Rules are acquired, Responsibilities are required


Citations: Singhania, Sriraj. “What Is The Butterfly Effect And The Many Worlds Concept?” Medium, Medium, 23 June 2017,

What time traveler must learn is how to be responsible at all times during the time travel. Rules during school, work time, and even during sports are there to be kept. In our life, there might be at least one experience when we didn’t follow the rules or when we didn’t understand the rules. However, if you don’t follow the rules, there will always be consequences. “A Sound of Thunder” by Ray Bradbury indicates that we should follow the rules that you are expected to follow. By reading this short story, we can also learn that sometimes consequences might be hard to handle but we have to pay for it anyway.

Different aspects of this story led to this statement, just because you think something is not important and act carelessly, it might bring you regrets and consequences that you might not be able to handle.

Eckels is a type of person who ignores all the instructions and just does anything he wants, even if it might affect others. When they are about to enter the ancient days, Travis advises Eckels, “Step on a mouse and you leave your print, like a Grand Canyon across Eternity…So be careful. Stay on the path. Never step off” (Bradbury 6). However, when we look closely into the text, it says, “Eckels, not looking back, walked blindly to the edge of the Path…stepped off the Path” (10). Travis tries to persuade Eckels not to go off the Path, but Eckels’s actions don’t follow the rules. Travis also tells him the fact that if he steps on a mouse, he will change everything in the future, but Eckels still doesn’t seem to know the cause. He doesn’t know how to think before he acts. From this, we can understand that Eckels doesn’t care about others, he is selfish.

The theme of being selfish and disobeying connects to our next point, that ruthless actions cause consequences.

Travis might be too harsh on him, but he gave Eckels what he deserved for changing the past and he also made him learn a life lesson. When Eckels realizes that he has changed the past, Travis gives him what he deserved, “He dropped to his knees. He pleaded to the world, to himself, to the officials, to the machine…he heard Travis shift his rifle, and raise the weapon. There was a sound of thunder” (16). When we talk about Travis, he doesn’t seem friendly and ideal but he is straight to his point. He knows that the past can’t resilient unless he has the right resolution to fix it. In contrast, Eckels doesn’t know what to do about what he has done and in the result, he ends up being killed by Travis.

In the end, the story leaves us with one lesson, that you shouldn’t do something that you are not responsible for. Being irresponsible was also part of Eckels’s characteristic, but he was honestly not a villain or a bad guy. Eckels didn’t follow rules even though he was given a chance not to ruin his life which leads to our theme, that you have to think before you act and if you don’t think before you act,…well, you’ll have to pay for it.




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Humanity, Humanist, and Me

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Scar on your family, pain in your heart


Citation:Iamtrubel. “IamTrubel.” IamTrubel – Family – #Meme/#Meme, #Memes/#Memes,…, 26 Sept. 2015,


Some people say that family is the most important thing in life and they also say that you should be thankful to have a family. Unlike others, there are also some people who think family is worthless and pointless. Sometimes family cause problem and sometimes they cause a positive result in someone’s life. “The Scar” is about a family that didn’t get along each other very well and ended up ignoring one of the members in their family. Nuyer, the protagonist’s mother, is a ghost to her family and an irresponsible mother in this short story.

In this short story, Nuyer appears as a mother of the protagonist, An-Mei. But, Nuyer is never the part of the family. Other people in the family treat her as an invisible creature. Even though she comes back to greet her family “[her sister] quickly looked away and did not call her by name. An old servant looked away with a displeased look” (Tan 3). This scene is significant in the story because no one in the family talks to her and looks at her, which is disappointing. It is decent that her family decided not to claim her as a part of their family. The action also indicates that her family is unpleasant about her to have done something wrong in their perspectives. Later in the story, a reason why she is not treated as one member of her family comes out. The reason why she is always left out in her family is because she left her daughter and her family for a married man after her husband’s death. After Nuyer left her family: “Auntie shouted that our mother had married a man named Wu Tsing who already had a wife, two concubines, and other bad children” (2). This quote shows us what she did for her own happiness, not others. Her family might perceive her action as being irresponsible about her husband’s death and her child, but I personally think Nuyer is just a miserable woman since she had to choose between love and a child of her own. After reading the story, I think Nuyer is an irresponsible mother but she is not a bad person, overall she is a loving woman. If she had cared more about her family, her family might have been in a better situation than now.



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Conflict found from a poem


The found poem above was brought from page four of a short story “The Bass, The River, and Sheila Mant” by W.D. Wetherell. This poem shows man versus man conflict between a boy, the protagonist, and Sheila Mant. In the climax of the passage, this conflict shows the main character’s opinion about Sheila being disrespectful to herself. She thinks that she is not perfect just the way she is, but the main character thinks that she is perfect the way she is formed. This is the reason why the conflict happened in the first place. This poem shows both character’s characteristic. First, it shows the main character’s characteristic. In the poem, you can see that he wants Sheila to realize that she is just beautiful and perfect the way she is without any makeup on. He also thinks that every person has the value of his or her own and can be beautiful without makeup. Second, it also shows Sheila’s opinion about what the main character thinks, which shows her characteristic. In the poem, Sheila thinks that she must change herself in order to be pretty like all the other girls. This shows that she likes perfection too much and that she has an obsession with what other people think about her. Hopefully, this conflict might be easily solved if Sheila changes her mind about being perfect and the definition of a perfection.

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Future needs our help

Driving question: what sustainable solutions can we create to feed our growing population?


Our population exploded when we developed medicine and developed agriculture because people didn’t die out easily and they ate a lot of healthy food. But, because of this, our resources are running out because of people wasting it or using it on something unnecessary. The problems of food production are food waste, wasting farmland, food used to feed the animals, and our diet. I think the most major problem we have to address is waste. The cause of waste started with the invention of agriculture since people waste more food when they think there is a lot of food left. Through the whole project and the exhibition, I learned that it is possible for us to address the major problems in the world.  I think fifty years from now, the world will completely change if we don’t make any move. The world will come to its end with all the major problems that we predicted actually happening and all the population fighting for food and rights. Before feeding the future, I used to think that the resources are not enough to support all the people but now I think it is specifically food that is running out. Also, I realized that I used to wonder the main concept of feed the future, but now I wonder how can we make our solutions come true. Now, I know that feed the future also includes population into its category not only the limited amount of resource.


Here’s some of the process we went through before pitching and setting up for the exhibition:





Where do we go?(Chengdu VS Datong)

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