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I made the video about the inner and outer air pollution. I included about the meaning about the air pollution, comparing about the inner and outer, solutions about how we can stop the air pollution, and etc.  The mood of almost videos which is the theme is the air pollution is very serious. However, my video’s mood is the serious It is a little bit fun. So some people might don’t like my video because of the mood of the video is not similar with other videos. However, during making my video, I want to ask a question to other people. “Do you think about the future? What do you think about it?” If you think about the future negative way, this means we have many things to fix in this world. Almost, people think about the future negetively because of many reasons. (Air pollution, political, economical, etc. ) We have to try to fix the reasons that making the world negatively and try to fix it for the next generation.


When you wake up, you are in the dark. You can’t see anything. You struggle to get out of that weird place but nothing happens. A few minutes later, you can see a light was coming down to you. Finally, when you arrive, there are a lot of people looking you. That was the start of this incredible story, “The Maze Runner” by James Dashner. Many people were already in that place and next to that place, there was a maze. This is the story about struggling to get out of that maze.  After reading the story, I think that the character Minho has many advantages in many directions. There are many other characters but I will introduce about ‘Minho’ because he makes lots of good friends and has power to survive in the maze.

Minho has ability in many perspectives.  In the story (pg: whole of the story..), Minho is a ‘Runner’ who get into the maze and search exit. To be a ‘Runner’, have to have a higher intelligence because they have to memorize a lot of route in the maze. In this part, we can know his brain in smart and intelligent. When (pg:111, ..but then two forms took shape, stumbling along the alley toward the Door. His eyes finally focused through the initial blindness of fear, and he realized it was Minho, with one of Alby’s arms draped across his shoulders, practically dragging the boy along behind him. ) Minho and another character (Alby) were in the maze but the gate of the maze was closing. Alby got injured by the monster in the maze. To survive, Minho can run away from the maze but he didn’t. He tried to save Alby, so he pulled Alby to the Gate.

Although, they can’t get out of the maze, I think Minho has a responsibility about friends by looking that evidence. About his looks, I can expect he can have  new clothes but it didn’t have much. Mostly, he will wearing old clothes. Because in the story (pg202, “Just drop a not in the Box, and there she goes. Doesn’t mean we always get what we want from the Creators, sometimes we do, sometimes we don’t), people in that place said the stuffs for people come when they send a note in the box. It is not commonly coming up, so his clothes can be old one. Also, he has to run all over the place (Because he is Runner.)

Minho fights when some person said wrong things or disagree his opinions or someone said bad about his friends. In page(pg161, ..Minho said in a calmer voice, “you’re nothing but a sissy who has never, not once, asked to be a Runner or tried out for it. You don’t have the right to talk about things you don’t understand. So shut your mouth” Gally stood up again, fuming. “Say one more thing like that and I’ll break your neck, right here in front of everybody”), he fought with Gary because he thought Gary alleged wrong things. Gary alleged that some person has to die because he against the first rule in that place but Minho thought that person were trying to save Alby, so punishing is nonsense. Because their opinions were different they fought a lot. About his behaviors, I can expect that he fought a lot when he thinks it is wrong.

We can expect his personality is good by looking his behaviors. For instance, Minho tried to save his friends and take care of friends if that friends is good person.(pg:207..”No, we’re just training you-…) Minho ran everyday in the maze to get out of the maze. Because his a lot of actions, people could get hint to get out of that maze. Every time, he ran a lot , help other people, and use his brain to get out. If he wasn’t in that place, I think people couldn’t get out of the maze.

American Revolution

In my e-book, readers have to have focus on British perspective. And they have to try to understand about the British and the Colonists. After reading this book, readers have to think about yourself. Ask yourself “Do I have a discrimination to other people?” If you can answer “No.”, you are having a better thinking. But if you have “Yes.”, you have to concentrate and try to understand about other people. Trying to understand other people is developing your minds. So try to understand. This will help you many ways in society.

American Revolution

Video about American Revolution

Made by Degan, Annie

In a video, people can know about American Revolution more specific and easy way. Just studying American Revolution can be very hard to understand and many things to remember. But in a video, reader can remember less. I think a video is explaining with picture, so reader can understand and memorize more easily.

During making a video, Degan edited a summary, adding more details and a video. And Annie made a characters and wrote short. And we separated a reading paragraph same. We combined events together a lot, so we can explain almost whole events.

We tried to include almost all events, so it can be confusing about it but it won’t be that hard to understand the pictures and events. Because using by easy words and the pictures will be easy to understanding about American Revolution. In this video, it is showing about a revolution about colonies. And show about many kinds of king and colonies were fighting. (Want peace)

History fiction

This book was written by Esther Forbes. The man character is Johnny Iremain who worked in the house by servant but start the revolution. Johnny was a servant but when he hurt his hand, he fired by owner. Then, he was walking around to get new job. When he was walking around, he met Rab(Who become Johnny’s best friend.) and he started revolution by meeting Rab.

I think the theme of this book is “Finding Freedom.” In the story, the Johnny was working everyday and every night. So he didn’t think about the outside environment. But when he was fired and he get out of a regular schedule, he thought of the society and decided to help the colonists. To find freedom people do fight. This is very weird, to find a freedom but people have to do fighting with other people. (Fighting for freedom??) Because the freedom is important, colonists decided fighting with other people. In this book, they did the fighting either. (Sugar act, The battle of Bennington, etc) After reading this book, I could say ‘Fighting for peace is weird. But I know being a colonists from other country is awful, so I understand about it.’

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