The Pale Blue Dot is a more awe-inspiring video than Hubble Deep Field. The Pale Blue spot shows an image of earth taken from a distance of 3.7 billion miles. On the other hand, the Hubble Deep Field only displays pictures that were taken from the earth, so we cannot really picture how big the difference is between the space and us. In the Pale Blue Dot, It shows how everything that seems important to each individual and society was dust compared to the universe. From this video, we found out that earth was only a tiny speck in the whole cosmos. It made us realize how small and humble we are. Therefore, Pale Blue Dot is a more humbling video than Hubble Deep Field.

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Never Trust Anyone

I AM THE CHEESE by Angela Ning

In the I AM THE CHEESE by Robert Cormier, the author developed the theme of never trust anyone throughout the course of the story. In the beginning, an elder warned Adam, the protagonist, that you can’t trust anyone, not even the identifications. Later in the story, Adam found out that his parents had been lying to him all the time. This brings out the theme of never believe in anybody. In the book cover, I used the color black because the whole story is mysterious. I also use a picture with the words of lie and truth on it because the theme of the story is don’t trust anyone which involves the idea of lie.

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“Episode 5: 10 Lies You Must Affirm in Order to Look at Porn.” All Truth Is God’s Truth,

A Feast of Blood


This task for Humanities is to write a poem about an SDG goal. This poem is about “Life On Land”. It describes how an elephant died because of poaching and that her child witnessed the whole scene. The purpose of this poem is to call on people to protect animals.


Angela Ning


November 4, 2018

A Feast of Blood

Sun is rising from the horizontal line,

Welcoming the world with a huge, cordial hug,

Shadows are moving behind the towering trees,

Eyes are watching so that nothing misses,

They wait quietly for the guests to come,

So they can treat them with a feast of blood.


Here they are, chatting and chuckling.

The elephants strolled toward the Calvary,

Showered with happiness, unnoticed even to the click

Of the trigger as it moves.


Bang! Bang! The bullets fly through the forest,

Filling the air with a metallic scent of blood.

One fell to the ground, she tries to stand up,

But all of her efforts were in vain.

She whispered in agony: “I thought you are my friend,

why do you take my tusks?”

They lacerate her head and stole her pride,

Abandon her corpse for vultures to gnaw.


In all my dreams before the helpless sight,

I cannot forget the despair in her eyes,

With red river streams down her face,

Like betrayed by a friend that you

Trust the most.


In all my dreams before the helpless sight,

I remembered the baby beside, filled with horror,

Screaming as she witnessed the scene which her mother

Was tortured to death.

I don’t know the feeling of losing the one

That makes you appear in this world,

Losing the one that nurtures you,

But what I do know is that pain will

Accompany her for the rest of her life.


My friend, when the future generation ask you:

“What is elephant?”

You should better ask yourself:

“Who’s the one that makes them suffer?”

“Who’s the one that makes them disappear?”

What Lies Behind Boxer Rebellion