"I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious" - Albert Einstein

Science( thinking about future solar system)

Where in our solar system should NASA focus future missions?

I think we should know about the Europa. Because scientists already researched about Enceladus and they know there is a moon’s clouds of vapor and particles. But I think scientists don’t know about the Jupiter’s moon, Europa. There is a vapor either but there is a thick ice too. I am wondering how the ice could turned into a water. Because the Jupiter is very far from the sun, so it is really cold.  Scientists were saying a spacecraft will go to the Europa to launch it in 2020s. And there are other planets that having  ice or water in it. I think Europa has more possibility because there are many ice (19~25 kilometers ) in it and the weather is becoming hotter and hotter, so it could melt that ice too. (I think..)

Europa has an atmosphere, so it has a dense of the oxygen in it. Because of that I think later, if it has more oxygen in it, human could live in there.

I am thinking we should focus the moon or planets to replace the earth. Because know, the earth is getting hotter and hotter. Scientists are saying that we have to find planets which can replace the earth. So I am worried and think people have to find the planets which have water and other resources in it.

Science (Watching video and write answer.)

Part 2


Also, there are 78billions of stars in galaxies. Only one galaxy, there are many types of stars in it. I think galaxy is a huge and mysterious place. That human can’t know all.

I think there is a life out in space. Because the space is too large and there are many places that people don’t know about it. Maybe, in the other stars there can be other tribes of animals or creatures.

One Day Just Dance (grade 8)

I am thinking about doing pop dance. I got inspiration from the youtube.  (Watching many different dances. ( = (link)and same dance other video. I decided to do this songs because I like this songs and I think showing this songs could be good. I get dancing process from a lot of videos about ‘Lucky strike’ and ‘In the name of love’ I am glad I could show these songs.  But I was afraid a lot that ‘Will people like my dance?” And I am still afraid now too../–;;;/  Because I have to dance a lone!!!( Oh my god!)

First time, I didn’t know I have to do presentation, so I regret a lot. But now, I think it is a good experience that I can do something else. Learning in the ‘Just Dance’, I think everyone like the music, dance. And they were doing their best, so they make me feel proud. *^^* I hope I will do my best and have exciting about this program. I think I practice a lot because I practiced in my house. (Not that much..) One day is important because it is a chance that doing something else. For example, like cooking, dancing, rock climbing and other kind. I think audience will like this show and I hope everyone having excitement.

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