My biggest obstacles were a lot of things. One thing was doing coding. Making a coding wasn’t easier than I thought, so I have to struggle a lot. We thought doing coding was just a stick the machine inside of the box. However, my expectation was not correct. To stick the machine, I have to make a frame to put the machine in there. The making coding was one thing but to do coding I have to many things to support that. The another problem was the size. The size of the bat was big, so to take bat in house, we had to divide the bat into two pieces. (Head and body..) Taking home and take back to the school weren’t easy task. The last one was the time. During making robot, many cases were occur same time. The trip, resting days, etc. For the trip, my partner and I weren’t in same line of classes, so we can’t work together for 2 periods. I thought that wan’t that big problem but after the trip, I noticed that there wasn’t many times to spend by making robot. These obstacles provided a lot of panic to me but it gave me challenge too.


Skills that I leaned or developed were how to make coding, how to think about the steps of making robot, and many things. In my past school, I learned how to do the coding, so the coding was a little bit familiar to me. However, making a coding wasn’t that challenging but make to fit the coding inside of the robot was a lot of challenge to us. To fit the coding inside, we had to think about many ways how to fit the coding inside of the robot. We thought about making some floor inside of the robot, using wood sticks to make the machines still. Also, when teacher said about the making robot, I thought it was very hard to do and it is impossible thing to do. However, when we brainstormed first, we thought about the animal what are we going to make, the procedures that we have to step one by one, and many various materials that we have to use for robot. During preparing that things, I developed about challenging things that I have never did before. The most developed thing was collaboration and communication with other partner. The materials in the design class weren’t only for us, so we had to share with other people in class. Also, to make better robot, we have to collaborate with each partners. Matching thinking, opinions look easy to do it but it wasn’t that easy. To match our opinions we have to communicate with partner and talk together. I think ability that collaboration with partner develop a lot.


One thing I like to change is the type of animal. This is because making a bat was interesting but I want to make another animal too. I wanted to import the many different sensor in it but in the bat, we don’t have that opportunities to put the sensor in it. If there is another chance that I can make other animal, I want to make bird. This is because I want to make the bird’s wings. To make that I can use the real feathers to decorate the wings. Because I have many ideas of decorating and making bird, I want to have change that making another robot with partner. (making bat was great too because it gave me a lot of impact and thinking about making robot.)