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Project Trade Up Reflection

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September 17th, 2018 Posted 11:47 am

Driving Question: How do societies meet their needs?

Some interesting things I learned about are: supply and demand, trade wars, landforms, which helped me understand how societies meet their needs. For example, when looking back at many ancient civilizations and where they settled, I learned that the rivers that had fertile land were very important to grow crops and survival. Furthermore, supply and demand is an important part of the market because it determines how much factories produce and what the price that the goods or services are. Before this project I used to think that the trades going on in the world wouldn’t affect me that much, now I think differently. The trade conference and the Opium War changed my thinking because it made me realize how the decisions that governments make have a global impact and can also influence the citizens in the country. For example, if there was a trade war between China and Japan, the price of the normal goods that our family uses frequently like brands of pots and pans or cereal and candy would rise up. Looking back on Project Trade Up, I realize there are many different parts to accomplish before meeting the society’s needs. For example, exploring, problem-solving, and learning from other societies, and finding a good location to settle. Also trading with other nations while thinking of supply and demand in the market, and how it benefits our own community. However, a big question I still have is if a country disagreed or betrayed a trade agreement, would they go to war immediately.

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The Future is in Your Hands

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June 4th, 2018 Posted 3:36 pm

Driving Question: What sustainable solutions can we create to feed our growing population?

During our Feed the Future unit, we learned how to prepare and decide if a type of food was sustainable for the future considering the harm to the environment, resources, our own health, and also the major population growth that’s going to happen in the next few years. Furthermore, my thinking changed a lot during this unit. I used to think that feeding the future was just about increasing our resources, but now I think that feeding the future is about finding what kinds of foods are sustainable. This can save a lot of people on earth especially when the population is constantly increasing. Adding on, I used to think that feeding the future was finding hope and seeking for the best, but now I think that feeding the future is about protecting our own planet and future. This is because we are the problem of feeding the future, but we are also the solution if we start to take action now. It is our responsibility to save our own species and the environment. On the other hand, both times before and after, I thought and still think that feeding the future is very important for us to make this world a better place. There is still a lot of problems we face in finding sustainable foods, but I think that the most important one to address is us. I learned that humans can make a huge difference on our planet by just changing parts of their choices with buying stuff in the store and what they do with them afterward. The invention of agriculture was wise and helpful in many cases like the technology and transportation that almost every family has now, but it can also lead to our own extinction if we keep on ignoring the problems that come with it. We don’t know exactly what will happen fifty years from now, but I do know that there will not be blue skies and healthy air if we go on like this.

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An Awesome DIY Mess

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February 14th, 2018 Posted 8:22 am


Stephanie, Tiana and I made DIY Skincare for the whole school day and the process of making it was really fun. We made soap, lip balm, and bath bombs. One challenge we faced was not being able to dissolve the soap into liquid, so to overcome this challenge, we tried adding water and grating the soap into small pieces, this helped a lot. I learned to measure different ingredients and teamwork collaboration throughout the process of this project. Also, I would like to re-do the bath bomb again with more citric acid and a different mold if I was to do this project again so it turns out differently and bigger. The process was kind of tough and challenging, but I think that we had a wonderful final product.

After doing this DIY Skincare Project, I think that store-bought products are still a little better than DIY products because they are professional and knows what to do to make the product look good and it also works well. BUT, DIY products are really fun to make and you can add your favorite scent to the mix as well to make it smell nice and it is pretty satisfying when finishing it and when you can use it.

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Life Threatening Decision

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December 14th, 2017 Posted 10:59 am

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May 5th, 2017 Posted 4:23 pm

A preposition is words that shows position and direction, and also shows relationships between it’s object and another word in the sentence.

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May 4th, 2017 Posted 9:03 am

An interjection is words that express how you feel and to separate it from a  sentence, use a comma or an explanation point.

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“The Cause”

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April 17th, 2017 Posted 9:58 am

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One Day 2017

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January 26th, 2017 Posted 9:32 am

I created an origami tutorial showing how to make a lily flower, a transforming ninja star and a kusudama. The tutorial and origami turned out very well overall with music, transitions and fancy titles which made the video look professional. While making the video, I had to re-record specific sections because of human error. I found out that I am actually pretty good at origami and might continue on with making them at home for fun.


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Colors Like The Rainbow

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November 11th, 2016 Posted 9:26 am

Jump into a Book!

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August 19th, 2016 Posted 9:26 am

The Land of Stories


Do you like books about adventure, fairytales, and a little bit of mystery? Then I highly recommend you to read, The Land of Stories, by Chris Colfer! The Land of Stories introduces you to a 13th year old boy and girl that goes into the land of stories, the book, and tries to find items for the wishing spell all around the world. Will they survive and find all the items so they can go home? Read The Land of Stories to find out!

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