Making process

1. Put 150 gram glue ml into the bicker.

2. Add 100gram of corn starch

3. Mix with 50gram of guar gum

4. Plus 50ml of borox

5. Mix a lot until the polymers stick together.

6. Take the polymer out and mix by using hands.

7. Put on to the edge of the table and see it works.

The polymer which makes by using that process was the best. When I put on to the edge of the table, I can see it sticks properly. Also, I squeeze it, crash it, and roll a lot. After these tests, I can see it is the best thing about our theme. That polymer can stick of the edge properly, squeezed and crashed easily. When I rolled it, it rolled round shape and feeling was smooth. Because of these reasons, I can say this polymer is the best polymer in our theme and project.  (We add the borox very carefully because we suggested that borox is very important in making the polymer. Borox helps to make the polymers stick together but if we add too much, the polymers will be like rock, so we can’t squeeze and stick it on the edge. ) I think this polymer is the best because of the characteristic of this polymer. It fells like slime but helpful to people to protect their skin by sticked on the edge.

When you use our polymers, you will have many benefits. The first one is you can protect your or your children’s legs. When you put the polymers on the edge, you can protect your legs when you hit your legs on the edge. The next reason is very educational. This is because the polymer feels like slime and it can transform into the another shape. Children like to make something by moving their hands, so when you give them a slime, they will learn about the polymer and have some fun with playing by using their hands.

To make the polymer by including theme, first, we thought about how the polymer helps to people. So we suggested like these. “Protecting the human skin? How about making safe slime? Or help to make variety things?” We talked about many types of ‘Safety’ slime. Finally, we chose the slime which protect the sharp part, so children can’t get hurts. (These are the precess that we thought about our theme)  When you buy our polymers, you will get many benefits. You will feel safe about your children and yourself. This polymer can protect your safety skin. It helps to escape from your hurting skins. Also, by playing with this polymer, you will get many impacts of educational. It helps children to get interested about the slime and make fun of them, so using mass media time will decrease. That means decrease percentages of health problems. The price of this polymer is 5yuan for one polymer. If you have problem on your polymer, we will pay for your cost or exchange into another polymer.

(The sustainability of this polymer is not sure  but it will stick for few days or few fours. Because in a few hours, it can flow down to the ground, so have to wait until it is dry. However, if you don’t like our polymers,  have problems, or have another questions, please call me. We will cost back your pay or exchange your polymers.)