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Polymer 2

Our group’s making purpose is for safety. To use polymers safety, we decided using by protecting sharp parts. For instance, on the desk, door, etc. This idea is useful to young children in house. Because of this benefit, we are targeting to adult who have young children. This is because all parents worry about their children, so they want to prevent bad situations to them. Our polymers could help parent’s hop because it will make more safety. When you use the polymers, you will not worry about your children that crush toward the sharp parts. Also, we thought about ‘How about make a variety types of colors, so children can choose it?’ To accept this opinion, we mixed a lot of color and we decided to make a frame to make children what ever they want. Like clay.

The specific design which we made in class time is this.

During making this one, we thought about how we can make a little bit stikky that can put on the edge of the desk, so the amounts of Borox was important to decide that.  We didn’t put borox a lot at a one time. We mix a little bit many times. Also, the color changed a lot because of the amounts of the color liquid. So we mixed many times with variety forms.

We tried a lot of times to make a polymers. After a lot of time, we experienced the benefits about this polymer. We stretched it, bounce it, attach on the edge of the desk, and consider about how to make it again in next time.


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  1. Wayne Winkelman

    May 26, 2019 at 3:16 pm

    Hi Annie,
    For entry #1 please label it as Polymer Entry #1.
    Your group idea is good. How will it be different than other like products on the internet?
    For entry #2 can you give make a visual (or google a visual) of what you want it to do (purpose). How did you come up with this idea? Are you keeping track of you ingredient amounts, etc..
    More detailed information and more visuals will be better. Use the rubric.

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