Sticky Situations

If a stranger or a neighbour came up to you and talked about the history of your job, what would you do? If you worked against the law, what would your reason be? In Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury, books become illegal and the protagonist, Guy Montag, is a fireman who starts fires rather than extinguishes fires, his objective is to burn any house with books in them. One day, he decides to break the law by hiding books in his house because he overheard a family talking about books and also because an old man wanted his help to save books. Guy Montag is a foolish person because he is easily convinced and he only listens to orders

Guy Montag is a foolish person because he is easily convinced. When Guy met a man, Faber, who wanted to preserve books, he immediately agreed, not knowing what the consequences would be. When he first tells Faber he hides books, he goes to his house and asks for advice, not knowing what the consequences were if he hid the books for more than 24 hours. The rule was to “let the fireman keep the book for 24 hours. If he doesn’t burn it by then, we would burn it for him.” (Bradbury, 59) Even though Captain Beatty told Montag this rule, he still hid the books, thinking that he worked for Faber and not the fire department. When he goes back to firefighting, Captain Beatty orders him to burn down his own house for having books, to which Montag absent-mindedly accepts. After realising he had burnt down his house, he kills Beatty when Beatty would “drop in on your friend” (112) and runs to Faber’s house and asks advice to preserve books. This episode of unfolding events shows that Guy Montag is incapable of making his own decisions and thinks like a mercenary, he switches from one side to the other.

What also makes him a foolish person is his inability to make his own decisions. When he goes to work or goes to Faber’s all he does is work by the rules, and he does not think about the consequences nor thinking about his actions. Sometimes, when he realises what his actions had cost him, it would already be too late. When Montag starts hiding books and the firemen find out, the firemen go to his house. Despite Faber’s instruction to “get away, run” (109), He decided that “fire was best for everything.” (110) After everything was burnt down, he would be put under arrest for hiding books, he turns on Beatty and runs away. This made him a fugitive, something he was working against if he had followed the laws.

All of these reasons have the same root. This happened when Montag was returning home from work and bumped into a new neighbour who begins to question Montag’s job, stating that firemen used to put out fires instead of starting them and asks if he was happy. Montag knew he was not happy. When a woman who had books in her house would have her house burnt down, she stayed and burnt herself as well. This made Montag feel very uneasy and starts saving up books himself, claiming “We never burned right” (113). Therefore, Montag is foolish because he cannot make his own decisions and he is easily convinced.

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Am I a Humanist?

I did not give some of these elements a high rating because some of the elements did not work. For example, the element of not focusing on the afterlife and other religious events does not work. People can be atheist and believe in rebirth and afterlife. When the humanists wanted to use classical beliefs of Greece and Rome, many of these things were later proven false. Examples include Ptolemy’s earth-centered universe, this was falsified by Copernicus. When Aristotle said that a 10-kg ball and a 1-kg ball tied together would fall faster than a 10-kg ball, Galileo falsified that belief.

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Stubborn or Caring?

What is the definition of a strict mother? What is the definition of too much? Why are some parents harsh to their children? In Rules of the Game by Amy Tan, the protagonist, Waverly Place Jong, has an overprotective mother; sometimes, she goes over the top. Waverly’s mom is a terrible parent because she limits her children’s activities, she misunderstands many things and she does not take Waverly’s talent seriously.

Waverly’s mom is a horrible parent because she limits her children’s activities. This is because after Vincent got home, Vincent was told to throw the chess set away. “She not want it. We not want it.” she said, tossing her head stiffly with a tight, proud smile. (Tan, 2), and when she looks through the chess rule book, she says “This American rules,” she concluded at last. “Every time people come out from foreign country, must know rules … They not telling you why so you can use their way go forward. (Tan, 3) this shows that Waverly’s mom does not care about the rules, she only cares about which country the rulebook was published in. She also thinks that rules from countries foreign to China are stupid.

Another reason that shows Waverly’s mom is not a great parent is because she misunderstands many things. This can be shown when Waverly tried to explain that sometimes you needed to lose pieces to move on, her mother stubbornly says “”Better to lose less, see if you really need.”” (Tan, 4) and when she was looking through the rule book, she was “scanning the pages quickly… seeming to search deliberately for nothing in particular.” (Tan,3) Usually, parents would want to also learn the game and be able to play along with their children. But this quote shows that Waverly’s mother does not care about the game that Waverly is playing and does not remotely want to play.

Finally, Waverly’s mother is not a caring mother is because she does not take Waverly’s talent seriously, this can be shown when Waverly wins a chess match, her mother “would proudly walk with me… “This my daughter Wave-ly Jong,” she said to whoever looked her way.” (Tan, 5) and when her mother started to introduce her to anyone, this made Waverly mad and resulted in her saying “Why do you have to use me to show off? … why don’t you learn to play chess?”
(Tan, 5). Yet Waverly’s mom still remained stubborn and did not change her ways.

Because of these factors, Waverly ended up running away, and when she went back to her home. Instead of admitting her mother had made a mistake and forgive Waverly, she continued to scold her ‘“We not concerning this girl. This girl not have concerning for us.”’ (Tan, 5) Because she limits her children’s activities, she misunderstands many things and she doesn’t take Waverly’s talent seriously, Waverly’s mother is a terrible mother. Soon, Waverly will feel like she owes nothing to her mother as a result of her stubborn behavior to Waverly.





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the Bass, the River and Sheila Mant Found peom

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About me

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My First Week

The first week is always hard to get used to, new students would arrive and there would be different teachers. What also made me nervous would be the new teachers you would meet. This is because you don’t even know them, different teachers have different personalities, so you might end up with a laid-back teacher or a really strict one. The renovated cafeteria was also something that we were not used to, the floors and the food provider were different, there were more choices and more food! At first, the lights made me dizzy, but as time passed, it got better. Science was much more interesting, and the topics were more difficult. Last year, all we did was forces and motion, waves and plate tectonics. Humanities were more difficult, as we had to read more difficult books, but some were ones I was already reading.

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Humanities plans

What am I looking forward to in Grade 8 Humanities?

  1. What I am looking forward to in Humanities is Social Studies. This is because many of the books I like to read are nonfiction, these books are mainly on the past and life around us.

What challenges will you face?

  1. One of the challenges I will face would be elaborating on my ideas. This is because I need to make my ideas have more detail and sometimes it could be hard for the reader to understand.

What is your plan to meet those challenges?

  1. I will try to add more detail by using more sensory details and figurative language in narrative writing and more reason, more facts and detailed explanations in expository writing and evidence in persuasive writing
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The Wrongdoings of Men and the Consequences

Who will last longer, artificial intelligence or mankind? Inspired by Luka Lesson’s ‘Future Ancients’

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My poem

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How Tree Ear became famous with a single shard


What kind of book do you like? Thrilling? Funny? Touching? or all of those mixed? If you like all of the above, then A Single Shard by Linda Sue Park is just the book for you, this book was the winner of the Newbery Medal in 2002. In this book, Tree Ear, the main character must survive a long, tiring journey from his hometown Ch’ulp’o to Songdo, an industrial place, who knows what will happen and why is he going on this journey that changed his life. Read A Single Shard to find out!

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