Our team’s theme is ‘safety’ about polymer. Because of this theme, we decided to make a polymer which can protect the sharp parts of the desk, door, etc. So we tried to make a polymer which little bit sticky and watery because it has to stick on the desk for a long time. After making a right polymer, we had an another problem. The problem was about the shape. The shape of polymers have to look good to make people to buy it. For example, if we make a frame to make a shape of polymers, people would like to buy it because children like pretty or interesting shape. Also, it could helps to design the house well. The polymer has to be soft that people don’t feel hurt when you hit it. I think also, it has to bounce well because it means it can protect the people by bouncing them. After testing bouncing, sticking on the edge, feeling about polymer, and can protect the human skin, we decided to make a frame to make the polymer prettier. Also, we have to improve the feeling and sticking ability about the polymers. The polymers have to stick for a long time but ours are falling down a little bit. Because of that we thought we have to make similar way but little differently to make better. However, we develop more than before when we made first time. At first time, we didn’t know how to make polymers, so we just mixed everything non sense. However, after trying and trying, we knew how to make softer, stickier, and more bounce. When contrast with our first experiment, i think we improved a lot. To make much better polymers, we will try many other ways to make appropriate ‘Safety’ polymers