I am thinking about doing pop dance. I got inspiration from the youtube.  (Watching many different dances. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MKrD8FHc4vY) = (link)and same dance other video. I decided to do this songs because I like this songs and I think showing this songs could be good. I get dancing process from a lot of videos about ‘Lucky strike’ and ‘In the name of love’ I am glad I could show these songs.  But I was afraid a lot that ‘Will people like my dance?” And I am still afraid now too../–;;;/  Because I have to dance a lone!!!( Oh my god!)

First time, I didn’t know I have to do presentation, so I regret a lot. But now, I think it is a good experience that I can do something else. Learning in the ‘Just Dance’, I think everyone like the music, dance. And they were doing their best, so they make me feel proud. *^^* I hope I will do my best and have exciting about this program. I think I practice a lot because I practiced in my house. (Not that much..) One day is important because it is a chance that doing something else. For example, like cooking, dancing, rock climbing and other kind. I think audience will like this show and I hope everyone having excitement.