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An Awesome DIY Mess

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February 14th, 2018 Posted 8:22 am


Stephanie, Tiana and I made DIY Skincare for the whole school day and the process of making it was really fun. We made soap, lip balm, and bath bombs. One challenge we faced was not being able to dissolve the soap into liquid, so to overcome this challenge, we tried adding water and grating the soap into small pieces, this helped a lot. I learned to measure different ingredients and teamwork collaboration throughout the process of this project. Also, I would like to re-do the bath bomb again with more citric acid and a different mold if I was to do this project again so it turns out differently and bigger. The process was kind of tough and challenging, but I think that we had a wonderful final product.

After doing this DIY Skincare Project, I think that store-bought products are still a little better than DIY products because they are professional and knows what to do to make the product look good and it also works well. BUT, DIY products are really fun to make and you can add your favorite scent to the mix as well to make it smell nice and it is pretty satisfying when finishing it and when you can use it.

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Life Threatening Decision

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December 14th, 2017 Posted 10:59 am

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May 5th, 2017 Posted 4:23 pm

A preposition is words that shows position and direction, and also shows relationships between it’s object and another word in the sentence.

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May 4th, 2017 Posted 9:03 am

An interjection is words that express how you feel and to separate it from a  sentence, use a comma or an explanation point.

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“The Cause”

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April 17th, 2017 Posted 9:58 am

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One Day 2017

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January 26th, 2017 Posted 9:32 am

I created an origami tutorial showing how to make a lily flower, a transforming ninja star and a kusudama. The tutorial and origami turned out very well overall with music, transitions and fancy titles which made the video look professional. While making the video, I had to re-record specific sections because of human error. I found out that I am actually pretty good at origami and might continue on with making them at home for fun.


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Colors Like The Rainbow

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November 11th, 2016 Posted 9:26 am

Jump into a Book!

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August 19th, 2016 Posted 9:26 am

The Land of Stories


Do you like books about adventure, fairytales, and a little bit of mystery? Then I highly recommend you to read, The Land of Stories, by Chris Colfer! The Land of Stories introduces you to a 13th year old boy and girl that goes into the land of stories, the book, and tries to find items for the wishing spell all around the world. Will they survive and find all the items so they can go home? Read The Land of Stories to find out!

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Impact Project Reflection

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June 6th, 2016 Posted 1:07 am

For this Impact project and fair, I personally think that we didn’t do a very good job. I think this because we didn’t put a lot of effort into this project because we only did two easy and simple things and since we have we chat and technology now, it should have been very easy to get to our goal witch was getting 20 items of food and clothing. I will list our presentation below.

We did a food and clothing drive because we wanted to help people get their needs. Our goal was to get food and clothing donations and bring them to Round About for people in need of them. A  helpful source we used was Round About. Round About is a donation program made to help people in need.

We first spoke in the cafeteria at lunch and informed everyone about our project. Then, we made posters and put them around school. Then we hoped for donations. We planned to impact the needy by helping them and educate other upper elementary students on helping others. We chose this group because we all had interest in helping people in need. We didn’t plan to present at classes because we thought that speaking and putting posters was enough for spreading the word out.

We would know if we were successful if we had gotten 30 items or more and we weren’t successful if we didn’t get any donations. The result for our impact project donation is that we were not successful because instead of getting 30 items, we got three clothes.

We think that this project is not sustainable because we think that since we only  got 3 items, people don’t really want to and will not really donate anything. If we were to make this project sustainable we could ask the school whether we could have a special week in school every year just for collecting donations for the needy.

One of the things we took away from this project is that; If you don’t do enough campaigning, people just won’t notice you, and therefore you will receive no donations. Another thing is that next time, if we do a donation drive again, we will have more experience and will do more campaigning. So that next time we can do it better. If we could do this again, some changes we would make are that we should get a bigger box (our box was puny) and we would do campaigning, such as presenting in classes. Also, if we had a choice, we would do a different project. There were too many donation drives, and it was almost impossible for us to get people to donate.

I think that this time we did a bad job because we failed this project and if we were to do it next, I think that we should present to classes to let them know better of what we were doing.

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Reading Journal 4/22/2016

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April 22nd, 2016 Posted 3:20 am

I have yet again been reading The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint Exupéry and I have learned and read a lot since the last time I wrote this blog. I think that the little prince has grown a lot and learned a lot while he went through the different stars and planets.

This time I read, I saw that the little prince always sees that adults are weird and wonder about a lot of things that is useless and does things that he doesn’t understand. So he always went on till he got on to the planet Earth. He used to have a rose and the rose told him that he was the only one left of his species. But the little prince soon found out that on Earth, there were like 200 roses sitting in front of him in dirt and he was very upset he did not have a unique flower. But then he kept going and found a fox that taught the little prince a lesson. The fox taught him that if you bond and tame the animal or the living thing, that thing is unique to you in all the world.

This fox in the story reminds of my mom sometimes. Because sometimes at home, I get jealous of someone else’s things and start wanting them too. But when my mom sees me like this, she would come to me and say that what I have, other people don’t, and that’s what makes what I have special.

Like I said, the little prince has learned a lot and learned about how you have to look at what you have first to compare yourself with other people, or in this case flowers. I know that the little prince id only a child but I think he knows a lot of manners and will grow up being a very good adult and helping the environment and animals too.

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