Life Beyond Earth

Claim – NASA should focus on missions to Europa


NASA has considered Europa as a top contender in having ingredients supporting life and seems to be a promising place to look for life. Europa is thought to have an icy surface, rocky mantle.

NASA Galileo spacecraft explored the moon from 1997 to 2003 and made many findings while studying the magnetic look like signatures as the presence of an ocean beneath it with warm salty water. It also revealed that researchers using the Hubble Space Telescope found evidence of plumes of water. All the findings lead to the belief that Europa does have the right environment to hold life.



In order to have more in-depth knowledge, Europe clipper will be launched by NASA in June 2022. It will focus on collecting samples of the frozen liquid and dust particles which further will allow scientists to study its composition, depth and salinity of the ocean. The Europa being closer to Earth will also be an added advantage as the time taken in researching and reaching a conclusion with confirmation will be fast.


Unfold-able Lap Desk

Biggest Challenge – It was hard to make everything stable.

I wood glued all the wood together then I realized, I forgot to make the leg that was a very big challenge for me.

Greatest Success – I made the table.

What you would do differently – I was first planning to make a foldable lap desk, I was doing everything as I planned but then I realized there was no time for the foldable desk. So, instead of making it foldable I made a non-foldable table.


One Day – Foldable Lap Desk

This is my one day project – a foldable lap desk.

The materials required for this project are-

  1. 1x8x8′ wood-1
  2. Connecting Bolts-4
  3. Connecting Caps-4
  4. 1/4″ Pocket Hole Screws-1
  5. Wood Glue

The Tools are-

  1. Tape Measure
  2. Pencil
  3. Table Saw
  4. Jig Saw
  5. Safety Glasses
  6. Speed Square
  7. Drill with spade
  8. Chop Saw
  9. Kreg Jig
  10. Hearing Protection

The Cut list is-


2 – 1×2 @ 21” (long aprons)

2 – 1×2 @ 13” (short aprons) 4 – 1×2 @ 8-1/4” (legs)

2 – 1×2 @ 11-1/2” (stretchers)

Hubble Deep Field

I think the Hubble deep field was more inspiring than the Pale Blue Dot as it told us about how much more is there to discover about space, it has many facts to understand the inspiring video. The picture (The Hubble Deep Field) taken by Carl Sagan in is known to be the farthest picture ever taken from space. The video gave us a perfect and scientific visualization of space. It shows the great and amazing work done by Hubble in taking the pictures of the Space which is beyond imagination.  This video makes me more curious to know more about the field of astronomy.

Book Cover Page-The Pigman

Responsibility for something does not come consciously. The story revolves around lies and deceit. The encounter of truth in the lives of two teens-Lorraine and John. Mr.Pignati (also fondly called as Pigman due to his love for pigs curios collection he possessed) death forces both John and Lorraine to mature and take responsibilities of their actions. It all started with a prank of collecting donation to simply developing a relationship with Mr Pignati. This relationship bloomed to a unique friendship where they shared their love, trust and most important to be with each other when required. Mr Pignati would found happiness while being with these two teens. Similarly, the teens were quite comfortable as they find a refuge from the discomfort of their own homes and were made to feel as wanted. But as the story progress loss in trust was quietly evident when one day Mr Pignati discovered that John and Lorraine were having a party in his house without his permission and moreover had destroyed his valuable collections of pig ceramics and the dress of his wife was ruined.  Like many teenagers have little sense of the consequences of their actions and they learn that their acts have consequences only when it’s too late to change anything. Saddened by John and Lorraine betray, Mr Pignati suffered a second heart attack. Both John and Lorraine felt guilty and regretted about this and started blaming each other, but was someone actually responsible for that or was it just a coincidence with destiny……the story reveals it all.

Freestyle Improvement

In this unit, students learnt how to improve their swimming techniques and become faster than they were before.

When in the water I feel wakes me up and make me feel fresh as if I taking a bath. When stat swimming the water feels a bit cold but to warm me I do freestyle 50m to warm up myself.

The goals I set for this unit is to work on my freestyle technique and breaststroke. It helped me to improve my speed and techniques. I also learnt diving which I think was great.

Swimming Unit

Task: Action and Sharing of Learning – mid-unit and Question/Wonderings

What you need to do:

    • Open your Blog, please
      • New Post – catchy Title
      • Category: PE, Swim, Aquatics
      • Write a brief Introduction about the unit so far. (Why did you choose it? What are three things you have learnt so far? What are you hoping to get from this unit?)
    • Find your Films – Optional: upload or screenshot a picture to use on your blog. You could create a Gallery or such if you want to add multiple media
    • Share your Focus area/s for the unit based on the conversations. This could be dot points or paragraph form.
      • Based on the video analysis I decided…
      • Looking at my film I noticed…
      • My coach and I discussed…
      • I would like to focus on… because…
    • Use specific Swim Vocabulary where you can. If you aren’t sure please ask someone to help you
    • Tag your post with three words that sum it up!
    • Publish it.

I chose this unit to improve in my swimming strokes like freestyle, breaststroke and learning butterfly stroke. I have improved on my freestyle, butterfly and backstore. I also increased my speed in all the strokes. I further want to learn butterfly stroke and learn diving. I like this unit a lot and want to continue in 9th grade.

Dear Tomorrow

Dear Tomorrow,

On behalf of today, I apologize you,

for taking away, the blue of

our own mother Earth, and,

leaving behind the mess.

I wish to express, my deep concern

Towards, the human society, and, the

ecosystem of our planet.

I still remember, the days, as a five-year-old,

I used to play outside, even in winters

Without, worrying about, the AQI readings.

How clean the air was? How pure it was.

Forgive me for snatching, this air from you.

our wants, and needs kept rising and we kept running behind it….

More and more led to polluting the air, the water, the soil…

It’s polluted everywhere, it’s filthy, so much garbage

all around, her banks are dry now…

Ahhh!!! We are sorry for taking away your right,

the right to breathe pure air, and drink clean water

We are sorry, for what, we did, for our

own benefit and greed.

The climate threat is knocking, at our doors,

we need to act now, now, or never.

It makes me feel the pain, thinking of,

the carbon footprints, that we had laid.

How dry we have made our planet?

But, we can still change this,

Let’s join hands, let’s realize our

mistakes, let’s act; let’s make it 100%

possible, let’s give back, to our mother nature,

what we took from her, let’s act as a

super giver, and not, superpower.

We have one home,

one mother Earth let’s make her happy,

give her back, her due, so that you

(our tomorrow) can smile at us.

This Poem is about Climate Change. From increasingly frequent heat waves and intense storms to sea level rise, climate change is already impacting societies across the world, providing an uncomfortable preview of an unstable climate future. Forests are vitally important as they soak up carbon dioxide, the main greenhouse gas responsible for global warming, and help regulate the world’s climate. This SDG goal is affecting our environment and us. So we need to act and reduce global warming and carbon dioxide.

Boxer Rebellion-Thinglink

Lather and Nothing Else by Hernando Tellez-Summary


Thomas Browne once said, “Think before you act, think twice before you speak.” This quote from Thomas Browne tells us how we should always think before we act or speak. In the story ‘Lather and Nothing Else’ by Hernando Tellez, the barber is a secret member of the resistance who is fighting against the government. In the starting of the story he wants to kill the Captain and take his revenge, throughout the story the barber keeps thinking about should he kill the Captain or not, in the end, the barber does not kill the Captain as he thinks nobody deserves to be killed.


At the beginning of the story, the barber wanted to kill Captain Torres. The barber was thinking, “The day he ordered people to file through the schoolyard to look upon the four rebels hanging there…and whom I now had in my hands” (Tellez 1). This shows the barber wants to take revenge from Captain Torres for killing rebels. The barber also thinks that the Captain is a cruel man and he had killed a lot of rebels. The barber was also thinking, “I could cut his throat, so, swish, swish! He would not even have time to moan…the shine of the razor or the gleam in my eye” (Tellez 3). Here, the barber wants to kill the Captain as his razor is on the Captain’s neck and in one swish the Captain would die. My evidence supports my claim because the barber wanted to take his revenge from the Captain for killing the revolutionaries. At the end of the story, the barber decides not to kill Captain Torres. “No! No one deserves the sacrifice others make in becoming assassins…Others and still others keep coming, and the first kill the second and then these kill the next, and so on until everything becomes a sea of blood…But I don’t want to be a murderer. No, sir. You came in to be shaved. And I do my work honourably. I don’t want to stain my hands with blood.” (3-4) An internal thought rages within him. As a rebel, he has some duty to aide in the rebellion but as a barber, he needs to give his best to the customer. The barber comes to a decision that he won’t stain his hands with blood as this would have been chased after for the rest of his life. This shows that barber thinks before he acts. At the end of the story, the captain tells the barber his motive for coming. Not just for a shave but he heard that the barber would kill him. My evidence supports my claim because the barber doesn’t want to kill the captain and become a murderer, he also doesn’t want to spoil his reputation as he is the best barber in his town.


The conclusion of the story is that we need to think through important decisions and weigh all the possible consequences of our actions like the barber did and justified his actions by not killing Captain Torres. The barber also thought about the future as what would happen if he killed the Captain or did not kill the Captain. In last he decided not to kill the Captain and spoil his reputation as he was the best barber in his town.

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