Where in Our Solar System Should NASA Focus Future Missions?

I think NASA should focus on future missions for Jupiter and its moon, Europa. According to Newsela, there is a high possibility that life exists in Europa. NASA scientists mentioned Galileo, which flew by Europa for closer looks, that it discovered evidence of plumes.  NASA also valued its evidence to further plan future missions. They state that Europa Clipper Mission awaits in June 2022, for which the $8 billion spacecraft will land on Europa to find detailed samples of life from the most habitable, below-surface ocean. From the evidence, it’s obvious that Europa is considered a top candidate by NASA for life on another world in our solar system. This plan is going to advantage us in a huge way because it will become the discovery of a century. Plus, there is certainly no other recent plan like Europa Clipper Missions happening any sooner. These aspects will give enough time for NASA to get ready to firmly collect data from Europa and decide whether it has the ingredients for life. Even though some might think that NASA should go for Saturn, but for now Europa is the most efficient way to find out the new ingredients for life.

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One Day #2

Brief plan for One Day:

First, get the right materials(pencil, eraser, a printed picture of Conan)and a white sheet of paper.

Second, Start with brief sketching and add details to the drawing.

Third, Color the shaded drawing with diverse color pencils.

Fourth, to give more impacts add color values or watch the tutorial video to get inspirations.

Fifth, finish the drawing and be proud.

Final pic:






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One Day #1

During one day, I’m going to draw an anime called Detective Conan which is about this one little boy solving crimes and going through love n hate problems. I kind of thought that this anime is interesting because it contained some horror and romantic aspects. I got my inspiration from the internet which includes different pictures of the whole crew and video tutorials for drawing Conan in real life. My drawing will go on a white sheet of paper with pencils and color pencils. Hopefully shading the artwork will encourage my drawing to pop out and give 3D impacts.

Here are my inspirations:

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How To Earn ‘The Great Perhaps’

I made a movie trailer based off a book called Looking for Alaska. I used images from different websites and inspirational lines from the book I chose. Creating a multimedia post was fun and creative to me.

Looking for Alaska is a book written by John Green, which shows love and conflict between teenagers that are attending high school. In this book, we can find a theme that connects with character development, especially the protagonist. The theme of the book is, in my opinion, is how to love and forgive ourselves through loving others. The protagonist of this book, Miles, learns how to truly socialize with different people and how to love a girl just the way she is without forcing her to adapt to this world. The theme helped Miles develop himself throughout the book because loving others helped him get through all the negative vibes in his life and adjust them to think more positively. After understanding other human beings, he understands his own personality and doesn’t deny it. Therefore, he finds his ‘The Great Perhaps’, the meaning of his life. Even though Miles and his friends might seem like deluded teenagers but, I see them as people who know how to enjoy their lives.




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Your Gender Doesn’t Define You

My topic for the poem was gender equality, one of the SDGs. For the past 100 years, women and men were not treated the same. Men are treated as if they can do anything and they are worth time and money. But for women, it was unfortunate. Women are still treated the worst and are expected to stay at home, cook for the family, and don’t do anything like the men. Hopefully, in modern days, there are a lot of women who work outside to feed their family. Men also should not be expected to work outside, it’s their life so it should be up to them. It’s the same for education and clothing. Both men and women should be treated as equal with what they eat, get, and do. I personally think that the old perspective of men and women should change. Let’s make a difference.

That night in November was cold.

Even the ice shivered because of

the bittersweetness of the cold.

Every street lighted up with a joy

of the snow. Everything smelled

like freshly-baked bread, calm and soft.


My mommy was holding my hand.

Her hand was cold, bumpy, and rough.

My heart was full of glee thinking about

the school that I was planning to go to.


We entered the school with our

hands tightly wrapped around

each other searching for hope.

As soon as we reached a room

called ‘Principal’s room’,

my mommy opened the door

breathing heavily.


My mommy was a nice woman.

Until, she started talking to a guy.

5 minutes of time past by like

an hour of torture and death.

When I heard that I couldn’t

go to school because of my

gender identity, I didn’t

feel anything but misery.


He said that it will be a waste

of time and money even allowing

me to go to school. They said I

don’t need a formal education

because I’m a girl.


Let’s go home my dear-

my mommy held my hand

and left the room. On the

way home, we both broke

down to tears answering the

question that will never be

answered: why should women

always lack rights?


My childhood memory as a woman

left me with agony, pain, and bruises

but I am a woman

I was born a woman, raised a woman,

and was meant to be what I am right now.

Some say I shouldn’t be confident.

Some say I shouldn’t be happy as me.

But it’s my life. I would rather go out

and explore the world beyond me.


Even though I was heartbroken in the past,

I still hope for a better future.

So I will fight for a better world.

And…I will fight as a woman.









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Travel Guide Through The Age of Boxer Rebellion


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