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The Sound of Thunder – Summary

The theme is that little things can make a difference. The story tells us about protecting the natural environment which connects us with our past and near future.

“Not a thing like that! Not a butterfly!” cried Eckels. When Eckels reached back home he was very upset and shock to see a dead butterfly along with the clod of dirt that was stuck in his boots. He felt how foolish he was of not obeying the rules laid down by the safari members. It reminded him of Travis saying –” A little butterfly can make a big difference in the future, if you kill one butterfly, a lizard dies like that seven lizards die, a wolf dies then a wolf dies a lion dies, then the humans starve and maybe humans will come to an end someday.” So, an error of killing someone will multiply in sixty million years, all out of proportions which will lead to messing around with Time and creating rustle in history. By stepping on the butterfly, Eckels altered the path of history such that the spelling on the sign was changed and a new man was elected president. Sometimes a little thing can make a big difference. One small choice, although it may seem minor, can affect not only the course of your future but others as well. I took the above evidence for Claim 1 because Eckels never thought that a small creature can make such an impact on the future. He was not ready to believe until he found himself in an altered environment. “It can’t be killed. We were fools to come. This is impossible.”-said Eckels. When finally, Eckels witnessed the giant Tyrannosaurus rex in front of him, he was terrified, nervous and panicked. He had an opinion about his travelling in the Time machine as a foolish act which would take his life and fight against impossible. But unfortunately, he had no escape to this. All his earlier experiences with safaris failed and his overconfidence was shattered in seconds. He blindly made mistakes for fear of going out of the path and into the jungle and stepping upon a butterfly, killing it.  When Eckels and others return to the present time and in the office of Time Safari Inc., there was a different person behind the desk, words on the sign were indecipherable and a chemical taint was in the air. He was frozen in fear and pleaded everyone to reverse things to the way they were before he left on the adventure. All these led to Travis fears where is might get fortified by insurance companies, revoking his travel license by the govt. or some mess created by this action which will affect the history. When he comes back from the time travel. He realizes that Hitler is the elected president. Then he realizes how big a mistake he made.

At the end of the story, Travis kills Eckels because of the huge mistake he made and changed the future. This story implies to real life situations also like the killing of an animal which will lead to human’s death someday. So, we should think before we act.


Ray Bradbury

Image Citation – Shaw, Jim Henshaw. “The Legion of Decency.” Lazy Sunday # 241: The Butterfly Effect, Jim Henshaw, 1 Jan. 1970,

Leading A Way To Become A Humanist

I am 40% of a humanist.

Love with an American


The story reveals how the merging of two cultures affects a person’s identity. It is an experience undergone by the author Amy Tan itself with her first love who was an American and she did all the things to impress him in the story “Fish Cheeks.”

At the age of fourteen when Amy the protagonist fell in love for the first time with the American blond boy Robert the antagonist, her thoughts towards Chinese culture started changing as she felt ashamed of what she is. She was deeply disturbed with the thought, “’ What would Robert think of their shabby Chinese Christmas, noisy relatives and the slimy Chinese raw food prepared by her mother”’ (Tan 1). On the Christmas eve when Robert and his family were invited to Amy’s place over dinner, her mother prepared the best of the Chinese cuisine. Unfortunately, the guests didn’t appreciate rather stunned with surprise. Amy’s mother knew that how embarrassing would Amy have undergone. To make Amy happy she gifted her with what she wanted and tried to make her understand and proud of what she is. She told Amy, “’ You can be as American girls, but from inside you have to be always Chinese”’ (2). Many years later when Amy had overcome with her first crush she started realizing and appreciated the life lesson that her mother taught them.

Image Citation-Zlotnick, Robin. “15 Of the Most Surprised Fish in the Ocean.” Guff, 2016,

Finding Conflict

The found poem above was taken from page four of the short story of “The Bass, The River and Sheila Mant” written by W.D. Wetherell. It shows the man versus self as the author was struggling between the two really hard decisions of choosing his faith-Sheila Mant or his passion-The Bass. The author is the dynamic character because he struggles between two decisions and Sheila Mant. The static character is Sheila Mant because the author chose his faith over his passion. This tells us the author likes Sheila Mant more than his passion as he was working really hard to impress Sheila Mant. In last, the author lost his faith and his passion. I hope he never makes this mistake again.

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