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Polymers #4

Today, we prepared for Friday, presentation. We filmed about our polymer’s advertisement. We included about our polymer’s advantages and acted with matching our theme. (safety) After taking our films, we thought about our polymer’s disadvantages. To make better, I think it has to have a little water in it because it was so sticky, so it might stick into the clothes. Also, the time that stick on the edge was too short. To protect the sharp parts for a long time, it has to stick for a long time. These are too difficult because it has to be in middle level. Not too watery, sticky but it has to be a little bit sticky and watery. I observed our team’s polymers for a long time, then I thought how make it much better than before? The answer was try again and again. We thought about our polymer’s design advantages. The advantages were the variety of colors, and the variety of shapes. It will be useful to educating children too by using the polymers because children like making things. And the polymers can change into many shapes, so parents can use for children’s education. Of course! It is not that dangerous because we use glue, water, guar gum, etc. After thinking that, we tested our polymers one more time. We bounced to the floor, squeezed it, roll it forward and backward. The final polymers were not bad. The only thing about bad thing was it doesn’t stick for a long time. Due to Friday, I will try to improve our polymers by making or mixing another things.

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