Us and the Pale Blue Dot

The Pale Blue Dot is a more awe-inspiring video than the Hubble Blue Field. Us humans live in an earth that’s nothing if compared to other stars in the space. From the viewpoint of Voyager 1, 3.7 billion miles away, Earth is nothing but a pale blue dot inside the Solar System and the Space. The narrator has also listed the important events throughout the human race on Earth (Politicians, creators, destroyers, cultures, beliefs, family, friends…), they are really nothing if compared to the universe, and he also introduced new ideas. In the video of the Pale Blue Dot, it compared Earth in the cosmos and shows that from the space’s view and how small human actually is. On the other hand, the video Hubble Blue Field it did not show the direct comparison between Earth and the Space, therefore the audience would not realize and be humbled by the video with the narrator making great connections to the video. Earth is a very small part of the unknown space that people now, us inspired humans are still trying to explore and investigate. Therefore, Pale Blue Dot is a more humbling video than Hubble Blue Field and it has inspired me to explore the unknown in the future.


Picture: Keith. “‘The Pale Blue Dot’ by Carl Sagan. – Keith – Medium.”, Medium, 18 Sept. 2017,

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A Step Closer to Our New Home: Europa

NASA, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, should focus on the mission of exploring Jupiter’s moon Europa because of the evidence from previous explorations, and its distance.

One of the most important reasons that NASA should explore Europa is because there are much evidence has shown signs of water on the planet. The researchers have found Hydrogen and carbon dioxide during its close flyby of Enceladus in 2015. Another evidence that the researchers have found was from the Hubble telescope. “The Hubble Space Telescope has seen what looks to be vapor jets bubbling on Europa.” These are all strong evidence that the other two articles do not have. Leonardo da Vinci has once said, “Water is the driving force of all nature.” Also, science has proven that it is also essential for creating conditions to a sustainable life for the ecosystems on a planet. Another reason is that between three missions of NASA, Europa (Jupiter’s moon) has the closest distance to Earth. Meaning that it’s going to take less time for the researchers to get hold of the evidence being collected on Europa and quicker for the researchers to process the confirmations. Therefore, NASA should focus on the mission of exploring Jupiter’s moon.

Belmont, Josh BelmontJosh. “What Is the Viability of a Planet Rotating on Two Axes?” Worldbuilding Stack Exchange,

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ONE 煎bing please?

I have selected 煎饼 for one day because we are all passionate about food and we all lived in Beijing our whole lives. We decided to present this project with the film because we were inspired by Keith and Tony’s documentary about Jianbing. I think the ability to show and present this special part of Chinese culture is excellent and we are all excited for one day and I think this will be a very good learning experience for all of us.

Our Finished Project

For the first couple of times when we tried to make Jianbing, we were not successful; however, none of us gave up. We kept trying with the help of the chef. Eventually, we did it! Persistency was something that we were good at. After today’s experience, we learned how to make 煎饼and how hard working the 煎饼 chefs are  (making 煎饼is not easy!).

To make a perfect 煎饼, one needs to have a perfect 饼 to begin with; however, making a round, big 饼 isn’t easy. We failed several times, sometimes it’s not round enough, thin enough, gets ripped, too little batter… etc. We got better after practices and learning from our mentor chef.

We ate all of the Jianbing we made and did not langfei (waste).

One Day is a student-led learning day. Middle school students design their own learning and follow their passions using the whole day. One Day is important because we students get to choose from a myriad of different activities and cultures and experience one in an extraordinary way. We also have the opportunity to learn about local cultures and activities will contribute to the diversity of ISB, as well as how to respect the cultures everywhere. One Day is a unique way of learning and experiencing cultures and activities that will help us grow in a lot of different ways.

Oneday 2019

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Looking Into 望京

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Stay Gold

This poster shows the theme throughout the story of the book The Outsiders by S.E Hinton. I used a picture of Paul Newman as the book cover because he was mentioned at the beginning of the story and was echoed at the end of the story and he is who Ponyboy wanted to be. At the back of this book cover, I talked about how loyalty was developed throughout this book.

Picture citation:  “Paul Newman.” Myanmar Lifestyle, Tech Review, Food Review,

Photo of the barcode by me.

Made with Canva

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Dear Earth, Why?

My poem is about the changes that are happening due to the actions that human has done. The consequences from Climate Change has greatly affected the population in this poem. After making the poem and the video, I decided to use reusable bags, take subway whenever I can or walk to the destination to eliminate the CO2 that we are producing otherwise, in the future, we will see a scorching hot winter in January.



Why (Gift to us)

It is a scorching hot winter in January
I entered my living room, opened the
News. “The rising sea levels have flooded
The coastline of Florida” millions of
People are losing their lives. Lightning
Danced across the sky as if the
Elimination of the human race was a
Joyful matter. “Plants and animals are
Migrating to higher altitudes and latitudes,
Because of their current extreme habitat.”
I never thought this would happen-
But it did. The wind howled in the night,
As I tenderly opened the newspaper. “Six
Million people die from inhaling polluted
Air each year in China.” The dejected feeling
Went Through my chest, like a clench in the
Heart. I started wondering why what did
Humans do that made Earth want to check-mate
The human race, why?

Looking back, we might have found the answers
To why human is eliminating themselves
From the gift, that was sent us from Earth.

The sea is a gift to us.
Coral reefs, and the fisheries,
It’s all changing, due to the rapid heat.
The sea level is rising, the fish are dying,
No one is helping. It’s a race that we are losing.

The land is a gift to us.
Forced migrations and extinctions,
It’s all changing, due to the rapid heat.
This is the biggest environmental challenge of our generation,
If we do not change now, it will be the biggest devastation.

The sky is a gift to us.
Abnormal heat waves, and intense storms,
It’s all changing, due to the rapid heat.
If we hold our hands looking up just to see the grey, depressing sky,
It’s no wonder why I don’t see the birds fly.

The Earth is a gift to us.
Our heart has begun to race,
As we humans cannot keep up the pace.
Maybe we all needed a break,
So we can wake,
From this disaster we have created,
So we can make this world less faded.


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