In this project, I made the movie about the air pollution. The title is the ‘There is no safe place’ To make this movie, first, I have to think about what am i going to do. After finishing that, I made the introduction and conclusion of the movie. Then, I thought about the resources that i need and I downloaded it. (After downloaded it, I wrote the URL in conclusion.) I put the pictures, titles, and resources one by one with matching my ideas. After finish putting the pictures, I started editing the pictures. I add some videos, sounds effect, and background musics. Then I had to include the narration. I recorded my voice and change the sound of the voice. (Tone1 up) Lastly, I rechecked my video many times. These processes were very hard to do but after finishing my movie, I was very proud of myself because this was first time making video. My video is about inner & outer air pollution. In the video, I compared both air pollution and argue my thinking about the air pollution. I wish my video can give realization to other people.