DNA Polymerase

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The World We Once Knew

Have you ever wondered how history has influenced our daily life? What if a single event didn’t happen like how it was in the history, could it change our lives upside down? Exploring the idea of time travel, Ray Bradbury’s short story “A Sound of Thunder” discussed the connection between the past, present, future and the potential dangers to the time travel.

The story “A Sound of Thunder” shows us the connection between the past and the present’s impact on the future as well as the connections we have as human beings living on the same planet. When Eckels came out of the time machine, He “held up a cold of dirt, trembling, ‘No, it can’t be. Not a little thing like that. No!’” (Bradbury 236). They had realized that the death of a single butterfly has dramatically altered the world they once knew but there is no way to make time turn back and undo the actions that he as made. The sign has changed compared to the sign they saw at the beginning of the trip: “Tyme Sefari, Inc. … Yu shoot itt”(236). The language has developed differently since the death of a butterfly. The connections between the past, today and future are fully empathized by a small butterfly that had such a massive effect on the world.

There are some potential dangers for this trip to go back into the past and kill the dinosaurs. “‘Does this safari guarantee I [Eckels] come back alive?’… ‘We [Travis] guarantee nothing’”(222).  This shows that the trip was dangerous and have potential consequences to it that they can’t fully take care of.  The dinosaur has “watchmaker’s claws,” (230) piston legs, thighs of a steel, “arms with hands which might pick up and examine men like toys,” (230). The author painted a vivid picture with words describing a Tyrannosaurus Rex, it gives the reader a more in-depth image of a Tyrannosaurus Rex and how intimidating it is. In conclusion, the connections between the present and past are very influential to the future, us humans are interconnected between each other in many ways that we didn’t know just like the consequences of time traveling has lead to a different president being elected, the major differences to the language and the world that they once knew. Read more »

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Alice’s Guide in Humanism

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I’m the Ordinary Kind

The high expectations were set for JingMei has failed her mother over and over again, she began to lose hope too. JingMei’s mother came to San Francisco, California in 1949 after losing everything in China, including her family that she once had. Her old Chinese ideology never changed as the story progresses, but her daughter goes to school in America and found a mind of its own tries to disobey her mother.“Two Kinds” by Amy Tan tells the tale of the conflict between JingMei and her mother about different ideology and freedom.


Even though JingMei was born into a strict Chinese American family that came from across the sea, the old Chinese ideology still hasn’t changed and the parents are not so open-minded. JingMei’s parents expected her to be a “genius” like the other kids in her neighborhood. Since then, JingMei’s mother begun sending her to go through many extracurricular but JingMei’s mother was always disappointed at the outcome. JingMei’s parents “had saved up enough to buy [JingMei] a secondhand piano, a black Wurlitzer spinet with a scarred bench” (Tan 5). The secondhanded piano shows that her parents are not very rich and they couldn’t afford a brand new piano, but her parents are willing to take the risk to purchase the piano for their daughter because they think that their daughter will become a so-called “genius” just like the other kids in her neighborhood. JingMei’s parents have the old Chinese ideology of parenting with high expectations, goals, and their child should not disrespect and disagree with their parents. Her mother screamed, “‘Only two kinds of daughter, … Those who are obedient and whose follow their own mind! Only one kind of daughter can live in this house. Obedient daughter!’” (7). The reader can see JingMei’s parent is very angry and disappointed at her daughter being disobedient and in order for JingMei to stay in the house, she has to follow what her mother thinks and says. In conclusion, JingMei’s parents’ parenting ideology does not exactly fit into JingMei’s disobedient mind, to find the middle ground for her and her parents, JingMei has to work on her attitude to her parents and the willingness to learn.

Image source: “What Is the Purpose of The Joy Luck Club?” Enotes.com, Enotes.com, www.enotes.com/homework-help/what-purpose-joy-luck-club-58375.

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Fish, Girl, Conflict

The found poem above was taken from page two and three of the short story “The Bass, the River, and Sheila Mant” by W. D. Wetherell. It shows the internal conflict that’s going on in the protagonist’s mind. In the rising action of the story, the conflict forces the protagonist to make up his mind and make a decision between the girl or his passion, fishing. In this passage, the situation forces the protagonist to make a decision to propel the story and to show his true self. The protagonist is a dynamic character who has evolved throughout the story with the decision that he has made and later regretted. In the resolution, he realized that there are “other fish” and other “Sheila Mant” in his life and he should choose passion over a girl. “The Bass, the River, and Sheila Mant” by W. D. Wetherell show the internal conflict and how the conflict propelled the story and evolve the character throughout the story and never make the same mistake again.


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Alice’s Maze

For the past three lessons in Dragon Design, we have been working on designing a 3D maze on tinkercad.com that we are going to print out and display it in the library. It was very interesting to design the maze because I get to combine different shapes to make the maze more interesting and fun.

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