Video about American Revolution

Made by Degan, Annie

In a video, people can know about American Revolution more specific and easy way. Just studying American Revolution can be very hard to understand and many things to remember. But in a video, reader can remember less. I think a video is explaining with picture, so reader can understand and memorize more easily.

During making a video, Degan edited a summary, adding more details and a video. And Annie made a characters and wrote short. And we separated a reading paragraph same. We combined events together a lot, so we can explain almost whole events.

We tried to include almost all events, so it can be confusing about it but it won’t be that hard to understand the pictures and events. Because using by easy words and the pictures will be easy to understanding about American Revolution. In this video, it is showing about a revolution about colonies. And show about many kinds of king and colonies were fighting. (Want peace)