and my dream job

Piano (n)

A large keyboard musical instrument with a wooden case enclosing a soundboard.

I choose this word because I played piano since when I was 5 year-old, and it’s really important to me.