Exposition for “The Annabeth enchantment”


I analyzed the exposition and the conflict of the book The Annabeth Enchantment. The setting is  very mysterious, firstly Lucinda’s (the main character) parents disappeared somewhere. And now she’s adopted by random strangers, she refers to them as Aunt and Uncle. In The Annabeth Enchantment Lucinda isn’t living her best life right now, without much description I could tell that her parents were really rich. Because in a scene her Lucinda recalled when her father gave her mother a huge jewel as a present, and after that they disappeared. The Setting that the author set up hade them seem really rich. Fancy lighting, huge rooms etc. I haven’t read enough of the book to fully understand Lucinda as a person. But I can make an inference because of how she acts and what she says. She’s nice mannered and well behaved, she haven’t done anything that is atrocious. She also a type of person that really makes memories important, her bracelet that her mother gave her she still has it. And even though her cruel aunt took it from her, she tried to fight back but she wasn’t strong enough to. And when her bracelet got taken she mourned for it. Showing how much she cared for her family. As I mentioned earlier, I haven’t read enough to know Lucinda well, or how she will change. But I have my own ideas on how she’ll grow. First idea, she learns how to be strong and fights back, and make her own ideas stand out more. Maybe someone offers her training and practice. And once her aunt pushes her past her limit she will fight back. But she acknowledges what she has done, and she is shocked by herself. Because right now Lucida feels like the kind of girl that won’t harm anyone. And using that chance, her aunt kicks her out of her house and she becomes homeless. Another guess of the plot is that. She finds out that she’s a princess, but only of a small kingdom. But that kingdom lost their name, and was removed from the maps. And no one ever since really remember it. But then one day an explorer found the old kingdom and found out that a princess still existed and lived. And Lucinda was the lost princess. I can connect with Lucinda because, in my life. Parents often thinks that everything they say is correct, even if their wrong. That’s just parents logic, and often times we want to tell them, NO! Its not correct, but sometimes they think violence can silence a child. It cant. If just makes the child want to fight back more. I could tell from the story that Lucinda really wants to fight back, but she doesn’t have the power. Sometimes I also wish that I could fight back, just like Lucinda.


Humanist infographic


Academic goal: Getting at least Meeting in Math

I will work towards this goal by, doing the extension homework. Working on extra Khan Academy, Gizmos etc.

At least 30 mins of extra math per day.

Wellness Goal: Exercise in mentoring time

Doing 30 secs of a workout  every Monday (Sit-up, push-up, plank or squat)

And progressively add more time to the workout (30 secs – 4 mins)

Personal goal: Work on Drama performance every day

Spend at least 1 hour of Drama

Memorizing lines, singing the songs, practicing the dance.

Meet up with other actors and practice scenes


Found Poem

The found poem I created the characterization of the novel  “The Monkey’s Paw”, by William W. Jacobs.  The character I focused on is sergeant Major Morris, in my opinion he’s one of villain in “The Monkey’s Paw”, and how mysterious he is. In the page I chose, he portraits a very different character. She says he doesn’t want to harm them, but he makes it seem to magical that they have to play with it. He looks like a man who has a lot of scars hid behind his back. And looks like that he is really chill about everything. In page 3 Major Morris mentioned death very carelessly. Which usually gives a chill to some people, but it looked like it didn’t bother him.  The reason I choose a blurry background is because, of how mysterious the setting is. It is dark at night and this mysterious man comes in, with a dark background. He was in a war, death. And he brings this mysterious object into the house. That’s why I chose to make the background blurry. And with the words, I choose the ones that made a scene. And some of the pictures represents whats going on.