Science NASA CER

I think NASA should keep their focus future mission at outer space exploration. NASA is already on the track of exploring near planets. However, there are lots of other planets further space we don’t know and there are some planets are hard to explore even though we know the existence of the planet. The reasons that explorations are important is because while exploring, NASA might find a new sign of life in outer space. Also, there is a possibility to find a new planet that will have some new resources and might have things that we never knew before that will solve some mysteries on Earth.

Yang guo qi (chuar) One day

.We are going to make chuar (yang guo qi in korean). We will choose the ingredients and sauce and the materials we use. We will go to local market to buy things.

The problems we have

  • The information about the food
  • The information about the market
  • The financial problem

What we expect

  • Make our own designed chuars
  • cook and eat ourselves
  • Learn about chuars more.

What we need (materials)

Grill, fire, meat(lamb) , skewer, seasoning, sauce, drinks, plate, coal, cup, bag, Rice

Informations that will help

-Video about how to make a skewer well

-Information about the sauce that will blend with sauce

– How to set up fire and how to cook chuar well




Teriyaki sauce (照り焼き)- Japanese soy sauce. Made with water, soy sauce, rice wine, oligosaccharide, sugar, onion, apple, spring onion, ginger, black pepper

Use brush to spread this sauce to the meat before cooked

curry sprinkles(करी)- made with spices and herbs. If its sprinkled in meats, it can give you a light feeling of meat and erasing the bad smell of the meat.

Sprinkle to the meat before cooked

Spicy chicken stew sprinkles (볶음탕 가루)- Its a sprinkle which you put in spicy chicken stew . It can increase the meat’s flavor and delete the smell of the meat.

Sprinkle to the meat before cooked



Today, I and my one day class started our day from meeting in the classroom and going to the local market. At the local market, I bought oil, drinks, plastic plat, and many other things. We returned to school and started to prepare the lamb and the chicken wings I bought by the recipe I created. I dipped in the chicken wings into the teriyaki sauce for 10 minutes and made the chuars and sprinkled salt and Spicy chicken stew sprinkles to prepare. Now, we started cooking. I cooked the chicken wings first. However, it was hard to cook until inside because it kept turning and the heat didn’t go to every part of the wing. Chuar were much easier than chicken because it was stable enough to not turn. I still managed to cook chicken after a few minutes.  I think One Day was pretty helpful because we tried things that we don’t do on a plain schedule such as developing recipes about meats and buying things at the reasonable limit in the local market. I thought One Day gave me an opportunity that you can do things which it’s not possible in normal school life

The Pigman Book cover

The new book cover I draw for The Pigman by Paul Zindel shows about the regret, the main theme of the passage. The internal conflict which happened to almost everyone in the book, is mainly based on regrets. I tried to show the regrets which Mr. Pignati (also known as the Pigman) had in the book. The main conflict (Regret) which Mr. Pignati had was the regret of the wife. He had regrets that he didn’t saved Conchetta Pignati (Mrs. Pignati) even though she died because of the natural causes


“Stoic Advice: I Decided for the Wrong Surgery, Now I Regret It.” How to Be a Stoic, How to Be a Stoic, 28 July 2017,

Oppong, Thomas. “5 Choices You Will Regret in 10 Years.” CNBC, CNBC, 24 Feb. 2017,


The singularity of Dreck


The day most of the creatures are asleep, the future creature will find us under of food waste, plastic bags, and the corpse of dead animals praying. The singularity with nothing is beginning. Not even an earthworm will even try to go near there if they were alive. The last mouse which is trying to find some food will dig up the ground many time but will only find the large dumps of dreck. And the toes will find only the horde of the plastic that is coming out infinitely. Instead of food, the mouse will find us under mountain of plastic higher then Mt. Everest and a tower of corpse that will reach the gods. But the small mouse didn’t hear the tower punished by gods. Then the last creature of Earth will look forward and spectate the doom of the creatures. Congratulating the doom of the creatures, the night wind will sing the words that they will not be corrupt again. If the creatures evolve again, they will think that we poisoned the Earth because of our selfishness. The last history book written by nature will say that they have nothing to thank about the selfish legacy of the humanity.


The traces of the opium war

Design 8 Robot Petting Zoo

One thing I would like to change is that add more details about the shell and legs and head and add more color on the body parts of turtle (especially shell)

If I did this again, one thing I would do differently is to add more complexed motors by making other parts of body move and add more details like colors on parts of body

My biggest obstacle was changing the animal at the 3rd last class. It was originally armadillo but changed to a turtle because since armadillo’s shell is supposed to roll inside by the motor but it isn’t possible with the time and the motor I have. So, I changed to turtle since its most similar with armadillo.

The Aged Mother CER

Have you ever heard of a law that make you put your mother on the mountain? Surprisingly, in some countries at the past, this law existed. This story, “The Aged Mother” is about a person who made the law and a son and mother which needs to obey the law. In the book “The Aged Mother”by Matsuo Basho, one of the main character, emperor changed from harsh to generous by different events that happened inside story.

At the beginning of the story, the emperor is pretty harsh.To know how much he was harsh, the emperor was very harsh enough to say, “The entire province was given strict orders to immediately put to death all aged people” (Matsuo 1) because they had “great and cowardly shrinking from anything suggestive of failing health and strength” (1) this leads to the idea that emperor is cruel because because the law that emperor made, the son needed to put his mother in mountain or wise, the emperor will kill his mother and him.

After lots of events happened and heard the son’s story and saw his mom, emperor became more generous. After the emperor demanded to farmer “the truth must me told!”(2), the farmer told him what actually happened. After the emperor heard the mother of the son, he abolished the law that old people shouldn’t exist. This shows that emperor became more generous enough to abolish the law and show mercy to the mother and her son.

To sum up, even though emperor was harsh before, he changed to be generous and merciful after seeing the son and the mother and hearing and understanding their story

A midsummer’s night dream magazine cover

This idea of magazine cover came from a play called A midsummer’s night dream by William Shakespeare. In this play, I tried to characterize Hermia. I made this design choices that will be shown easily and some main information inside the play A midsummer’s night dream.

Chinese four season

在春天, 加拿大是最好的去处。加拿大的春天是从三月到年五月。在春天,加拿大的天气 是晴天还是有点冷。加拿大的平均温度是24.5度(Vancouver)你会喜欢加拿大的春天,因为 加拿大的街道是很漂亮。


在夏天,夏威夷是最好的去处 。夏威夷的夏天是从五月到十月。在夏天,夏威夷的天气是晴天。夏威夷的平均温度是23.3度。你会喜欢夏威夷的夏天,因为 夏威夷的 海景是很好。

在秋天,意大利是最好的去处。意大利的秋天是从九月到十一月。在秋天,夏威夷的天气是 有点冷还是有点下雨。夏威夷的平均温度是 16度。你会喜欢意大利的秋天,因为意大利的建造是很漂亮。

在冬天,迪拜是最好的去处。迪拜的冬天是从十月到三月。在冬天,迪拜的天气是很冷还是很干。迪拜的平均温度是 18度。你会喜欢迪拜的冬天,腻味迪拜的冬季节日是很漂亮



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